Metal Wings

I step into time,

The face smiling back at me through the mirror there,

It isn't mine,

I find this path I'm on going nowhere.

Here comes the second hand,

Why does the minute hand have to move so slow?

I take my one final stand,

Part of me just goes with the flow.

Metal wings, won't you please stop being so heavy?

Metal wings, I want to take flight.

Why won't you let me sail away?

This heart of mine yearns for the wind.

Lips that part, but do not speak a single word,

I feel something rise deep inside of me.

It's like a double-edged sword.

I want to be free.

I don't understand this hurt deep inside.

I'm playing with fire.

Sometimes I just want to say good-bye.

It becomes my desire.

Metal wings, why won't you let me go?

Metal wings, why do you weigh me down?

Please, release me from this prison.

Free me from this place.