The Mercy.

Hello, from the future.

They call me Core.

No last name. Just Core.

I'm going to tell you a story that you won't believe. I was given this one chance to use this one gift to change things.

And I hope you read it. I sincerely hope you read it and even if you don't believe it take the message for what it means.

I don't have record of the year. We don't have a written record of the event. But we know it was some time around your year. Could be one year later. Could be ten. I don't know when it happened.

We made contact. Or maybe it was that we were made contact with.

What the movies referred to as something scary, something that we saw as horrifying and beastly, those beings that existed beyond our space travelling bounds. Beyond the bounds of what we understood of existence. We didn't understand their powers of empathy, but I've been thinking about them since the first came and I was a young boy.

When they came to earth, they touched down in what appeared to be an obelisk. It was in a parking lot, in the center of several cities simultaneous. They were like a shared intelligence, but each had their own personality. If I think about it, I thought it was very beautiful.

I can only speculate on the real shape they were, because they had some sort of mental cloak that made them look like someone very comforting to any person gazing upon them. They spoke to us without words. I was a young child, so my memory of this is fuzzy, but the elders always speak the stories by fireside after the nightly scavenging.

When they made contact, they told us that if we needed to call them something, call them The Mercy. And that they were only here to help because they had been observing us on our collision path towards the ends that we're at now. I suppose you'll want to know why they aren't here, helping us.

That's a bit of a long and telling story about the nature of humanity.

They gave my generation the gift of eloquence. I can speak with clarity in any language, so that I can tell the story. I don't know how they did it. Likely, with the same abilities that gave them that comfort cloak I spoke of previously. They gave me a gift that I didn't realize I had until now. And I am dying to tell you this message.

The Mercy, they never had a single bad intention for us. Our governments, as untrusting as we are and were, never could get behind their lack of ulterior motives. We hated that there wasn't something in this exchange to be had for them. Because we never understand helping others for the sake of helping others. And it should depress you beyond belief that we are this way, even in the wastes of was once the United States of America that I live in. Don't get me wrong, this country was not the only victim of the evil that came of all of our human distrust. All of them are wastelands. Because we could not come together as a people.

I'm sure this is hard to put together.

We had 2 years in coexistence with The Mercy. They never asked anything of us, neither nutrition sources (as apparently their bodies were self-sufficient) nor housing, as they meditated one hour once every six days.

Let me tell you an anecdote of what they were like. Now they couldn't stop human death from happening, because they were not gods. They just were far more evolved than us. And Elder Jackson always tells this story of his mother.

She had a terminal illness, I think he had mentioned some sort of cancer, but that was never really the focus of the story. When he was young, he hated what had happened because his mother did end up dying. But The Mercy couldn't stop the disease. Not that late. He said that one day one of The Mercy came into the hospital room she was in, and smiled. She saw it as her grandmother.

Elder Jackson calls his mother Mabel. And Mabel was allergic to any of the pain killers that could make her eventual death anything but agonizing. She had screamed for hours when the disease started to get very bad. But, as soon as The Mercy came in, she settled. Stopped screaming and moaning. And Mabel said, "are you an angel?"

And The Mercy spoke to her, saying, "it doesn't matter what I am. I'm here to help you."

The Mercy could not stop the disease. But it did something to Mabel's brain. From there on out, her body would not send pain signals to her brain. She died being able to speak coherently to her children. And he knew when it was time and was able to give everyone she loved enough time to say goodbye to her.

And just think about this. If you had the power to help someone this way, would you do it just for the fact that you could? Elder Jackson didn't think so. He was a teenager. He hated that his mother couldn't be there for him anymore and he blamed The Mercy, who took the form of Mabel, the healthy version. The Mercy was gone from the hospital by the time that Mabel died a few days later, so Elder Jackson couldn't ask them why they couldn't save her or why they could be so cruel as to appear as Mabel to him.

And nowadays he tells me that it's a lesson. No matter what little help a person can give you without ulterior motives, it is a gift that they are giving you.

That's what The Mercy were like. They did what they could to provide us their solutions to our ailing eco system. And every time we implemented one of their plans, our planet healed a bit. But that's the issue. You cannot heal everything when you have a cancerous tumor. And that's what distrust is.

No matter how many times The Mercy gave us gifts to help benefit all of us, we wanted them to be against us. Because we could understand good deeds from bad intentions. But they were a different sort of being. They felt it their duty to assist anyone they could because it was the right thing to do.

And this growing paranoia doomed us, even amidst all the solutions to humanity's long seated issues (caused by racial divide, religion, entitlement, injustice and every other division we sought for the purposes of having "Us Vs Them" mentalities) being given to us freely.

In secret, the leaders of the world converged, asking The Mercy for privacy in this meeting. The Mercy obliged. Their paranoia built as engines towards onslaught. As many solutions they gave us were equivalent to the amount of bloodthirst that came of said paranoia.

As these world leaders were speaking of hate, The Mercy was broadcasting messages of love via what Elder Jackson calls "the internet."

Their speech was as follows:

"We seek to assist you in coming together as a planet. To keep you from the path we foresaw. That future saddened us very much. Please know that you must come together and see each other as equals. You are not a race of anything but homo sapiens. And you're in the growing pains to becoming a race that is smarter and more socially aware of each other. We hope that at some point you become like us. We would be overjoyed if we helped another people become as greatly empathetic as we seek to be. But listen. You must give up your distrust. Not for us, but for each other. Do not let your race tear you away from each other. Do net let your culture isolate you. Please do not let your religion, your ideologies be what seeks to separate you. You can be one without losing your individuality. But it requires you to stop fearing each other so much."

And this great, wonderful message fell on deaf ears for the people that really mattered- the people with the keys to the weapons. Nuclear destruction was their answer as that speech was being broadcast. And suddenly a new message came in, while the skies darkened with nuclear missiles.

The last things we heard The Mercy say were, "you have made us very sad. We will go now."

And then disappeared onto their obelisks, which immediately abandoned an earth on the brink of self-destruction.

But even then, they left a gift. I think I'm the only one who has received it. The ability to send a message back in time. It comes at a hefty price. But I think it's worth it.

Please remember the message that came of The Mercy the hours before they abandoned us. In my present day, Humanity doesn't have much time left. Maybe a year. Maybe ten. But the winters are getting deathly cold and the summers are starting to kill people even in the colder regions.

Please, come together so that this future doesn't have to happen. Please, stop hating each other for what is different between you and start loving each other for what is the same. You don't have to lose who you are, but you have to start making the effort to love and accept everybody you meet. And remember, it doesn't work unless you all do it. The weakest link among you will bring your downfall for sure.

I'm going to go lay down now. I'm very tired, very weak. I'm not going to make it through the night, a sacrifice I had to make to send this message. Please know that empathy is a power that you have in you.

Please make it worth it. I love you all.