My face blushed as I realized he caught me staring at his abs and I spun around to face the field. "Haha, come on. No shame in looking. I know I am irresistible." Instead of responding with a swoon and promise to forever be his, like he probably expected, my face just got even more red and my insides heated up. I could tell that he noticed, because he started snickering. "Okay, I'll stop the teasing for now. So, I am glad you came." I turned toward him and found his face a lot closer than I expected. "I...I'm glad I came too. That was a really good game." He smirked and shrugged. "It was okay, not one of our best. But hey, I don't want to talk about the team, I want to talk about you."

"Um...well, I don't know how much there is to talk about." Suddenly, I got a small boost of confidence. "Your 'wing man' told me that you have been following me around for some time, so I'll be surprised if there is anything you don't already know." Sadly, he did not get embarrassed or baffled, he just laughed and nodded. "Well, I haven't had such good luck with girls lately. Most of them that I really liked were just dating me for popularity and sex. So, this time, I wanted to know more about the girl so I didn't get blind sided again. And I liked what I saw. You spend most of your time in the corner of the library and never raise your hand in class, so that means you wouldn't date me for popularity. And by the way you are completely oblivious to guys flirting with you or their innuendos, I wouldn't be surprised if you have never had sex before." I blushed at how well he seemed to know me, just by following me around for a couple weeks in school. I didn't know I was that much of an open book. "Well, you would be right about both of those hypotheses. No, I wouldn't date you for popularity or sex. Neither of those things are important to me."

"Well good. I'm glad. Now lets get to the real deal. When would you like to go on a date?" I starred at him with a straight face before busting out laughing. He seemed a little annoyed that he didn't know what the source of my amusement was. "You can't just come up to me, say 'when do you wanna go out', and then expect that to be all the work you have to do. I am not that easy to date. You have to meet my best friend, Mom, Dad, Nana, Poppy, and Uncle Chuck before you can date me." I let him sink in that information for a moment. "Am I still worth it?" He laughed. "I didn't spend the last three weeks of my life stalking you just to give up now. You are fascinating to me. I want to figure out what makes you tick and how you rationalize things. I want to get to know you. So yes, you are still worth it. I have never seen anyone like you. You amaze me. I want to keep getting amazed."

I nodded. "Okay. This Sunday my family is having a get together. You can come. My best friend will be there too, so you can hit all the important people in one day. Give me your number and I'll text you the address." I said as I opened my phone and handed it to him. He smirked and took it, typing in his phone number and naming the contact. He then gave it back and stood, his shirt blowing in the wind and exposing more of his toned chest. "Well then I will see you Sunday, Miss Liv." He then leaned down and pecked the top of my head before striding away. I sat there for a while, soaking in what just happened. It was all so fast, I had to take a second to process it. Then I stood and walked out of the stadium and to my car, texting him the address so I wouldn't forget.

'9th Wadsworth Lane. Be there by three pm. Bring swimming attire.'

I then climbed into my car and drove home with a huge smile on my face.