I told myself that I could dive through all the broken shavings in me.
When all I really wanted was was my scribble scratched memories.

That was until you came along and floated towards my lead black eyes.
Just so I could see you erase in wet smudge and bubbling lies.

I was alone and wet, lost, in a world of black...
Left breathless for things that I could never get back.

Then I realize the world is just another ocean.
Another longing I cannot cure with a potion.
In pencil, this image I made was the notion.
That this fight shouldn't be what keeps my legs in motion.
It should be a canvas that soothes like skin can with lotion.
So we could stir up the sea and really cause a commotion.

In time I found myself losing that meaning.

My arms stopped moving and my mind was just dreaming.

Your life was my art, love, it was everything...
Your soul made me sing, I still love the colors you'd bring.
Your presence, I needed, more than anything...
A life without you is a life of drowning.

So, What shade of colors could ever cover that view?
A masterpiece cant be replaced with the new.
I'm just drifting away and in these waters you knew.
That I'm breathing in ink, just to sink down to you.