The Little Dirt Road

There is always something special.

Something that one holds dear.

And I am no exception.

For me it is something as simple as

A little dirt road all covered in leaves.

It is not a real place.

Even if it were no one would truly see it.

It doesn't lead anywhere special.

It doesn't have picturesque views.

But that doesn't matter to me.

It is a place that will always come to my mind.

It is a place that I can disappear to

And make the rest of the world go away.

Wagon wheels and horses' hooves

Passing between drifts of rainbow colored leaves.

Trees stretching overhead in an arched roof.

Birds singing softly in the branches.

The view may be somewhat dull.

And if it did really exist.

Many would pass by without a second glance.

But to me it is everything.

It is something that no one can touch.

Something that no one can take away.

And it will stay forever in my mind.

A place where life is simple.

And no demands are made.

Real life may be difficult.

Decisions may be heavy.

But I will always have a place.

And my mind will always wander

Down a little dirt road all covered in leaves.

Thoughts? Opinions?