"Come on Sophie! Just do it! You never back down from a dare!"

"Yeah Sophie! Come on!"

Sophie looked over the large cliff and gulped. The ocean below was violently thrashing and the wind was blowing her hair into her eyes. She watched as the tide pulled back and revealed large sharp rocks, just to come right back and cover them again. "Come on Sophie! Don't be a baby!" She looked behind her and met the expectant gazes of her three best friends Rachel, Brooke, and Cindy. They were all cheering and trying to convince her to do their dare: jumping off the cliff and swimming out to the sand bar that was about thirty yards off the shore. Sophie had a really bad feeling about it, but she didn't want her friends to think she was a bore and a scaredy cat, so she scooted to the edge of the cliff. "Wooh! You go Sophie!" Rachel hooted. Sophie turned around one last time and all of her friends gave her a thumbs up. She gave one back before closing her eyes, plugging her nose, and letting herself fall. She felt like she was flying until she suddenly got a face of salt water and a sharp aching pain in her temple. She remembered trying to swim her way up to the surface of the water, but slowly loosing consciousness and passing out before she made it.

She woke up laying in a hospital bed connected to a bunch of tubes and surrounded by nurses. "Oh, hi sweetie. We are glad you're awake. We have to finish up taking some notes and then we'll let your parents in, okay?" Sophie nodded, but then winced in pain. "Don't move your head sweet heart. You beat it up pretty good, so it is going to hurt for a while. We have already given you some pain medication. It should kick in any second." The nurse then walked out and closed the door, which opened a second later when her parents entered. "Oh, Sophie, how are you feeling?" her mom asked. She shrugged. "I guess as good as to be expected after what happened. Speaking of what happened-how did I get out of the water?" Her dad gulped and gripped her hand. "Your shirt got hung up on one of those big rocks, so you stayed above water. The girls that were with you called an ambulance. They came and pulled you out. What were you doing in the water anyway? You should have noticed that the current was too strong to be swimming." Sophie's cheeks heated up in embarrassment when she realized how stupid her decision was. She could have died, and all just so that her friends wouldn't think she was lame. After more conversation with her parents, they left her to get some rest and said that they would return with lunch after they went home and showered. Sophie laid in the hospital bed and quickly fell asleep.

An hour later her parents returned, but not with lunch. They returned with very bad news. "Sophie, we have something to tell you." her mom said, standing beside her dad and tightly squeezing his shaking hand. Both of them had tears running down their cheeks. It was odd, because Sophie felt no sympathy for them and the state of sadness they were in, which was incredibly unusual. She had always been very in touch with other people's emotions and always wanted everyone to be happy. "The doctors said that when you hit your head on one of the large rocks, it pierced your skull and punctured your temporal lobe and limbic system. They said that the limbic system is where some of the major emotions are registered and that severe damage to that area can result in lack of these emotions. They don't know which ones have been effected, but they think that you...may have trouble processing emotions for a little while." The entire time her parents were explaining the situation to her, she made a mental checklist of the major important emotions-fear, embarrassment, anger, happiness, and love. She knew that she could still feel fear because the first thing her parents said when she walked in made her stomach drop and palms sweaty. She knew she still had embarrassment because when her parents asked her why she was in the ocean earlier, she got embarrassed. She knew she still had anger because when her parents said that she might not be able to process emotions, she wanted to beat herself up. She also knew she had happiness because it flooded her when she realized that she had all of her emotions in tact so far. But love...

"Love. It's love that I am lacking." Her parent's faces went white. "H-how do you know?" her dad asked. "Because right now you guys are crying and I don't care. Because I can see the worry on your faces but it doesn't bother me. Because...I feel no emotion connection to you two right now."

Those five sentences changed her life forever.