As I get older I shoulder a burden I place on myself

I care for my friends but here begins new trends

As I improve they get worse and upon me is a curse

To give my all to them so they don't have to suffer

To tear myself apart so I can give them a start

I don't care for myself and never have but for my friends I'll go to the ends of the Earth

I want to give them what they deserve and see their rebirth

Far too long I've been able to sit comfortably while their every word hasn't been heard

Their cry for help has been shunned by the world, their hopes hurled

Without a source of income you'd think I'd save what I have down to the last penny

But for my friends I spend it all and leave without any

Another dollar spent, every penny went

For their benefit I emptied my bank yet still my heart sank

Because it's never enough

It's never enough what I spent when they still spend their days in torment

Yet there's still more I can give so I can still see them live

I will share my love and care

One so eternal to help them be free from the agony in this life infernal

So today I give my love and tomorrow I will

Up until the day I die, my love to you forever still