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This story is a prequel of sorts to my story "Always Together." It's a story of how Engarr and Celemir became the close friends and allies they were in that story.

One note here: I was playing through Skyrim the other day and discovered a character named Benor in the village of Morthal. I didn't want to have my character named after another Skyrim character since the Dragonborn is supposed to be unique, so I changed Benor's name to "Engarr" which is the name of my Nord Dragonborn is Skyrim. I apologize for the confusion.

This story will be a collection of chronological one-shots (much like Battles of a Total War) that detail Engarr's and Celemir's relationship... each one shot will be based on a word or phrase and the plots will be based on encounters I've had in the game, things I wish would happen, or the effects of mods on the game. There will be friendship, adventure, action, angst, and anything else I want! :D

This story is as close to Skyrim Fanfiction as you can get, and I might post it on Fanfiction one day, but not right now. So Bethesda owns the Elder Scrolls, not me and all mods I reference belong to their creators.

I hope you enjoy.


The Broken Thane.

He was coming.

Celemir tapped her foot impatiently as she waited in the great hall of Whiterun, waiting for the doors of to open, because then finally her destiny would unfold.

She was a Shieldmaiden of Whiterun, part of an organization dedicated to defending important people within the city, or acting as a bodyguard to great heroes.

It was a great hero who was coming in now, a man who had helped slay a dragon. She briefly wondered what he would be like. Details about him were few, but he was able to go into a dungeon and deal with its denizens single-handedly and he was certainly able to stand up to a dragon.

Her mother and sister had trained her relentlessly for the role of a shieldmaiden, which amounted to about three key duties. Protect your hero, put your own needs second, and obey him without question. She knew all the things she wasn't allowed to do and the way to treat her hero with all the respect he deserved.

Then the door opened, and she craned to get a look at the person she would be serving. Several guards, members of the Jarl's retinue, hired mercenaries, and one cloaked figure entered the room. The heavy oaken doors then slammed shut, and as the others dispersed into the halls of Whiterun the cloaked figure walked up to the Jarl.

The pair conversed for what seemed like hours, with the Jarl gesturing at her a few times. From what she could overhear, it seemed the man in the cloak was the hero she was going to protect. She also heard the words "Dragonborn" "Greybeards" and "Mountain."

Finally, the conversation ended and the Jarl praised him as the new Thane and protector of Whiterun. His hands reached up and the cloak fell aside, to reveal the face of this hero.

Celemir's eyes widened, not in awe, but in confusion… this man couldn't possibly be the one who had slain a dragon now, could he?

He was a Nord warrior, but he looked nothing like it. His arms and legs were lanky and sticklike, and the iron armor he wore seemed to hang off in some places or be too tight in others. His sword was iron and relatively dull looking and a small iron shield hung on his back.

Given the size of his muscles Celemir doubted he could even lift the weapons, and she frowned. This was supposed to be the hero of Whiterun? The slayer of Dragons?

He walked towards her and Celemir noticed his black hair hung down over his brown eyes, and he seemed completely at ease with everything that had happened.

She swallowed as he came over to her, rehearsing the words her sister had drilled into her brain, before speaking them. "You must be the new Thane of this hold, the Jarl has appointed me to be your Shieldmaiden. It is a great honor to serve you, sir." She hoped he didn't notice how her hands trembled or how her voice cracked, making her 'sir' sound like a squeak.

He nodded and reached out to shake her hand "Please to meet you, I'm Engarr. What's your name?"

This was something she was not prepared for. He wasn't supposed to want to know her name, much less anything about her… he was supposed to be satisfied with the fact that she was his Shieldmaiden!

It took her several shocked swallows before she realized that Engarr was awaiting an answer. "My name is Celemir, sir."

He smiled at her, the kind of smile that was meant for a friend, a smile that she didn't deserve. She wasn't his friend and never would be, she was only his servant.

"Forget the Sir business please, I don't deserve it… yet."

Another shock. The man in front of her was a hero, he had slain a dragon! She really wouldn't have held it against him if he bragged a bit, but his eyes shone with a humble light. "I'm Engarr."

She nodded "Forgive me, sir… Engarr."

He smiled again "No harm done Celemir. Hmm, that's a beautiful name. Do you have any belongings you need to get before we go?"

Stop talking, Stop talking, Stop talking! Celemir screamed inside her head. He was doing it all wrong! He was supposed to ignore her presence or at the very most check to make sure she was following him or giving her basic orders. He wasn't supposed to be asking her questions or complementing her or even giving her a smile!

Celemir shook her head "No… Engarr. I'm ready to move out."

Engarr nodded and held the door for her as they walked out of the hall, down into the streets of the city.


"So the Jarl called me a Thane? What does that mean?" Engarr asked as they maneuvered through the busy marketplace.

Celemir beamed at his back as she followed him, finally a question she was trained to answer! She rattled off the answer in a heartbeat, having memorized it. "You have been recognized as a person of great importance in the hold, a hero. Guards will get out of your way if you tell them who you are, and you have great influence in this city."

She waited with baited breath to see how his ego would respond. He was a Nord, and all Nords had egos that could be stoked… Please be a normal Nord, please be egotistical, please…

He nodded as they got out of the crowd "That could come in handy."

