It was a dark and stormy new moon night, and the air was eerily chilly and still, as I carefully looked around to make certain I was not being followed by anyone or anything. I couldn't see very far, as the darkness was swallowing up everything in its path, and I could barely make out what was only a few feet away from me. I did not hear anything giving me alarm or suggesting that there was anything out there in the darkness watching me, stalking me, or even hunting me.

I took out my daylight sensor to find out how far it would be before the sun would begin to rise, and it was clear that I still had a good portion of night to wade through. I was in the plains and save a few random sheep and chicken wandering about; I could hear nothing else and see nothing else. I placed a torch down and was able to see considerably more than when I had no torches, and I could now see there was a party waiting for me across the field near the entrance to the roofed forest.

It appeared that there were not only a few skeletons, creepers, and zombies waiting out for me to fall into their hands, but also a coven of about five witches further off in the distance. This was troubling to me, as I really needed the experience and wanted to kill the party, but from my last experience – Captain's Log Star Date 08162014 – I didn't have a pleasant time with the witches even with my sidekick there. Now, exploring alone, I couldn't really risk dying, so I began to find a nearby hill to dig a temporary home.

About 5 blocks dug, I had the most uncomfortable sensation that something was going to creep up behind me and explode. I quickly turned around, and saw nothing. I turned back to my digging, and there it was! Purple ender sparkles… the Enderman was nearby. I tried to dig faster, but as I tried all the harder, the more lag I had. I checked my inventory, and as I suspected, I didn't have any speed potions. In fact, I didn't have any potions. I began to feel rather frantic, as I could hear the Enderman making his eerie sounds. I looked around, noticed my health was down by two and a half hearts, quickly tried to eat a cooked chicken, then turned back to my ditch-in-progress.


Seriously! A creeper was just above the hill I was digging into, and blew up everything I was working on, even giving me damage. I didn't lose anything luckily, except all the work I did, and now was down four hearts. I tried to eat another cooked chicken, but before I could finish eating it all, I noticed a skeleton and zombie both approaching rapidly from the same direction the creeper was coming at me!

I backed up and tried to run away through the field enough to finish eating that chicken, but my health was not regenerating fast enough, and before I knew it, I was face to face with my fate.

I looked up and just as I did, the Enderman teleported directly in front of me and stared at me with his vaguely intriguing eyes, and I was mesmerized to death. Before I could snap out of it and get away, or think to hit his feet, he gave his shrill call of "I'm going to kill you for looking at me too long!" and I died.