The battle of Solitude was over as the undead army fell to the ground, the magic that had powered them gone, as were the four strangers that had aided the Empire in battle.

Not that General Tullius cared, he wasn't in the mood for executing prisoners today.

Now Inigo, Vijia, Stenvar, and Hoth had fled back to their camp, happy to find Engarr, Celemir, and Arissa alive and well.

"I'm guessing by the undead corpses littering Solitude's streets that you won and scattered Potema's spirit." Hoth grumbled "Shame, I wanted to fight her myself."

"I never thought we'd save the Empire from one of its oldest foes." Engarr muttered, "Still, I fought alongside my friends and that's what matters."

Standing with his back straight, Engarr shook the hands of his four allies. "Thank you all for coming to rescue me. It was an honor to fight beside you again."

"No" Stenvar smiled "It was our honor to fight alongside the Dragonborn."

"Um, Engarr?" Arissa added, gently tugging him aside, "I think I'll be staying with this bunch. I'm an Imperial, and whether or not I agree with their policies, Solitude is my home. I'll help it rebuild and then maybe do some less dangerous adventure, you and Celemir are more equipped to save the world than I am."

The Nord nodded and pulled her into a hug, squeezing her tightly. "Arissa, thank you for your friendship. You've more than earned the status of a hero."

Celemir walked over and joined the embrace, smiling at Arissa. Despite her initial dislike of the Imperial, she had earned her trust by saving Engarr, and that mattered to her.

Arissa shook her hand after the hug ended, jerking her head at Engarr. "Celemir, take care of Engarr, and remember: Behind every great man is a stronger woman."

Celemir nodded with a smile as the adventurers left, and she grabbed the hand of her Thane, and her friend.

"Engarr, are you sure you can make it back to the nearest town?" She asked, checking over him for wounds.

"That power I used let loose the Dragon souls inside of me. I guess I got healed too… I feel unstoppable!" Engarr smiled. "Still, I appreciate your worry Celemir."

"Anything, for my friend" She whispered, squeezing his hand.

They'd battled together, nursed one another's wounds, and had grown to care for one another over the months until they could be considered nothing less than friends.

They were inseparable, and would always be together. If Celemir had her way, they'd never be torn apart by anything.


A black dragon soared over Solitude.

The affairs of the mortal races were interesting to watch, even more so when a mortal held the power of dragons. He had sensed the cries of his fellows when the city underneath him burned, and his eyes now followed the two mortals walking away.

Lord Alduin would be pleased if he could slay the Dragonborn! So he would watch, wait, and then attack for his master.

Soon, very soon.


And that concludes this story and sets up "Always Together" where we see further adventures of Engarr and Celemir.

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