"I think I want to start a revolution and change the world"

"Something that is remotely fun"

I thought that you were joking

But your face said otherwise

Rain seeping at the bus window

The busted frame refused to shut

As the tires screeched

You drew a smiley face

On the frosted glass

I recall that you gave off the scent

Of artificial strawberry perfume

"Hey, look at that cloud"

"Second to the right"

"In the shape of a dragon"

You said pointing at grey storm clouds smothered in the sky

"I don't see a thing"

"Don't be so stupid

I spit without thinking twice

And you stuck out your tongue like I deserved

"I want to jump into the ocean and sink to the deepest floor"

"Find Atlantis and disappear with it"

I thought that you were joking

But your face said otherwise

Staring down at math problems

Tapping my foot with the rhythm

Of the ticking AC

The classroom smelled like

Cheap deodorant

Taking in your empty seat and the sweaty odor

Just like that, I forgot to breathe

"I'm leaving today"

"Would you like to join?"

You asked calmly the day before

"This backwater town we live in is too boring"

I hate nostalgia

That makes me feel sick

Gooey oatmeal fills my brain

But at least the taste is something sweet

Thinking, "I hate you,"

You never will come back, huh?

I guess I really am

The worst kind of person out here

No wonder you left me behind

Nobody cares

Of this small corner

In this great and lonely earth

Where you and I made a living out of our mundane youth

Not worried for you

It's you, after all

Knowing that fills me with hope

But I have to admit, I cry sometimes

If one day will come

When we meet again

And you still kept me in mind

I'm trying to come up with what I would say next

"You made me miss you"

"For that, thanks a lot"

Or should I say nothing at all?

Don't hug me, or else I'll never let go

You always were an idiot, you know?