We all had a light within us. That flame that never went out. It was truly beautiful. It shined from our hearts and lit up all the surrounding areas.

It was the light of hope.

I felt mine glow bright everyday, my family's, my friends'. The world was safe and vibrant and alive with life, generosity and love.

Until there was a death.

No one knew how he had died... just that his heart had stopped glowing.

Because he had been killed.

We broke into fights, accusing one another. Many cried, many fought for justice.

"He did it!" one cried, pointing her finger at a friend. "You always hated him!"

"I loved him like a brother!" He responded. "It is you that wanted him gone!"

There were tears and shouts, the two splitting up the world. One side wanting justice for the other.

I stood amongst the crowds as they fought. Their lights dimmed a little but they never noticed. Some people hid in their homes.

Some hid in the caves.

Soon the world grew darker.

"I never stole that from you!" the woman shouted at the man at the shop. We had moved further in time, and society had evolved.

"Yes you did! And you must pay your family's price."

I tried to protect them, many did... but they were forced to serve the punishment... and soon they disappeared into the darkness.

Their lights going out.

That's when people grew really scared. There was actually an abyss of blackness... no light.

We started making artificial light which we used even in the day. Night had not existed. But the giant light of hope in the sky grew dismayed when he saw us seek false hope instead of true.

He would leave us in the darkness of night... he couldn't stay where hope dimmed when he blinked his eyes.

I was afraid to close my eyes. I didn't want to experience the blackness that now came when I did.

Many people grew wary and thought the darkness was a blessing. They willingly closed their lids and woke no more. They vanished into the abyss.

People started to learn how to control their own light. They built metal cages around their hearts and only opened them to let light out when they saw only what pleased them.

Many became afraid that nothing ever would... that there was no more good.

They closed their lights for good and only used lamps in the night. Street lights.

The light in the sky grew dim... he was giving up hope for us.

Some of us said we couldn't even feel him anymore... that he was just the sun and nothing more.

Soon he disappeared.

All was darkness... besides my light.

I was terrified in the dark... hearing whispers of my former friends.

There was crawling in the darkness, cries and weeps.

I sat down and cradled myself back and forth whispering.

"I have hope, I h-have hope..."

The darkness in my heart started to grow... until I could see no more and I whispered in tears.

"I-I have... hope..."