A/N: A short oneshot, so this is really the only place to describe what they look like.

Suzu has long black hair and grey-blue eyes, and she stands at 158cm with a small A-cup. Kouki has short, slightly-spiky black hair and brown eyes with a pair of glasses, and stands at 166cm.

Fourteen-year-old Hachirobei Suzu carried a plate of four rice balls she'd made into the living room where her sixteen-year-old brother, Kouki, was sitting and reading a manga. She sat down next to him and started nibbling on one of her onigiri.

Kouki looked over at the plate. "Thanks, Suzu, but I'm not feeling hungry right now."
"I didn't make any for you." She said in-between a bite.
He gave her a hard stare. "Thanks."
"Yeah." She muttered, taking another bite

Kouki continued reading his manga, and with the TV being off, Suzu got bored and looked at it. "Shoujo? Shouldn't you be reading something cooler, brother?"
"Be quiet; it's getting good." He told her.
She leaned up to look at the page. "He kisses her on the next page."

Kouki froze, and slowly turned his eyes towards her, and his eyes basically said 'if you're right, I'm going to punish you'. Suzu really should have started running, but she wanted to see his reaction as he turned the page... and as the boy in his manga kissed the girl. As she watched him blankly stare at the page, she took another bite of her rice ball, only for the entire thing to be shoved into her mouth.

"SUZUUUU!" He yelled, nearly making her choke on the rice.
Kouki grabbed another of the rice balls. "These are all for you, right!? Open wide!"
Suzu frantically shook her head, but he stuffed another one into her mouth.

"Mmmphhh! Nnnphhmmn!" With his hand over her mouth, she had no choice but to chew as fast as she could.
"Chew, chew, chew. There's more where that one came from!" Her brother looked evil!
She shook her head again, even harder this time.
"Oh, you don't want to eat anymore?"

She frantically nodded her head.
Kouki's eyes only grew colder. "You should've thought about that before ruining my manga. Do you know how many volumes I've read for him to finally fall for her!?"
Suzu's face paled, the girl just managing to swallow before the third one was stuffed into her mouth.
"Just one more after this one, Suzu-chan~" Her brother's face was dark, with a creepy grin on his lips.

All she could do was just chew... and chew... and chew...

Suzu made her mind up that day about messing with her big brother.

She was never...

...making that many rice balls again.