A man was walking down the street and he saw a goose chasing a duck. He thought this looked funny at first but then thought, 'well what if this duck is scared?', so he asked the goose why it was chasing the duck.

"Because it's fun!" replied the goose and carried on chasing the duck.

Eventually the goose caught up with the duck and slapped it with it's left wing. It stood there for a half second after that, then ran away. The duck then started to chase the goose.

Fascinated, the man continued watching.

After a short while of chasing, the duck caught up with the goose and slapped it with it's right wing and then started to run away, the goose again making chase to the duck.

The duck was a bit faster this time, however, and the goose couldn't quite catch up with him.

The goose, now starting to get tired, ran not toward the duck, but toward the man. It slapped him with it's left wing.

The duck and goose both looked at the man for a moment, the man looking back confused. Then the duck and goose both ran away from the man as he gave chase.

An elderly woman started walking down the street they were all on. Upon seeing this man chasing the two birds she approached him.

The old lady started hitting him with her handbag yelling "don't you dare chase those poor birds! They have a lousy enough life as it is, what with having to scrounge around for scraps of food whilst also watching out for predators, without having to put up with some deranged man chasing them as well! Why would you even do such a thing?"

"Well of course I would!" he insisted with a smile on his face, "It's a game of tag!" he continued as he tapped her on the right shoulder, "And now you're it!"