Dear Mr and Mrs. Scott,

Your daughter has been in detention for about two weeks now and I'm having a hard time getting through to her. She will be in for two more weeks before I decide to let her go home with the rest of the kids.

Yours Sincerely,

David M. Richerson, HEADMASTER

"WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING MR. RICHERSON!" I screamed at the top of my lungs and ran for the door.

"Come on, beautiful!" He shouted, pleading for me to come back to him, but I wasn't going to come back. I kept running and running before finally flying into my house and running up the stairs, with tears streaming down my face. I cannot believe that he wanted to do it with me and he was HEADMASTER! I also cannot believe that my brother is coming back from overseas tomorrow night, but I was also dreading going to school tomorrow and I barely eat my supper. I am in the Tenth grade and have gotten straight A's for as long as I can remember, but I also remember hearing stories from other girls about Principal Richerson having sex with tenth grade girls. He never got any of the girls in trouble before, but he has never been caught either. What am I supposed to do, tell my parents. Would they even believe me? I have never been so scared in my entire life. OK, tomorrow I am going to confront him and get him to stop doing this. He cannot keep doing this, it ruins a girl's life and makes them feel terrible knowing that he takes their virginity.

"Mom, can I just skip dinner tonight?" I ask, as she gives me a concerned look. She grips my shoulder and replies with a concerned voice.

"Honey, is everything OK? You really need to eat something," She grabs a plate from the cupboard and hands it to me. I fill the plate and sit down at the table. I eat a few bites, say that I'm full and run upstairs. Two hours later, I was laying on my bed staring at the ceiling. I was scared, only because I was kept back for detention tomorrow and if I didn't go, I would be expelled from school. He was a monster! Suddenly, I heard screaming and realized that it was coming from my mouth. All of a sudden I was trapped in the headmaster's office and he was on top of me. I closed my mouth for fear that he would smack me. He pulled his pants down and quickly pulled my pants forcefully. I tried to get away but he kept pulling me close. All of a sudden I had awoken with a scream from my mouth. My mother and father came up so quickly, but it was no use. I couldn't tell them what was happening because I knew they would believe the headmaster.

"I'M FINE!" I shouted getting off the bed and rushing down the stairs. I looked at the clock, 6:45 am. It was morning already. Mom came down the stairs and rushed over towards me. She asked if I was OK and I lied and told her that I was fine, even though I was terrified. She could not see the look in my eye but my father was a psychic and could sense any emotion in anyone. I looked towards my father and he had a terrified look on his face.

"Honey, you can stay home if you want." He told me gently, as I smiled weakly but if I skipped today, I might get an even worse punishment. My parents knew about my detention but they had no idea about how I got it. I was a straight A student and had no disciplines in school, but I still had gotten detention.

"I told you I was fine, see you after detention." I walked out the door and after a few steps I glanced back. There were tears in my father's eyes, but I had to go to school today. A girl a few years back skipped school because of this so called "Detention" and she got it harder and longer. She was absent for a few weeks after and then she moved, never telling anyone. As soon as I got school, Stephanie greeted me concerned,

"Amy, you need to follow me!" She sounded completely serious. I followed her and when we came to a stop I listened to her,

"OK, what I'm going to do is try and film this with my camera because god knows you won't tell your parents. This is serious business and you cannot fool around. DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH HIM, AMY AND I'M SERIOUS!" She looked at me, took a deep breath and told me the plan. I was suppose to try and stall him until 4, when I could finally leave and she would get all of it on her phone. We went to our classes and when the time finally came, I was scared. How was I supposed to keep him stalled. When I walked out of my last class of the day, I walked slowly to the headmaster's office. I was getting terrified every second that went by and by the time I reached his door, I just stared. I knocked twice and he opened it greeting me slowly. I took a seat in one of his chairs and tried to calm my breathing.

"Want a drink?" he asked offering me a bottle of water. I quickly shook my head and breathed slowly, in and out. I glanced out the window and caught my friend outside for a brief moment.

