Chapter One

The innermost room at the pre-school was feared by all the children. No one ever wanted to go there, because the only time you went there was when you had done something really naughty or bad. The room was called the "naughty room". It was a tiny little room. It had no furniture in it, just a big bunch of pillows on the top of a couple of matresses on the floor. The walls where dark, with paintings, pictures and some verses on them.

"The first time you do something naughty or bad here at the pre-school, you will get a warning. If you do the same thing or another naughty thing on the same day, one of the pedagogues will take you into the naughty-room and give you a smacking. If you do another naughty or bad thing the same day, you will go back here and get a harder smacking. If you do even more naughty things, we will call your mommie or daddie, they will come and take you home and probably give you an even harder spanking."
Five-year-old Lina was looking at the images around the walls as her new pre-school teacher Angela told her about the rooms purpose. She felt really scared about this room, and she swore to herself that she would never-ever do anything so bad that she would end up there.
The images around the walls showed children. The ones on white background showed happy, playing children, children doing friendly things to eachother. Everybody on these images smiled, hugged and where happy. But the images on the other side showed children doing bad things. Fighting, hitting, stealing, back-talking, everything you weren't supposed to do. All these images ended up with the children getting smackings from the adults.
"Yes, that's what happens when you are naughty, isn't it?" Angela asked her with a little smile.
Lina nodded slowly.
The pedagogue turned to her mother. "How do you usually spank her?"
"Well, we usually put her over the knee and smack with our hand" Lina's mother replied.
"Do you ever use any tools?"
"Just so you know, we might."
Angela took a box down from a shelf and showed it to Linas mother.
"Only for the second spanking or for really serious first spankings" she said. "Is that alright with you?"
After a few seconds Linas mother nodded. "You do whatever's best. But I don't think you will ever have to, Lina is such a lovely little girl."
Lina smiled at her mothers words.
"Good to hear" Angela said.
Lina once again promised herself that she would never ever end up in the Naughty room.

Lina's part of the pre-school was called "The Treasure hunters" and there were 18 other children aged 4 or 5 years old. They had three pedagogues; Angela, Susy and Marcus. At first, Lina had been afraid of the adults, because of what she had heard about the Naughty room. But she soon found out that all three of them where very nice and funny, and they did a lot of fun stuff.
She quickly got to knew the other kids, and got two good friends: one boy named Luke and one girl named Sophie. They played a lot, but also had a lot of discussions which Lina appreciated.
Lina's first week passed very quickly.

It was not until the middle of Lina's second week that she saw the Naughty room being used. Her first week she had heard one child getting a warning, but nothing more. This day, however, a boy named Andrew had been quite messy all day, even despite warning. That's why Marcus took the boy off to the Naughty room.
The other children kept playing silently, but Lina could feel the atmosphere changing, like everybody was waiting for something. And they were.
Soon, an unmistakeable sound came from the Naughty room: Load smacks followed by crying. It was no doubt what happened in there.
"Poor Andrew" Sophie said, still playing with a toy, but perhaps she was just pretending.
"Do they smack hard?" Lina asked her.
She nodded. "Not as hard as dad" she said. But Lina had no idea how hard her dad spanked.
A few minutes later Andrew came out followed by Marcus. You could see that Andrew had been crying, but he went off playing with some other kids right away and a few moments later you hadn't been able to tell what had happened. Lina felt relieved as the strained atmosphere lightened up again and everything went back to normal. Once again she promised herself that she would never go into that Naughty room.