Cartonius' Report

Ladies and gentlemen of the Guard, I have concluded my analysis of File-FG406. There is little uncertainty that its origins are authentic. Someone from the First Generation put it to pen and sealed it away for Arianna's departure. They irrefutably had zero foreknowledge of her role with the resurgent Seminary Gang, but the intuitive leap they took to write this letter astounds me.

It is safe to conclude that there was no contact from anyone in our time stream. The letter was unaffected by our current role in manifesting causality loops. Unless my archives are missing pertinent records, we can surmise that this concerned individual was writing purely out of distress for any trials we would someday face.

It wouldn't be the first time someone from the First Generation laid such groundwork for us and I doubt it shall be the last.

With these conclusions in mind, I have had time to sort through the attached four volume account of the First Generation's adventures. The record is woefully incomplete, but it touches on some of the more pertinent stories the Fourth Generation began to revere as gospel truth. Coupled with what records I contain regarding the Generation Lines, I have commissioned these reports to summarize and catalogue relevant data.

Hopefully this will provide context that is missing or otherwise forgotten.


Volume 1: The Seminary Gang:
This volume commences around Christmas of 2005, introducing the First Generation living in Pierre, South Dakota at a religious seminary class before high school. At this point in the timeline, that Generation includes Kenzi Olson, Jon Tree Top, Richard Daw, Kaitlin Strang, and Brian Donahue. They colloquially called themselves the Seminary Gang, or simply, the Gang.

On the opening day of the volume, a wormhole designated as the Door opens in the classroom and deposits the Gang in ancient Mesoamerica. A hostile native faction—Lamanites—immediately kill Brian, who for unknown reasons at the time transforms into a ghost for a significant portion of their journeys. Another native faction—Nephites—rescues the Gang from harm and provides them with some context of their new surroundings in the distant past.

Richard, Kenzi, and Kaitlin debate the mechanics of time travel and a way to get home. Jon accidentally separates from the group and the Lamanites conscript him into their brutal armies. All the while, Brian delights in various mischievous jaunts as a ghost, which tends to lead him away from the singular goals of the others.

Catching up with Jon, the Gang helps prevent a Lamanite invasion (largely accomplished via Brian's mischief) and discover one of the Lamanite Commanders is a time traveler posing as a local native. Following the lead, they discover the time traveler apparently suffering from degenerations to the timeline caused by the Door that brought the Gang back in time. The Gang takes his "Time Remote" and commences in an odyssey across time.

While trying to make heads or tails of the technology, Jon ends up separated from the group again on an Old Testament Biblical adventure. Brian steals off on his own, generally wrecking havoc by detonating reality-shattering bombs across the timeline. Kenzi ends up sometime in an apocalyptic future and meets her great-granddaughter (Charlie), who offers her a chance at world domination.

Richard and Kaitlin manage to make contact with the scientists responsible for the Time Remote technology, revealing themselves as the Gang's eventual grandchildren. Their experiments with time travel created the Door that pulled the Gang back in time in the first place. The Gang's misadventures since then have led to the mass degenerations to the timeline that the scientists have tried to repair.

Gathering Kenzi and Jon, all parties converge on Brian's stolen space shuttle, where he is rampaging across the timeline. In a final confrontation, Kenzi accidentally detonates one of Brian's reality-shattering bombs. The Gang wakes up back in their seminary class room, their adventure feeling like a bad dream.

Before heading off to school, Jon discovers he has a Time Remote in his pocket.

Volume 2: The Seminary Gang II: A Fallen World:
One year after the events of the first volume, the five original friends of the First Generation are struggling to reconcile their experiences. Jon finds himself traumatically scarred by his military conscription. Kenzi withdraws entirely, plagued by unspoken demons. All five have locked away the Time Remote, fearful of what using it again could do to the timeline.

Richard and Jon suspect Kenzi might try to steal the Time Remote for nefarious purposes. Things come to a head one morning when Jon's girlfriend, Jade Neeman, warns the others of Kenzi murdering her parents and seemingly kidnapping Jon. Attack planes immediately bomb from above and an army of adolescent guerilla soldiers—all local youth—raid the town. Richard, Kaitlin, Brian, and Jade manage to narrowly survive the attack, witnessing the unthinkable: Jon is helping to lead the violent uprising, partnered by Kenzi and a mysterious girl named Charlie.

