Mark was in bed with Hera, they both slept peacefully until there was something screaming. Mark and Hera rushed out of bed and went to check it out. Mark followed Hera as she went over to the next room. Hera went in first and the screaming stopped, Mark then came in. Hera was holding a bundle and a cooing noise was coming from it. Mark went over and held his daughter. She wasn't the first Human Kar'en hybrid that honour goes to another couple but that didn't matter. He loved her, his little girl. She looked more like her mother and acted like it too, silver eyes, a fangtooth that was growing in and growls and snarls from time to time. "Tora was just hungry." Hera said. She began acting all fussy, thrashing her arms and crying.

"Open the blinds, she likes the moonlight." Hera smiled and did as Mark had said. Tora calmed down and began to laugh. Mark went outside and looked at the sky. Four moons shined brightly and then he looked at the town Hera and Mark took up residence when they're in the Ter system. Several humans and Kar'en walked together along the sidewalk passed their house, they were talking and laughing. Mark looked back down at Tora who was laughing. "Hey I bet you'll go into the stars, like your dad."