"Up. Now!" Michaela's mother yelled, abruptly waking her up.
"What?" the twelve-year-old mumbled.
She felt her mother quickly pulling away her blanket, then giving her a push so that she lay face-down instead of on the side.
"You think you are clever?" her mother said. "Huh? Writing on Facebook at twelve thirty in the night?"
So that was what it all was about. Michaela usually was careful, hiding everything she did on facebook from her mother. But obviously something had slipped through. She was still to tired to care, though.
"Leave me alone" she told her mother.
"Excuse me?" her mother said. "I don't think so, kid. You are certainly in for it."
Michaela's tiredness suddenly faded and she opened her eyes, just seeing the pillow. Then she felt something unmistakeble, something that surely woke her up fully. Her mother was smacking her hard on the bottom, holding her down with one hand on her back.
"No, mommy! Sorry!" Michaela yelled.
"You are going to be sorry!" her mother replied, pulling her night gown up. She went on, spanking Michaela on the seat of her panties.
Michaela wiggled to get up, but her mother held her down with her full weight. After a while she felt tears burning in her eyes.
At that point her mother stopped and she thought for a second that it was all over... but she was wrong, very wrong.

Michaela gasped as her mother in one quick move pulled her panties down and off. Then she managed to turn the girl over so that she lay on her back. Still managing to hold her down she raised Michaelas legs in the air in a position Michaela really hated because they made her feel like a real little kid getting her diaper changed or something like that.
She tried to get loose, but despite her tries her mother managed to hold her legs still and spank her exposed bottom at the same time. Now Michaela started to cry for real, feeling even more like a little child.
After an eternety of spanks her mother finally let go of her and pulled her up on her feet.
"Now you don't dare go to sleep again. It's your own fault you were staying up all night. Go, take a shower. And don't bother dressing afterwards, because I'm not finished with you yet."
"But mommie..." Michaela sobbed, also sounding like the small kid she felt like.
"No 'but's except you bare butt getting spanked. Off to the shower!"

Michaela took a long shower, trying to postphone the upcoming spanking as much as possible. She knew the upcoming one would be even harder and wanted to give her poor rear end a rest before it would be tortured again. She felt angry at herself, not being enough careful on Facebook.
Eventually, though, she had to finish the shower and get out again. She found her mother waiting in her room, holding the big wooden hairbrush which both she and her little sisters had learned to fear.
"Well" her mother said "Drop that towel."
Slowly, Michaela dropped the towel to the floor, leaving her all naked.
"Over my knee" her mother said, and she didn't have to ask twice, because she knew that would result in many extra spanks.
And so the third spanking started and Michaela cried hard as her already burning butt met the hard strokes from her mother's hairbrush.
The spanking went on for an eternety, and her mother scolded her all the time, even thouh she didn't catch the words because of the pain in her bottom.

When her mother finally left the room, Michaela was crying hard, laying face-down on her bed. She didn't even notice Anna, her 7-year-old sister, coming in until the little girl started comforting her by carressing her hair.
"Don' be sad" the child said. "I got spanked too yesterday."
"You..." Michaela said and swallowed. She took a deep breath and managed to stop sobbing. "I know, but You didn't get THREE spankings."
"No, but I got the brush, too."
"How did you know I got the brush?" Michaela said, sitting herself up.
"|I saw mommie get it..." the girl said, a little to fast.
"You were spying, weren't you?" Michaela said angrily.
"No" the kid said, not convincing at all.
"I should spank you for that" Michaela said, giving her sister butt a quick smack.
"Ouch, sorry" Anna said.
Michaela sighed, then smiled. She couldn't be angry at this little girl. The child smiled back.
"Wanna take a shower together?" Anna asked.
"I already had a shower" Michaela answered.
"I know but we could have cool water, it feels good on your bum when you've got spanked."
"Have you tried that?" Michaela asked, smiling.
"Yesterday after my spanking" Anna replied.
"Alright, go for it then" Michaela said and she went towards the bathroom with her sister.
"Your butt looks dark red" Anna commented.
"I bet."
"Is mine still pinkish?" Anna asked as she undressed.
"Nope, it looks normal" Michaela replied. "I bet mine will look red all day. But of course I got three spankings, not one."
"And you got spanked HARD" Anna said. "I never saw mommy spank that hard."
"Then you should've seen some of my spankings during the years."
"I have."
Michaela looked at her sister and gave her, now bare, butt another smack. "How many times have you spied at me getting spanked? Mommie always spank me private."
"That's what you think" the girl said.
"You really deserve a spanking" Michaela said, but smiling at the same time.
"It's not fair me and Ina not seeing your spankings, you see ours all the time."
"That's because I'm much older than you. Almost adult."
"You're not almost adult" Anna said.
"Alright, but I'm a teenager anyway."
"Not until next year."
"Okay, you win. Anyway, this was nothing against some spankings I've got."
"I know" her sister said.