From here, the volume follows several perspectives.

Jon and Kenzi take part in a war of global conquest, nuking most states with any chance of fighting back. From there, they lead a ground war campaign to conquer Europe and Asia to form Kenzi's empire. The war is facilitated by advanced technology and weapons brought back from the future by Charlie—Kenzi's great granddaughter from the first volume. Their armies consist primarily of friends from Pierre, as well as any other high school aged youth willing to join up.

The remaining members of the Gang use the Time Remote from the first volume to track Kenzi's movements, trying to make sense of her global campaign. Along the way, they meet Richard's friend, Daniel Pouliot, who was resisting local attacks with mild success. He immediately teams up with the Gang.

During a recon mission into Kenzi's head base of operations in Russia, the Gang are discovered and hunted down by Kenzi's best mercenaries. Jon loathes in his betrayal, and Charlie alludes to a deal they made (hence his role on Kenzi's side of the war). While initially successful, the Gang eventually find themselves beaten down and separated, appearing defeated. Of note, Kaitlin's brother, John, is tortured to death by Kimmi Neyhart, one of Kenzi's friends and a general in the war.

Under the guise of defeat, the Gang reassembles covertly and make off with critical information about Kenzi's campaign. They learn that Charlie set in place technology to lock the timeline, preventing anyone from traveling back to alter her global conquest. Before the Gang has time to discover the source of this technology, Kenzi falls upon them again mercilessly. They barely escape, discovering that there are plenty of survivors from their high school and around the globe willing to join a resistance movement.

The volume ends on a bleak note, with Kenzi's global conquest a success. Jon remains loyal to the empire, but begs Charlie to keep Jade alive, as she factors somewhere into their deal. The Seminary Gang meets in the ashes of North America, preparing to launch a full out campaign against Kenzi's new empire.

Volume 3: The Seminary Gang III: Final Destiny:
Four years after the events of the second volume, the world lies in apocalyptic ruins. The remaining civilization services Kenzi's empire. Her soldiers play in as the aristocratic class, reveling in their bloodlust and wealth. Kenzi acts as Empress, her great granddaughter, Charlie, manipulating affairs from the shadows. Jon continues his role as a front lines soldier, his loyalty kept only by a secret deal that kills him inside.

The Seminary Gang serves as a guerrilla resistance force, scattered in hidden bases across the globe to strike out against Kenzi wherever possible. Kaitlin acts as the resistance Commander, with Brian as her cyber warfare specialist. Jade serves as frontline Commander, drowning in the blood of her friends as she sends them off to die. Daniel commands a Black Ops unit called Bravo Team that succeeds in antagonizing empire operations. Richard is presently absent.

The war is meandering at a stalemate. The Gang lacks the strength to topple Kenzi, but the Gang is too decentralized for Kenzi to wipe out. In the midst of deadlock battles, Jon reveals powerful quantum abilities that allow him foresight and teleportation, essentially making him the perfect soldier and impossible to kill. Charlie's cousin, Salem, also apparently shares in these abilities, and has a minor turf war with Jon. Jon wins and kills Salem.

The Gang uses their resources and soldiers—sometimes at great sacrifice—to follow a lead on Charlie's schemes. They eventually track her plots to a secret facility in New Zealand, which may be the source of the lock on the timeline. Richard reveals himself as working in the shadows with Daniel, downtrodden after years of defeats in the resistance. The duo assembles a small army to attack the facility, and while successful, discover it was not the source of the time lock. Charlie had other schemes involving an unknown package she sent outside the universe to destinations beyond.

Following events in New Zealand, things spiral down for both sides. Jade loses a terrible battle, seeing all of her friends die. Kimmi, serving as Kenzi's tactical general, defects to the Gang, narrowly escaping the wrath of Charlie—who also holds the same quantum abilities as Jon. Jon and Daniel have a final duel, Jon coming out the victor over Daniel and Bravo Team.

