The question for the mirror,
is it not any clearer
than the pain across your face
as the silence fades away.
You are the shadow on the wall,
the darkness in the day
a pain that starts a fall...
While I am the saving grace.

You cannot hurt me,
you cannot strike me down
Watch me kill your royal court all around
as you march your armies across the land
time and time again I will make a stand.

Go on and tell another lie,
I know you practice all the time
while your propaganda machine beats sweatshops
won't it be a surprise when your message flops
I am the thorn in your side,
the white horse chariot ride
I will become your nightmare.

A freedom fighter for the common folk
A phantom of your dreams,
I'll foil all your perfect schemes
A glaring light that penetrates the dark
in your evil beating heart
I will terrorize all the fear that you inspire

If you don't believe the words that I speak
If you oppress the frail and meek
do not be surprised if within a week
Your future is dark gloomy and bleak
I will crash your empire down, it will fall at your feet...
The people's victory will be, so, sweet.