As Time Goes.

Midnight crawls in, settles on the walls,
a painting with a laughing face: feel more,
nothing is yours.

Carry on, guilty veins and washed down
blood, disintegrated dreams of a once
in a life time soul.

Stretched skin over hollow organs and
fragile bones, drag the feeling around,
belong or not, half empty, half done.

Get over the rough edges of dissapointment,
count down colors different in every set
of eyes, countless shades of stories.

Peeling skin with sharp nails, dry tongue over
bleeding lips, sing the song of the increasing
list of things that make you lock the door.

Every other day, closed eyes and open mouth,
face first into the mess, speak in different
tongues just to be able, no one keeps quiet.

Suspicious gaze over healed skin, need like
a time ticking bomb, new ways to bite off
a piece of time and soul, silence over mind.

A children's story by night calling out for the
truth, say it, the monsters always win the fight,
reassurance in oblivion, no one has enough time.

We will all dissapear, dry salt over sun burnt cheeks,
we will fall for wingless expectations before our time
is here, gone before we taste the sweetness of the end.

Lay down, feel the cold, fingers stiff against
paper thin words, they leave with the wind. One last
laugh - in this life, no one drowns side by side.