With all things looking grim, the Gang discovers they too possess quantum abilities. Richard, having stolen critical data from Charlie, resolves the final secrets to her time lock. They are not in fact in the normal flow of the timeline, but are trapped within a small bubble universe created by Charlie's tech for her and Kenzi to play empire. Furthermore, the events of volume one occurred in a similar bubble reality, which gave Charlie the inspiration for this world.

Using their newfound powers, the Gang devises a way to create a wormhole Door much like the one from the first volume, allowing them to travel to Real Space where they can shut down the technology keeping the bubble universe intact.

Succeeding in the attempt, the Gang now needs to kill Kenzi, as she is the "Observer" keeping the bubble universe from dissolving due to particle wave function laws in quantum mechanics. Around this time, Jon's current lady friend, Jen, learns from Charlie that she can never win his heart. He is holding out for Jade, who has a bomb rigged inside her body should Jon betray Kenzi and Charlie. This is the deal Charlie used to win Jon's loyalty: fight for her or Jade dies.

When Jade discovers powers of her own, she inadvertently reveals the Gang's HQ at the NORAD facility in Colorado Springs. Kenzi springs on the revelation, leading a final strike to destroy the resistance once and for all. Jen takes the opportunity to activate the bomb, killing Jade in an attempt to win Jon.

Richard, Kaitlin, Brian and Kimmi meet in fallbacks, deciding to sneak in and assassinate Kenzi as a last ditch effort. Jon discovers Jade's death at Jen's hands and goes on an unstoppable rampage that singlehandedly destroys Kenzi's celebrating armies. Not to be outdone, Kenzi discovers from clues left by Richard and Daniel that Charlie had cooked up a gene-cocktail drug that manipulated Kenzi into a genocidal dictator. Horrified at what she has become, Kenzi kills Charlie.

Jon and the Gang show up simultaneously, discovering Charlie's death at Kenzi's hands. A three-way battle breaks out, Jon being the one to actually kill Kenzi. Kenzi, having finally discovered her own quantum powers, tries to teleport away as Jon's bullets strike home. Her soul is sent tumbling out of her body into the expanse of the mutliverse.

The bubble universe collapses. Everyone returns to Real Space back in October of 2006, before Kenzi's global conquest was scheduled to kick off. Jon, Richard, Kaitlin, Jade, Kimmi, and Brian gather at Kenzi's funeral as the only ones with any memory of the events of the bubble universe—as well as retaining their quantum abilities. Everyone else is unaware of the war, the dead among their friends having never died in Real Space. Only Kenzi remains as the single casualty, her death a consequence of Jon's bullet while she was vulnerable between states of reality.

Feeling guilty for his role in the war and Kenzi's death, Jon vows with the Gang to save her soul.

Volume 4: The Seminary Gang IV: Journey's End:
Commencing one year after Kenzi's funeral in volume three, the remaining members of the First Generation debate a rescue effort into the multiverse after Kenzi's lost soul. Jon determines the wormhole Door the Gang created at the end of volume three as a viable option to take them out into the multiverse. Accidentally activating the Door, Jon, Richard, Kaitlin, Jade, Brian, Kimmi, and Dan are pulled through and into a separate universe beyond our own—henceforth called the Otherverse.

Jon and Dan are immediately separated from the others in the tumble, finding their way to a young girl that appears to be Kenzi. At length, Jon determines that the girl is actually only a fragment of Kenzi—a piece of her soul ripped out of her by a violent captor. They also discover that a mysterious antagonist is hot on their trail; someone Jon suspects followed them here from our universe.

Richard, Kaitlin, Jade, Brian, and Kimmi land in parts of the Otherverse mirrored after our own. Through their investigations and wanderings, they discover that the Otherverse is highly subjective to powerful minds that can alter the fabric of reality. Furthermore, when Kenzi's soul landed here, it brought many of the worlds into existence. These revelations lead them to another one of her fragments.

After several long and arduous journeys across the dangerous Otherverse, both parties reunite. Combining what knowledge they've gleamed, Kimmi determines that there is one more fragment of Kenzi loose that they need to collect before they can save their lost friend. Before doing so, they encounter the antagonist Jon sensed previously—a young man simply called Tjolô. Tjolô takes interest in recruiting Jon for unspecified reasons, which Jon resists. His attacks leave Jade a ghost (much like Brain from volume one).

