Warning satire story from now on in the rebellion sagas

We held the city wall as arrows,bolts, and stones rained down on us. It's mary sue and gary sue siblings. I cast a ward spell as arrow fire was heavy. Grass-Gravesend was a vital city. This pointless rebellion was over foreigners.

Our rebel brother and sisters felt they shouldn't be here. Ave mater dolorosa was all we said now. "Winged troops" shouted a Eden. We readed ourselves with magic, steel, and arrows. It was a vicious melee. I locked eyes with a rebel Edith. She grinned maliciously. She then casted an illusion spell multiplying herself. I cast a slow time spell. I saw the true sisters. That grin turned to anger as I struck her repeatedly chipping her padded armor.

"No fair" she said she had to be only 80 (8) years old. As we are half elves every decade is one in human years. I knocked her out with a sleep spell. All hell was breaking loose. The city wall was filled with wounded brothers and sisters. As mother forbids us to kill each other.

We fight with bent and blunt weapons. Along with non lethal spells. Though the rebels were gaining ground. Soon our worst fear. A rebel banner carrier shapeshifted and took our loyalist banner. That was to much for the younger loyalist who fled down the battlements. It only enraged us older siblings. A Roger gave a motivation speech. He also had the inspired leader traits.

The white horse will not accept her horse with a silver bandanna. As that was the rebels coat of arms. The Brianna city guard were overwhelmed. They raised their arms in surrender. Though it was a ruse as ambushers removed their invisibility cloaks and spells. Shocked the attackers on the east side retreated back down the ladder. What a great way to celebrate the year of 1338. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder. A blunt arrow hit me.

It had a staggering poison. My vision blurry all I saw was brother fighting brother. Sister fighting sister. I woke up from a cleric bed. According to the cleric we won though hundreds were wounded. The rebels fled even more concerning it was just an expeditionary force. Yet I'll be ready to continue to fight this insurrection till the war is over. My mouth was watering from the cheese barley bread. I laughed for now I rest and enjoy the victory.

Thanks for reading please not this was the first loyalist victory since the rebellion started. Also Malice my fictional daughter had five kids Roger, Hugh, Eden, Brianna, and the fifth only her and I know.