I was never beautiful like the creature in the star.
And, never, can a phase describe the person you are.
I was so lost in a daze that my life grew a scar.
Now, I can see your maze and it would seem that you're far.

I cannot save you or make those beasts go away.
I want fend you from the awful things people will say.
I cannot help you find love by the end of today.
I cannot live in the dark, but light don't want me to stay.

But, if I lost you, I'd suffer a pain I could never bear...

So, If you're hurt on the path, just give me time to catch up.
If you think you can't reach, let big brother pick you up.
If you're scared of the darkness, hold my hand in the night.
If you're scared in the daytime, I'll be your shade from the light.
If you need to fall asleep, then I'll wait till you wake up.
If you can't love the story, lets make another one up.

Much became blurry through the tears that I cried.
A lot of truth faded and a lot of love lied.
And it hurts finding the effort or even a will to just try.
Yes, depression can kill... It is the monster inside.

Perhaps I am hopeless and cannot be saved.
Maybe I'm doomed to perish at the end of the day.
See, we all have a demon tearing into whats true.

If I lost you, I'd be facing gray skies and dark blue.
If I lost you, then nothing could be exiting or new.
If I lost you, I see there is but one thing I would do...

I'd let all evil kill me, so it couldn't touch you.