i. whatever this is, it isn't about love, or moving on, or finding a replacement. your voice lifts my spirits and one day i hope you look in a mirror and see that everything I ever said was true. i hope that is enough for you.

ii. it's very hard for me to fall for people. i've heard some rumors about the things you've done and if i was smart i'd run and never look back, but every time you say my name i melt and that has to mean something.

iii. so maybe all these late nights will mean nothing, maybe this is just a game for you. maybe this is just a game for me. maybe neither of us will win it. maybe i'm rambling because I don't know how to say you're wonderful without scaring you away.

iv. i know i'm all in because if you were hiding our conversations from your friends i would not care. what we're doing is not exactly a secret, but it's nice to have something untainted, and just for me. i wish your blush was just for me. do you flirt with others like this?

v. i don't care if this ends badly. i'd rather burn than feel a cool breeze anyway. you look like what i imagine lucifer to be right before his fall. beautiful, dangerous, free. let's exist together now without worrying about tomorrow.