The Gang break away from Tjolô long enough to find and secure Kenzi's final fragment. They meet a local deity—Eden—of the Otherverse who assists them in finding a prison-esque fold in spacetime where Kenzi's true self is held captive by a mysterious warden. The Gang realizes too late that Eden was a trap set by Tjolô, who reveals himself to be the son of Jon and Charlie (during the events of volume three). After conceiving Tjolô, Charlie had his embryo sent out of the bubble universe via her New Zealand facility and back to Real Space where a surrogate mother would raise him. Tjolô followed in the Gang's wake to the Otherverse, hoping to recruit Jon so that they could conquer Real Space as father and son. Jon denies him again and Tjolô murders Kaitlin as punishment.

While Tjolô departs for a time, the Gang makes their final approach on Kenzi's prison, facing trials along the way meant to keep them out. Fighting through the last defense, Jon discovers that it was Kenzi that locked herself away and fragmented her soul as penance for her crimes in volume three. Jon assuages her guilt and helps restore her soul from the fragmentation she imposed.

With Kenzi reunited to the Gang, Tjolô makes one final bid to recruit Jon. The two duel in battle, Jon defeating Tjolô and ending the reign of Charlie once and for all. At this point, the spirit of Catherine Smith (Kenzi's granddaughter and one of the scientists of the Time Gang) appears and reveals the story of Charlie's affairs in the future. When Charlie set in motion her plans for the war of volume three, she murdered Catherine Smith, who believes she was sent here in death to bring closure to the Gang's tales.

It is revealed that the Otherverse is in fact the reality from volume one and that the Door the Gang used to get here is the same one that would wash their past selves here in the first place. The entire series of events was a single causality loop that they began here and ended when they were first swept away in volume one. Using their quantum powers one last time, the Gang tailors the Otherverse to match the reality they would come to explore in volume one. They then open the Door and return home, where everyone is restored to the normal flow of time (Kenzi, Jade, and Kaitlin—who had all died—were returned to mortal life).

With their powers gone and the causality loop closed, the Seminary Gang reunite one last summer to bask in memories and look forward to regular lives in the times to come.


Owing to the fact that the Family Lines increased exponentially with each new generation, it is expedient that this report show brevity in regards to individuals of note. Furthermore, aside from the merged relation between Jacobson and Smith Lines, none of the others in the First Generation ever intermarried. The result is eight nearly separate genealogy charts that would fill this report with unnecessary minutia.

Where possible, relevant Family Line labels are preserved to show connections between ancestors and descendants. With each succeeding generation, the significance of these relation lines was imperative in determining roles within the timeline regarding personal destiny.

It seems that there is a bit of destiny imbued in those with particular parentage. Something the timeline always exploits when heroes are needed to face the conflict.

(maiden names are italicized)

The First Generation: The Seminary Gang's generation
Jon Tree Top
Kenzi Olson Jacobson (start of the Jacobson Line)
Richard Daw
Kaitlin Strang Dresden (start of the Dresden Line)
Brian Donahue
Daniel Pouliot
Jade Neeman Edwards (start of the Edwards Line)
Kimmi Neyhart Smith (start of the Smith Line)

The Second Generation: Children of the Seminary Gang
Note: Relatively uninvolved from the affairs of their parents and children, only a few names are pertinent for the timeline.
Kenzi's Line: Kira Jacobson Smith (married Cody Smith), Autumn Jacobson Porter (start of the Porter Line), and Micah Jacobson (main progenitor of the Jacobson Line)
Kimmi's Line: Cody Smith (married Kira Jacobson, main progenitor of Smith Line). It was through this merged Line that Charlie's prophesied birth was enabled.
Richard's Line: Allison Daw Evans (start of the Evans Line)

