Sophie's injuries were healed quickly and she was allowed to go back to school only a week later. But, there were still some serious differences in her personality and the way she acted.

The morning of her first day back at school, she woke up early to go take a shower. She stood under the streams of water, letting it run over her face. Her head was full of worries about what she would do when she got to school. She hadn't talked to any of her friends, or even her boyfriend, since the accident. She knew that it would be difficult to converse with them now that she was having a hard time registering love or affection, but she was willing to try. She remembered how good her friends and boyfriend made her feel, and she didn't want to lose those connections.

After her shower, she dried her long curly blonde hair and grabbed some clothes. She always wore a short pink skirt and a blouse on Mondays because her boyfriend, Dominic, said that he liked that outfit the best and of course he needed some cheering up on Mondays-everybody does. She grabbed her outfit and a pair of white flats and threw them on. Then she went and did her normal makeup routine. Sophie always made sure her makeup was perfect because she didn't want Dominic to be ashamed of her. He was a very popular baseball player for her school with a good reputation, so she wanted to make sure she helped his image. Sophie applied layer after layer of makeup on, especially around the couple bruises on her face. Sh then focused on her hair. It was as bouncy and full as usual. Well, except in one spot. On the left side of her head, the doctors had to shave her hair so that they could do surgery on her, so that spot on her head it bald and has a disgusting huge scar on it. She ran to her closet and grabbed a black beanie to cover it up. Once she was done, she hopped downstairs to grab breakfast before walking to school.

Her mother was already in the kitchen with eggs and biscuits cooked and served on plates. "Hi Sophie. How are you feeling?" Sophie shrugged and sat at her usual seat around the table. "I don't know. Uneasy, excited, scared." Sophie's mom nodded. "That's to be expected sweetheart. You went through a lot." Sophie cringed when she heard 'sweetheart'. Normally that would have been an endearing and comforting name, but now it just makes her sick. It was like a stranger calling her 'babe' or 'honey'. "Well, don't freak yourself out too much. After today, everything will just keep getting easier." Her mother made her way around the table and leaned down to kiss Sophie's head, but Sophie jerked away. Pain and surprise spread across her mom's face, but she soon recovered and continued talking like nothing happened. "Just be strong. We know that you can get through all of this." Sophie nodded and then began to eat her eggs. As she ate, she could hear her father walking around on the floor above the kitchen and sighed. Hearing him walk around in the morning or hearing his snores at night used to be her favorite sounds. They were sounds that reminded her that he was always there, and that he would always be there for her. But now it is just another noise that reminds her of her handicap.

After eating, she grabbed her backpack and began the walk to school. Upon arriving, she found Rachel, Brooke, Cindy, and Dominic all waiting for her at the entrance of the main building. "Sophie!" Rachel screeched, running toward her at full speed and hugging her tightly. Sophie froze. She remembered that physical contact like hugs and linking arms was normal between her and her friends, but it felt weird this time. What felt even weirder was when Dominic came over to her and pecked her on the lips quickly before putting his arm around her shoulders. "How is my girl?" he asked her. "Um...I guess I'm fine."

"Well of course you are. It was just a little bump on the head. Nothing major." Brooke commented. Sophie glared at Brooke. "God, why was I ever friends with you? In the two seconds that I get back, you go acting like this. Geeze." Brooke's eyes went wide. Sophie then looked around to her other friends and all of them were looking at her flabbergasted. "Oh my goodness. Don't tell me that you guys agree that it was just a little 'bump on the head'." They all shrugged and Dominic pipped up. "Well, after just a week you are fine again. It couldn't have been that bad." Staring all of her so called 'friends' in the eyes, she took off her beanie and turned her head to the side. Each one of them hissed or made an unpleasant sound. Dominic even jumped away from her. "So, would you like to continue saying it wasn't that bad?" With that, she pulled the hat back on and stomped away.