Through a crack in my lace sky blue curtains, a ray breaks through.

The light that signals the beginning of a new day.

I lie there in my bed and I breathe.

The brisk morning air comes in through my window, and it fills my lungs as I stretch.

Every bit of me tingles with happiness.

There is a joy and an alertness so indescribable.

I'm living, and I'm happy.

Happy to be alive.

Yes after the rain, there is sun.

The horror of being trapped is gone….and I have you.

I love you, because you love me ….unconditionally.

I praise you, and I adore you for all you have done, all that you taught me.

No one else is like you, and I thank you for all you are to me.

My heart floods with a song from the heart that you just can't understand, but you feel.

It is true love, a love that will never fail you.

And it makes you live, rise above it all.

In it you know you are worth something.

Thank you.

Ida Margarita Nieves