"Why did I get detention, Headmaster?" I sunk even lower in my chair as he frowned slowly. Of course, I had no idea because I really didn't do anything wrong.

"Amy," he tried to say, but I quickly interrupted.

"Headmaster, I know what you do to tenth grade girls and I think it is wrong what you do!" I screamed angrily in his face. All of a sudden, his face turned red, maybe he felt embarrassed.

"OK, beautiful, I know you are confused. I need to figure out how to make you feel safe but I can't do this if you are tense." He grabbed my arm and led me to a room next to his room. It looked like a bedroom and it had a king sized bed with a sort of canopy. WHAT! I can't stay here. I thought we were going to do it in his there will never be any evidence. I was still baffled at the idea that I had "detention" for no reason. Headmaster Richerson was somebody, I thought, that the teachers could trust but I found out it was wrong. I took a lot of deep breaths and sat on the chair next to the headstand.

"Mr. Richerson," He put his finger to my lips and shushed me. WHAT! Why on earth would he even touch me like that. He tried yesterday and the day before but why today did I let him actually do it. At this point I had no control, so all I could do at the moment was lean backwards. He put his hand on my shoulder in an attempt, I think, to calm me down.

"Beautiful, calm down...and please try not to make such a scene. The teachers are having a faculty meeting upstairs and if they come down here, I could be told on...if I get told on you will never get rid of me Amy!" He sat on the bed, patting for me to come next to him. When I wouldn't he came over and grabbed my arm.

"Headmaster..." I started but the minute I tried to get anything else out he interrupted.

"Don't call me headmaster, call me David." he said and smiled. It was the sort of smile that was awkward. I hated every minute I was in here. Before I could actually say anything or try to get away, he actually put his lips on mine. His lips were a sort of warm feeling that kind of felt nice, but I quickly shook the feeling because I wasn't allowed to have any kind of feeling that seemed anything close to nice around this molester. He was an asshole and I was sick and tired of seeing girls being taken advantage.

We kept kissing and then I felt his hands trying to take off my shirt, and hearing myself think about all the reasons to stop him. But I felt completely numb and by the time my body had come to, it was too late and my clothes were completely off. WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?! Was I stupid. As all of this was happening, I glanced out the window and caught a glimpse of my friend, Steph outside the window looking in. I guess she looked disgusted by the look on her face. She closed her video camera, put it in her bag and left. She looked angry in fact. I was scared because this was the first time for me and it was with a twenty some year old headmaster. He had never gotten a girl in trouble before like I said and always kept condoms in his drawers, he told me. He also told me that without them, he was in trouble. So when he came back to the bed and told me that he and I quote "...had no protection." I immediately freaked out, not only because I was having sex, but because I didn't want anything to go wrong.

"Amy, I don't think anything is gonna be wrong. Why don't you just go home today and we'll pick of where we left off tomorrow." WHAT! My brother come home tonight. What am I going to say to them. Wait, they think I got in trouble in school.

"OK," I began, "but why?" I finished.

"Amy, beautiful, I need to buy more 'protection' and then we can continue tomorrow with this." I ran as fast as I could after putting my clothes back on in a mess. I successfully caught up with Steph. She was avoiding me and I wanted her to not ignore me.

"I DIDN'T HAVE SEX WITH HIM!" I screamed, trying to get her attention when she wouldn't turn around. She turned her head and looked at me. She ran over and hugged me.

"Are you okay?" she replied looking at me with a smile. Stephanie was angry only a second ago but now it's like she was never angry.

"Yes, I'm fine." I told her all about it and she was confused.

"You LIKED the kiss," I looked at her as she continued. "As long as you don't have sex with him, we can be friends. I can't stand what he did to my sister last year when she was a tenth grader." I couldn't tell her what was going to happen tomorrow, and if she found out our friendship would be over. But the only thing that made me happy was the fact that it was over right now, and it had not happened.