Here I was in Greenfeldurn our just rebellion. Has already gone on for three months. Our traitor cousin the cowardly false loyalist's. They allow other kingdoms to walk all over her. A cloaked woman approached me. "Good day to you lady Zheylee" I said. The tanned skin noble smiled. "Please call me Maddie". House Zheylee was independent in this rebellion.

I told her we had thirty knights with horses needing shoeing. I handed her a chest full of silver and gold. She simply nodded and motioned for her blacksmith. She then guided me to the town center. She got the peasants and craftsmen attention. "People of Greenfeldurn we now support the rebel sons of daughters of Malice Leaf".

"For the rebels" shouted the townsmen this was a great victory. A noble supported our cause. I returned my camp. I ordered a small detachment of Mildrith battle prioress and a Offa spearmen to guard the town. Morale rose we'd been getting hit by loyalists. Grass-Kent was in the middle of a civil war. We have god and saint Michael on our side. We've even taken the town of Grass-Clovesho. Thus showing the south east loyalist we mean business.

Getting nobles on our side is just the beginning. Mother watch over your chosen children and grieve not as your children fight for the white horse and country.