And that was it, no long story about his heroics, no bragging, not even a puffed up chest.

Why did she have to get the broken Thane?


They left Whiterun and began walking down the snow covered roads. His cloak wrapped around him as he donned a backpack made of bearskin, and then they were off.

Thankfully they walked in silence, the only sounds the crunch of snow under their feet and the birds and wind moving through the trees.

She was lost in her own thoughts as they walked, to a location unknown to her. That suited her just fine, at least he was keeping her in the dark.

According to her sister a good Shieldmaiden was supposed to keep her thoughts about her Thane to herself, she simply followed his orders. Being left in the dark was good for her, the less she knew, the less she'd have to complain about.

Then he opened up his mouth and disappointed her again. "We've got a few days until we go to the Halted Stream Camp. I want to do some bandit hunting around the city before we leave for the home of the Greybeards. They think I must be something called 'Dragonborn.' Still, the money we get from clearing those camps will allow us some better weapons and gear." He cast an eye over her goosebump-covered arms. "Plus a cloak for you."

"I have no need of one Engarr"

Celemir forced her teeth to stop chattering as the wind picked up. The snow was thin and the wind was a light breeze, but she was freezing. In an instant, he had removed his cloak and tossed it to her.

"You'll be of no use to me if you freeze to death Celemir. Take the cloak and put it on. My Nord blood will protect me from the cold."

She groaned inwardly as she put the cloak on. It was made of a wolf pelt and was quite warm on her skin, and a small contented sigh escaped her lips.

He chuckled as his ears picked it up "Glad you enjoy Celemir."

She cursed herself for making the sound but bunched the cloak around her all the same.


They walked for what seemed like miles on snowy roads, with Engarr stopping several times to examine a flower or a butterfly. Hardly the behavior of a Nordic warrior!

Then an arrow hit the ground next to her and they both froze. A wolf charged out of the undergrowth, spittle flying from its jaws as it charged Engarr.


The wolf fell to the ground with an arrow inside of its head, and Engarr drew his sword leaning down to inspect the carcass. "This wolf has been starved… but prey is abundant in this area."

Then three bandits charged out from where the wolf had been. Two of them were orcs, armed with fearsome war-hammers, while their leader was a Nord.

Celemir aimed her bow at the Nord, preparing to shoot him just like the wolf when Engarr lowered his weapons. "Hold on, was this your wolf?" He asked.

The Nord walked forward, holding his own sword high. "Yeah! You killed our attack dog, so you need to pay us in gold!"

Celemir rolled her eyes, also watching the differences between the man she served and the bandit. Engarr was smaller, lighter, and less muscular, but he also sounded more sophisticated and educated. The bandit had muscles, but obviously very little in the way of a brain. The Orcs were probably the same.

Engarr nodded and reached into his pockets. "Alright I've got about 100 gold pieces on me, how much should I pay you?"

Celemir bit her lip, inwardly screaming. Her Thane was going to get them both killed because everyone except for him seemed to know that you don't associate with bandits!

The trio of thugs looked at one another uncertain how to process this strange man's compliance to their demand, and the Nord shrugged "How's 75 gold?"

Engarr opened his gold pouch "Alright, just let me count it out."

One of the Orcs turned to her and smiled "75 gold and your wench."

Celemir's cheeks flamed at the insult and she lifted her bow, only to be beaten by a sudden roar of thunder.


The three bandits staggered as Celemir turned to see where the blast of force had come from, only to see Engarr closing his mouth.

The gold pouch was on the ground and his sword was drawn as he stood in a battle stance. His eyes burned with rage like two brown coals, and he charged with a wild yell.

His sword slashed across the chest of the Orc who had spoken, slaying him outright, and Celemir fired an arrow into the heart of the second Orc.

Engarr knocked the sword out of the Nord's hand and tackled the bandit to the ground. The pair wrestled in the snow and Celemir watched the fight, briefly wondering if her companion was the same man she was seeing take out a foe twice his size.

Until finally he yanked the Nord up and placed his sword at his chest. "Apologize to Celemir… now! Now!"

The Nord turned white and turned to Celemir, "I'm sorry miss… so sorry… please don't let him kill me!"

Engarr growled his next sentence out through gritted teeth "I was perfectly willing to pay you, I wanted to avoid all this bloodshed… but you just had to insult my companion here." He brought the hilt of his sword down on the bandit, knocking him senseless. "No one insults my companion!"

He then sheathed his sword and looked up at her as he looted the bandits, seemingly returned to his old self. "Nice shot Celemir… I can see we'll make a good team."

He then kept walking, without another word, leaving behind a very confused Shieldmaiden. Why did he get so angry when she was insulted? What was that word that he had shouted? Just how powerful was he?

And above all… Why did he call her his companion?


So that was the first chapter and I hope you enjoyed! Things will move a bit faster in later chapters with some more action, so please follow this story for more!

Also "Fus" means force in the dragon language. I'll also be using the bottom authors note to translate words/phrases in dragon and explain some of the Elder Scrolls lore when it comes up.

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