What happened this week:

Well I had a midterm, my roommate gave me Assassins Creed, and I played 37 hours of it within 72 real life hours.

I'm lying if I said that I played the game for writing purposes, I was just purely addicted. But the game did give me some ideas though, so that's nice.

Don't worry the chapter is in work. Edits will be needed but the next one should be expected this week.

Apologies for all the readers. Some personal emergency popped up, resulting in this absence of updates. It is not yet resolved, and the chapter is crawling along.

Hiatus over, chapters will be pumping out now.


This story is over, crushed, recycled, whatever. No more of this.

The whole story is going to be reworked, prologue undergoing its fifth proofread. A new story will appear, but this one is done. No more.