"I tell you, young lady, that if you were my daughter you had been over my knee for a good, hard spanking several days ago."
Michaela looked from her mother, who looked furious, to Sarah, who mostly looked defiant. Sarah had questioned almost everything her aunt said this morning, and also talked back in a very rude way. Michaela could see that her mother was losing her temper.
"But I'm not" Sarah said. "Too bad for you."
"That attitude is not acceptable, Sarah! I will NOT accept this tone in my house. Your cheekyness is far beyond everything acceptable from a child."
Michaela looked at her cousin, trying to, with just her gaze, make the eleven-year-old keep herself from saying anything more. But it didn't work very well.
"I'm not having more bad attitude than you do, Aunt Jane" Sarah said. "I'm not the one hitting people. You are."
"Sarah, please, come, let's go play..." Michaela whispered. She saw her mother almost blowing up like a baloon. This was it. Sarah was doomed.
"That's it" the mother said with amazingly calm voice. "That's it. You are in for it, kid. And I surely mean it."
Sarah took a step back, but her aunt walked over to her and took a firm hold of her arm.
"What are you doing?!" Sarah yelled.
"Something your parents should have done a long time ago."
Sarah tried to get away from her aunt, but without success. Michaela always had admired her mothers strength. Instead of getting away, Sarah found herself being dragged over to the sofa, where her aunt sat down.
"Let me go!" Sarah screamed.
"Not for a long while, kid."
"Stop it!"
But her aunt was determined and Michaela knew this was it. Sarah was going to get a good spanking.

"Let me go, NOW!" Sarah cried.
But her aunt just shook her head. Then, still holding Sarah firmly with one hand, she put her other hand in the waistband of the girl's soft pants and pulled them down. A second later she had done the same with the panties.
Sarah screamed, but her aunt forced her down over her knee. The eleven-year-old was kicking, squirming and struggling more than Michaela ever had seen anyone do. Still, despite all this, her mother managed to hold Sarah down without major effort. Once again, she admired her mother's strength.
Then came the smacks. Sarah screamed even more as her aunts hand staarted to spank her bottom hard.
Michaela moved herself a little bit to have a better view. Of course she didn't really want Michaela to get spanked, but the attitude her cousin had showed this morning was totally unacceptable. She had never seen anyone acting that way against an adult without serious consequences. Michaela didn't know what had came into Sarah's head, she had never acted like this before. Maybe, she, thought, Sarah was still angry at her aunt for spanking Maria yesterday, and her revenge had been acting as bad as possible. Well, this was what that led to.
"Stop it, stop it NOW!" Sarah yelled.
"I wouldn't think so, kid" her aunt said, and kept spanking fast and hard.
"I'll call the police!"
"They would say I'm in my full right to punish my niece."
"I'll call mom!"
"Well, if you like to. But not for another good while."
And the spanking went on.

Sarah kicked. She yelled. She squirmed. But nothing helped; she was stuck there, over her aunts lap. She couldn't escape from the spanks. After a while, the girl started sobbing.
"No, stop it, please" Sarah whined after more than a minute of spanking.
"Wouldn't think so" her aunt replied.
Michaela saw a move in the doorway. Ina and Maria had come down to see what was going on. Maria watched the scene with open mouth.
"Pleaaaasee!" Sarah pleaded, sobbing hard.
But the smacking went on.
"What did she do?" Ina whispered. She had walked over to Michaela.
"She had a very bad attitude the whole morning, she really got herself into this" Michaela said, putting her arm around her little sister's shoulders. And the two of them, with Maria right behind them, watched as Sarah's spanking went on and on.
"Pleeease, Aunt Jane, stop, please..."
"You brought this unto youself, Sarah."
The spanking went on for several minutes. After quite a while Sarah didn't fight that much, even if she still kicked her legs. She had kicked so much that her pants and panties actually had sled down to her feet, where they had flew off, now laying on the floor. Mrs. Norman spanked the girl hard. But, to be honest, if she or her sisters had acted that way they had been spanked with much more than just the palm of their mother's hand. Of course, though, they where used to spankings and Sarah was not.

Finally the spanking ended. Sarah was crying hard. Her aunt let her up on her feet.
"Do you understand why I had to spank you?" she asked her niece.
Sarah didn't reply.
"Answer me!"
Still no answer.
Sarah got another smack on her butt. "Answer now" her aunt said "Or you'll be back over my knee again. Why did you get your spanking?"
Sarah took a deep breath. "'Cause... 'cause I had a bad attitude."
"Yes, you sure had. A bad, cheeky attitude that I never ever want to see in my house again. Understood?"
The eleven-year-old nodded.
"Go stand in that corner for a while and think of what youv'e done."
For a moment Michaela thought Sarah would refuse. But then she lowered her head and walked over to the assigned corner, rubbing her pink, and probably burning, bottom.
"Well" Mrs. Norman said and turned to the witnesses. "I need you, Michaela, to go shop a few things for me at the supermarket. You can take Ina and Maria with you."

