Part One


Deep down in an underground facility two scientist walked together down a long concrete hallway with not much life to it, only a few light bulbs sticking out to poorly light up the area. "Are you sure this will work?" One of the scientist asked. "I mean we only theorized about this and when we tried the first time it didn't go so well." His colleague gave him a smirk as if he didn't have a care in the world.

"Don't worry we simulated this a hundred times and those were mice, we didn't account that the engine had to be larger to work properly." The second scientist said in a reassuring tone.

"And yet it still failed the second, third, and fourth times with the mice."

"Hey the fifth time the mice came out perfectly alive." The first scientist said all defensively.

"If you can count them as alive."

"You are such a pessimist. The higher ups just green lighted human trials, I doubt they're that incompetent that they would put a man's life in danger." They continued to walk down the hallway until they reached a large metal door. The first scientist put in a code and went inside a observatory. The second scientist went over to a glass window that looked down at a chrome, bullet looking pod on a track. The track led through a tunnel much longer tunnel than the hallway they had just came from.

"If this goes according to plan that pod will teleport from here to the end of the track, a hundred miles away."

"We're ready on this side." A voice said over the radio. The second scientist held his breaths as he pushed the button. With the flash of blue light the pod disappeared. Within a minute the first scientist got a call on his radio, he picked it up and a excited voice boomed.

"We did Larry! The pod, it's here, a hundred miles. Shit the guy in the pod came out alive. Not even the mice who were transport five feet survived. Woo."

"You hear that Markov. We can jump into the stars." The second scientist said.