Ch 21 – No lies (part 1)
"Hey there its been so long hasn't it. I was caught up in a lot of stuff and I hadn't gotten any time to update my story. I know its been more than half a year that's why I want you guys to think of this as season 2 ;)…lol. Now without further wait I give you Chapter 21.
it was already pass midnight and Chris and I were still running. We didn't look back. My hand was on his the whole time. It all happened so fast that I'm still processing it all. Chris shirt was wrinkle and had a torn hole on his shoulder. The expression on his face was of pure anger and nothing else. On his left hand he held a hand gun. Ready to shoot at any one who pissed him off. I'm not used to this.
I'm not used to running around for than 6 hours. I'm not used to being in the school at such a late hour, I'm not used to holding chris hand.
The school was silent. Sakio had been missing for more than 3 hours. We have been trying to find her.
""wait" I heard chris whisper. Be both stop in our tracks when we heard the sound of footsteps and laughter approaching us. Chris in a flash dragged me into a nearby class room. He was looking around searching for a place to hide and his eyes landed on the classrooms closet which was on the opposite side. Without hesitant we both dash towards it and entered into the tight storage compartment.

"Chris was on my opposite side, my hand still holding his. The moonlight was beaming trough the small openings of the closets door. Then I saw chris eyes. They looked so broken and worried. I held out my other hand to hold his cheek. We were inches apart. My mind was dominated with thoughts of earlier events.

Events that I just couldn't understand.

"It'll be fine." Chris whispered as he wiped a tear that was running down my cheek./p

I wanted to believe his words. I wanted all of this to be over.

I wanted to go home.

"Guy's we have to get this right. We only have a month left before the spring festival." Sakio shouted at all of us. We had been practicing for a straight 3 hours. My wrist was aching, my throat was sour and my head was aching.
"Sakio, shouldn't we rest for a bit?" tomio questioned in a low voice.

Sakio just stared at her and then gave out a sigh.

"Ok fine. We'll continue tomorrow." She said as she took off her bass and kept it back on the case./p

I gave out a satisfying sigh and took my guitar to the club room's closet and kept it there along with sakio's bass and henji-sans guitar.

Henji –san has been more accepting towards us. Although she's still a hard person to talk to because she barely speaks back. But she was practicing with all her heart and I could see it.

"Chris was already sleeping on the corner of the room. He looks so exhausted these days which worries me a lot. Something was up about him; I just couldn't figure

its already been a week since we started practicing for the schools spring festival, yet we were still having complications. Sakio was really determine to win the rock music competition, where all the music clubs or students would compete with each other by singing original songs or songs which were already composed by other artist. The competition was the biggest event of the school's spring festival and the winner was awarded with a huge amount of money.
But the thing that got me most worried was the huge crowd that would gather for the competition. Since this is my first time competing in front of an audience it made me quite nervous.
"Chris." i heard sakio said. i turn towards her and saw that she was nudging Chris's shoulder who was sound asleep on the club rooms sofa.
"mhmm" chris mumbled as he shifted his position facing himself towards sakio"

"are you ok?" sakio asked.

"yeah, just a bit tired." he answered.

sakio simply nodded and went towards the bathroom. there were dark circles underneath chris's eyes. He looked more thin and pale than usual. It was worrying me.

I stood up and went towards the cupboard and took out some blankets that we kept there for emergencies. I walk towards chris and placed a blanket over him. Slowly he noticed what i did, and opened his eyes which were directly staring at mine.

"Hi" he whispered.

"hey" i said as i sat besides him. I placed my palm on his temple to check if he has a fever. But instead his temperature was normal. He moved his leg to push himself closer towards me and lifted his head on my lap. He simply smile and drifted himself back to sleep again. a smile curved up on my lips as i stroked his hair gently.

suddenly i was aware that we had an audience. i look up and saw that everyone was quite and their eyes was fixated on us. my cheeks grew red and i could feel the intense heat on them.

I look back down and question myself if whether i should run or stay there. but after seeing chris's face i ended up choosing the latter.


Sakio P.O.V.

Something was up with Chris's today. and maybe i knew what it was. I could feel the anger forming up inside of me when i remembered what he told me earlier.

"i was sure it was her sakio."

But how could it be. How could she have already found us?

Then i was reminded of she was and the things she was capable of.

"Are you ok?" i heard a familiar voice spoke out. I look up to see a pair of glasses staring curiously at me.

"Yeah." i said as i looked away from him and shifted my gaze towards the students who were playing softball in the nearby field.

"Shouldn't you be in class?"

"I can be where ever i want!" i mumbled.

i heard him sigh as he took his seat besides me.

"What do you want Tanaka?" i questioned him.

"Ah you remebered my name huh?" i kept quite, my thoughts still drifting towards a certain person.

"Say. You hungry?" the president of the stident council asked me.

"NO!" i asnwered immediately. what was up with him. Can't he take a hint that i have no intention of making a conversation?

"Here." he said. i turn towards my left and saw that he had a croquette in his hand. I glared at him and turn back towards the field.

"Just take it. maybe eating it would lessen your stress."

"i'm not stressed!" i grunted.

"You can only fool yourself for so long Moto-san." i hinged when he called my last name. I hated it truly.

"fined!" i said as i snatched the croquette from his hand. It smeleed great and was still warm. i heard my stomach grumble a little, fortunately he didn't hear it.

it took a bite and immediately i was lost. Who knew he was right? eating it did lift my mood alittle.

"See. now you're glowing!" he spoke out.

"what!" i said as i turned towards him. He took his glasses off and smiled at me. I saw how good looking he was. No wondered so many girls would swoon at him. After realizing that i was staring for too long i look down and ate the croquette. And for the first time in my life i felt a blushed in my cheeks.

"Thank you. Douche bag."

"Thats a weird way to say thank you... but i'll take it." he said. i saw in the corner of my eyes that he was staring at the students. A smile stayed on his lips.

But somehow. Even though i found all of this weird. I was at ease.

A grinned to myself and wondered what events would play in the future.

Good things. i hope.


Sakio- You stupid author, where have you been?

Chris- yeah man you were gone for way too long.

Frank- i was busy ok.

Sakio- yeah right!

Angie- leave him alone guys, he still came back didn't he?

frank- thankyouangie.

Angie- i missed you frank *hugs frank.*

Chris- hey Wtf! how come he gets a hug and i dont.

Frank- cause i'm special and you're not

chris mops in the corner- Nobodycaresaboutme

Sakio,frank- seriously?