So Michaela left the house with the two small girls, heading for the nearby little supermarket.
"Sarah got a spanking" Ina said with load voice as they walked down the street.
"I know, you don't have to tell everybody around" Michaela said.
"Why did she get spanking?" little Maria asked.
"Beacuse she acted rude and bad" Michaela replied. "You have to be nice to eachother, right?"
The little girl nodded.
"Yep" Ina said "Otherwise you get your bare booty spanked."
"Shh" Michaela said as they walked into the store.
The three of them bought the things they where supposed to, then they headed back towards the house.
"Don't test mom now" Michaela said as they went up the garden path. "I think she might be on quite bad mood. So unless you don't want a spanking, you better..."
She was interrupted by an unmistakeable sound from inside the house. Someone was spanked in there.
"Oh no, not again... didn't she learn?" Michaela said.
But as they came inside she heard that it was Anna's crying, not Sarah's. Michala sighed in relief. At least Sarah had been wise enough to behave after her spanking and not getting back to her bad attitude. Obviously, though, Anna hadn't been wise enough to keep from doing something bad. Usually, all three of the siblings, knew that after any of them got spanked, you better behave good as gold unless you want a spanking as well.
"Let's go upstairs" Michaela said to the girls as they had taken off all the clothes.
"I wanna look" Maria said.
"That's not very nice to do" Michaela told her. "Let's go upstairs."
As they passed the kitchen, thought, they could see Anna laying bare-bottomed over her mothers knee, getting spanked with a wooden spoon.

Michaela found Sarah in her room. The eleven-year-old was laying on her stomach on her bed.
"How are you?" she asked her cousing.
"You are not always fine after a spanking" Michaela said.
Sarah looked at her. Her eyes were still red from crying. "I never though Aunt Jane would spank me..."
"She spanked Maria yesterday, wasn't that proof enough that she wouldn't hesitate?" Michaela asked.
"But Maria is a small kid... I'm eleven" Sarah said.
"And I'm almost thirteen. As long as you are still a minor, your parents can spank you anytime. And your guardians as well, whoever they might be."
"She is mean."
"No, she's not!" Michaela said. "It was you who was mean to her."
"Don't say you defend her treating me like this!" Sarah said.
"Well... you did act very bad against her. So I guess you only have yourself to blame."
"You are an idiot" Sarah said.
"You really deserved that spanking" Michaela said, feeling the anger going through her. "I hope mom gives you a good one with the hairbrush as well."
Then she left the room.

Michaela and Sarah didn't speek for the following hours. After lunch, Michaela went to her room. Anna joined her after a while.
"So why did you get spanked, sis?" Michaela asked her.
"Kinda... kinda talked back and, you know, my room wasn't properly cleane either. So two things I guess."
"And mom was on bad mood as well" Michaela said.
"Did Sarah get spanked hard?" Anna asked.
"Well, she got quite a long spanking, but not super hard. Only with the hand."
"She cried like a baby."
"Well, you know, their mom and dad doesn't spank them. So she's not used to spankings. Neither are Maria" Michaela said.
"That's strange. How do they behave if they don't get spanked?" Anna asked. "They'll be spoiled."
"Maybe they'll be. I don't know. I hope not, of course."
Anna lay down beside her on the bed. "Sarah is angry at you."
"I know."
"She called me an idiot because I told her she actually kinda deserved the spanking..." Michaela explained.
"Maybe you should have lied... I mean, just said you were sorry for her."
"Maybe" Michaela said. "Yes... you are probably right. But I won't take it back."
"But you can try to get friends with her again" Anna said.
"I will in a while."

And Michaela walked into Sarah later that afternoon. The eleven-year-old was reading cartoons in Ina's bedroom.
"Hey, Sarah" Michaela said.
"What do you want?"
"I don't want us to be angry at eachother. We don't meet that often, so we should be friends."
Sarah looked at her. "Can you tell your mom it was wrong spanking me?"
Michaela raised her eyebrows. "I would probably get spanked for questioning her."
Sarah sighed.
The two girls just looked at eachother for a while. Then Sarah looked down. "Sorry for calling you an idiot. You wasn't the one who hit me."
"It's okay" Michaela said. "Let's agree to disagree, okay?"
Sarah nodded. "Fine."

The two of them didn't speak very much for the rest of the day, but at least they were not angry. The same night Ina got a spanking as well. The girl was struggling as she and Maria took a bath together, resulting in being spanked there and then and sent to bed without snack.
Michaela couldn't stand hearing the kid crying alone in her room, so instead of having snack she went into Ina's room to comfort the kid a bit. The child was laying on her bed, still naked from the bath and pink-bottomed from the spanking.
"Oh, sweetie, I told you... don't test mommy more today..." Michaela said. She sat down on the bed and took the girl on her lap. The little kid sobbed for another short while.
"There, there" Michaela said. "You'll be fine."
"I want a snack" Ina said.
"Mommy told you no" Michaela replied.
"It's not fair."
"Maybe not, but life is not fair."
"Let's get your nightgown on" Michaela said, and helped the girl get dressed for the night. Then she put her into her bed, kissed her on the forehead and switched the light off.

"You really get spankings all the time" Sarah said as she and Michaela was laying in their beds later that night.
"No, we don't."
"Yes you do... like every day... there hasn't been one day since we came when no one got spanked..."
Michaela laughed a bit. "Well, maybe you had bad luck. But I guess there is usually a few spankings every week..."
"For you as well?" Sarah asked.
"No... not that often. Not anymore."
"But you get spankings, right?"
"Sure, but not as often as before."
"Do they hurt?"
"Of course, otherwise they wouldn't be spankings" Michaela said.
"Do you get it with the hairbrush, Like Anna and Ina?" Sarah asked.
"Hairbrush, spoon, belt... whatever."
"Belt?! Are you serious?"
"Yup. Why would I lie?"
"Wow... that must hurt. I guess I was lucky that your mum just used her hand" Sarah said.
"That was probably just because it was like your first spanking ever" Michaela said. "You better don't misbehave again. I don't think she'll just use her hand next time."
"There wont be a next time, I swear. That spanking I got hurt like I don't know what... I wouldn't survive being hit with a hairbrush or something like that."
"Then you better behave" Michaela said. "Good night, cousin."
"Good night" Sarah said and turned the light off.