The Third Generation: Time Gang generation
Note: The Time Gang was a colloquial name self-assigned by doctorate scientists of this generation collaborating on particle and temporal physics research. Most of the Third Generation did not belong to this loose club, thus distinctions between those within and without is partially relevant.
Time Gang:
Kimmi/Kenzi's Line—Smith Line: Catherine Smith
Jon's Line—Tree Top Line: Cameron Tree Top
Kenzi's Line—Jacobson Line: Thomas Jacobson
Richard's Line—Daw Line: Nathan Daw
Kaitlin's Line—Dresden Line: Olivia Dresden
Brian's Line—Donahue Line: Austin Donahue
Non-Time Gang:
Kenzi's Line—Porter Line: Damian Porter
Kaitlin's Line—Dresden Line: Lily Dresden Sanders (start of the Sanders Line)
Jon's Line—Tree Top Line: Raquel "Alise" Tree Top [RESTRICTED NOTES]

The Fourth Generation: Epochal Guard founding generation
Note: By this stage in the Generation Lines, the number of descendants of the original First Generation was extensive. Only key individuals involved with the Epochal Guard and its organization are presently listed (see Addendum Note).
Porter Line: Makayla Porter, Samuel Porter
Jacobson Line: Kristin Jacobson
Smith Line: Rene Smith Moore (start of the Moore Line)
Tree Top Line: Michael Tree Top
Evans Line: Dakota Evans
Sanders Line: Claire Sanders
Pouliot Line: Blaine Pouliot, Alyssa Pouliot Chambers (start of the Chambers Line)
Addendum Note: Two individuals outside the Epochal Guard bear mentioning for obvious reasons.
Smith Line: Charlotte "Charlie" Smith
Attar Line: Salem Attar [RESTRICTED NOTES]

The Fifth Generation: Resurgent Seminary Gang founding generation
Note: Many Fifth Generation members of similar last names have cousin/sibling status recorded for relation context. While the exact figures and total of Fifth Generation members numbers in the hundreds, a small sampling is prepared in relation to proceedings regarding the Second Time War.
Porter Line: (siblings) Allie Porter, Kyle Porter, Dustin Porter; (cousin) Sophie Porter
Jacobson Line: Seth Jacobson
Tree Top Line: Joseph Tree Top
Daw Line: Jennifer Daw
Evans Line: (siblings) Skylar Evans, Terra Evans; (cousin) Robby Evans
Dresden Line: Alex Dresden; (cousin) Jillian Dresden
Sanders Line: Peter Sanders
Donahue Line: Theresa Donahue; (cousin) Sean Donahue; (cousin) Cassie Donahue [RESTRICTED NOTES]
Pouliot Line: Carrie Pouliot; (cousin) Eva Pouliot
Chambers Line: Maggie Chambers; (cousin) Tyson Chambers
Smith Line: Derrick Smith; (cousin) Annemarie Smith
Moore Line: (siblings) Bryce Moore, Liz Moore
Attar Line: (half-siblings) Kamal Attar, Hakim Attar [RESTRICTED NOTES]

The Sixth Generation:
Edwards Line: Marissa Edwards
Strang Line: Amelia Strang (descendant of John Strang, Kaitlin Dresden's younger brother)


The Sixteenth Generation:
Attar Line: General Kadar (see proceeding notes in the directory under OMEGA Files)

The Seventeenth Generation:
[RESTRICTED NOTES] It is not yet time to disclose these individuals.


The Time Gang has written countless articles and reports on their findings regarding the phenomenon abilities designated as chronometrics. Because the technical jargon is far beyond unnecessary for this report, I shall endeavor to limit my account to the records we have of the First Generation, the classification system devised by the Fourth Generation, and on-going observations made by the Fifth Generation.

Interactions from the First Generation
The First Generation began manifesting chronometric-like abilities during the First Time War in the Diverging Reality created by Charlie. Collected evidence confirms that this was due to irradiation from Eta-1677, an exotic particle used by the Third Generation in their earliest experiments with time travel. Whether this irradiation occurred during their first jaunt into the Otherverse in volume one or during their prolonged interaction during the First Time War is uncertain. There are no prior accounts of them manifesting abilities after their first return to Real Space.

Jon Tree Top of the First Generation is the earliest individual documented to possess chronometric abilities, ranging along the lines of what we would call Foresight and Teleportation. Richard Daw, Kaitlin Strang, and Jade Neeman began to manifest these same abilities in due course. Accounts suggest Kenzi Olson was coming into these chronometrics at their earliest stages, but died and went on to the Otherverse before conclusive reports were made. Kimmi Neyhart thereafter picked up Telekinesis, Healing and Empathy, while Brian Donahue manifested Thoughtform—the ability to create from mental conception. Daniel Pouliot was never accounted for possessing any form of chronometrics (but that never handicapped him in their conflicts).

If we are to understand properly the First Generation's account in volume four, then their chronometric abilities expanded beyond the classification system derived by the Fourth Generation. Nearly all of them could Teleport as desired, shared abilities without constraint, and could move about the cosmos as literal gods. Worlds fell and rose at their command. It is highly suggestive that this was due in large measure to properties of the Otherverse, which shaped reality based on powerful mental patterns. It is the conclusion of this AI that such chronometrics would be unlikely in our universe.

At any rate, the abilities completely vanished upon the First Generation's return. Thus there is debate as to whether chronometrics are inherent genetically from the original Seminary Gang or a result of the use of Eta-1677 by the Time Gang. It seems far more likely that the latter is responsible for the myriad of abilities we see manifesting in the Fifth Generation, who were seeded the genetic markers when their grandparents discovered time travel with unstable particle physics. Had the Time Gang not made the permanent transition to using Eta-2096 in their experiments, it is likely they and the Fourth Generation would have begun manifesting chronometrics as well.

Fourth Generation Classifications
When their children displayed chronometric abilities on par with the records of the First Generation, members of the Fourth Generation created a general directory. For the first ten years, the directory was accurate to a fault. But as with all things genetic, changes began appearing on the fringe and in the Diverging Realities.

For the time being, here is the general list of chronometric abilities and their range effects.

Teleportation: The first documented chronometric ability, these individuals are able to tap the exotic matter stream that allows time travel via Remote. This was where the Third Generation observed "residual drift" caused by Eta-1677, and allows the chronometric to move about space without constraint via closed loop points through the quantum medium. At present, the ability is limited to spatial movement and does not allow for time travel. Though it has not been ruled out at present.

Foresight: A combination of clairvoyance, remote viewing, and prophecy, this chronometric creates an inner eye that displays imagery from a geospatial and temporal perspective. Chronometrics with this ability describe the experience as grasping threads that flow in the streams of time, revealing events and places they otherwise couldn't see. At times, the chronometric is limited to specifics only the spacetime threads will reveal—usually acting as a "danger sense" against immediate mortal threats. A few instances have revealed deep future visions, but these appear to be the exception and quite rare. Of note, it is demonstrated in a few individuals that this chronometric can manifest purely for spatial foresight. While the individual can range out with their inner eye, seeing/hearing events around them, they cannot latch onto the so-called spacetime threads that reveal future events.

Telekinesis: A chronometric ability that allows for distant manipulation and interaction with physical objects. The prevailing theory suggests the power minutely plays on gravitational strings imbedded in spacetime, allowing the chronometric to "handle" and "move" items within the individual's awareness. We have seen in battlefield action how this power can quickly turn concrete rubble into dangerous ballistics against enemy targets.

Thoughtform Creation: One of the most exotic forms of chronometric power, this ability allows in small measure for individuals to generate matter in the real world based on mental patterns. These patterns so far exist merely as illusions packaged in force fields to give them dimension and effect on their surroundings. Because the pattern requires focus and control by the chronometric, these creations drift out of existence when the ability is not in use. While it certainly allows for greater leeway and creativity, nothing as dangerous or chaotic as Brian Donahue's creations from the First Generation have yet to be observed in the Fifth Generation. That has not stopped dangerous chronometrics from using the ability in abusive way, as was the sad case with Cassie Donahue.

Healing: The odd man out of the chronometrics list, this ability focuses on regenerative mending in organic tissue. The chronometric seems inherently active within individuals possessing the ability, going to work on any injury or illness immediately incurred. It is also possible to gift the ability to others who are injured, but requires great focus and patience on the part of the chronometric. So far the only prevailing theory suggests that this chronometric is fueled by the self-healing aspect of spacetime on the quantum scale, which holds the fabric of reality together. It is possible that in moving through the medium, the quantum property passes on to human form, embracing the whole of the biological pattern to perfection. It does not grant immortality, since human patterns do include decay, age, and death.

Fifth Generation Observations
[RESTRICTED NOTES] We shall return to this in due course.