Chapter 4

They lay naked on the grass under the warm summer sun for the longest time. Emilia ended up with her head on Santos' chest while he softly and gently rubbed his fingers up and down her body.

"It's been a long time since I've been able to enjoy the afterglow of making love," she told him.

"It's been a long time since I've had a second chance with a do-over," Santos said. "Thank you for your patience and understanding."

"You're a wonderful lover," she assured him.

"You were worth the wait," Santos smiled, kissing her forehead.

They eventually made their way back to the water to wash off the sex and sweat and to cool down from the hot sun. Emilia wrapped her legs around Santos' waist and her arms around his neck and he stood in the water for the longest time holding on to her as if they were clinging on to each other for dear life, afraid to drown from the past. It wasn't until their skin started to wrinkle that they reluctantly abandoned the water, retrieved their clothes, dressed and made the long hike back to the cabin.

Having only eaten a few snacks and drank the water bottles since breakfast, they were famished by the time they got back to home base. Santos fired up the outside grill and barbequed some chicken breasts while Emilia sat watching and drinking her wine. There wasn't much need to converse – what they had done together today spoke for itself and they were both engulfed by a sense of tranquil peace and relaxed comfort. A certain sense of bliss.

When they were done eating, Emilia helped Santos with the cleanup, washing the dishes inside the cabin and when everything was put away, they went back outside and sat next to the fire together roasting marshmallows and drinking beer, finally talking while it slowly turned dark. The conversation was mostly about teenaged sex, Santos talking about Kim, Becky and Julie, while Emilia told stories about her first crush (Bobby Simpson), her first fuck (the football jock, Tauscher) and her first love (Brandon, who she married).

"But you were my first friend, Santos," Emilia revealed in all sincerity. "I always liked you."

"I always loved you," Santos replied.

She smiled happily.

It was dark enough now to watch the stars in the sky – countless twinkling stars. Santos was amazed that he was able to watch them with the girl of his dreams.

"It's like looking at heaven," he remarked.

"You're an angel," she countered.

They eventually took turns using the latrine and brushing their teeth in the kitchen sink and when it time to go to bed there was no point being modest or shy after their day together so they both stripped naked in front of each other and climbed under the sheets. Santos wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close and soon he could hear her breathing lightly and he knew she was asleep, exhausted from their long and eventful adventuresome day. He quickly fell asleep too even as he realized he had become hard yet again and that his shaft was pressing into her backside as she spooned close to him

The pokes eventually woke her up and Emilia reached her hand behind her and wrapped her hand around his member, massaging him awake before guiding the head of his dick between her legs and into her welcoming entrance, arcing her back and pushing her ass into his stomach. It was quiet methodical gentle love making with Emilia's soft moans filling the otherwise still and quiet cabin until she almost silently enjoyed an orgasm but Santos didn't want to make a mistake so he stopped pumping and held himself inside of her for as long as he could last as they both fell asleep again.

Santos once again woke up early in the morning, the sun lighting up the cabin. Emilia was wrapped around him like a tree but he carefully detached her from him and he slipped out of the bed, dressed, and started the coffee. The aroma is what woke up Emilia.

"You hungry?" Santos asked as he stood by the coffee urn.

"You've given me quite the appetite,' she smirked as she slipped out of bed naked before wrapping herself in the sheet and joining him in the kitchenette area.

Santos cooked up more bacon and eggs (scrambled this time) while Emilia sat at the table sipping her coffee and watching him with a contented look on her face.

"Would you seriously consider moving here?" Emilia asked.

"It's pretty small," he admitted, glancing around the interior.

"Especially for two people," Emilia grinned.

Santos looked at her with an amused look on his face. "We could expand," he said. "Add a real kitchen and an indoor bathroom, maybe a sun porch."

"Do you think your mother would let us finally get rid of your grandfather's stuff?"

"It's time," Santos concluded.

They talked about other remodeling ideas as they ate their breakfast and although it was just pie in the sky dream fantasy talk Santos liked the idea of making the cabin their own – how quaint, intimate and romantic would it be to come home here every day? Talking with Emilia felt real and the fantastic weekend in the woods was something Santos could see as an everyday routine (especially the love making!).

Emilia, still wrapped in the bedsheet, helped Santos clean up when they were done eating.

"Maybe we could take a shower together now," she suggested when they were finished putting things away. "It feels warmer this morning."

Emilia unwrapped the sheet from her body, tossed it on the bed and walked naked toward the door. Santos quickly peeled out of his clothes and followed her out the door, once again already hard from seeing her naked beauty. He had more boners in one weekend than he had in the last year!

Emilia had already turned on the shower and she was busy soaping herself up when Santos joined her in the large open air stall. They assisted washing each other in a seductively sensual exercise of exploration and satisfaction. Santos attended to her rear, her breasts and stomach, as well as between her legs and she was just as attentive, giving his rod affection with both the soap and her hand. The shower experience was the most erotic interaction of Santos' life.

They finally rinsed off the soap and shampoo and pranced naked back into the cabin using the bed sheet to dry each other off.

"I always noticed you," Santos told Emilia. "From as early as I could remember."

"I kind of was aware," Emilia admitted as they cuddled together, wrapped in the bed sheet.

"I was afraid Beth would say something stupid and freak you out," he said. "When I got older, I wanted you really bad but you were too old and you were my sister's friend so I kept my feelings to myself".

"Not always," Emilia remarked. "There were a few times you acted goofy or jealous or silly or crazy in front of me." She said.

"I've loved you my whole life and I dreamed we could be together one day but I never thought it would ever happen".

"Remember that time we went to the outdoor?" Emilia asked. "Hank and Beth in the front seat, you and me in the back?"

"Best night of my life," Santos said. "I remember how good you were to me, treating me like an equal instead of a little kid even though I was only like thirteen. I was in heaven floating on a cloud that night."

"I was hoping you would make a move on me during this weekend in the woods," Emilia confessed. "When I saw you peeking at me in the shower yesterday - the look on your face - I knew."

Santos leaned in and kissed her. The sheet dropped from their bodies to the floor and Santos ran his hands over her body, up and down her back, down to her buns, pulling her into him as he lowered his head and kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples.

On cue, Santos became hard again and he pressed it into her stomach as he lifted his face and kissed her on the mouth.

"Are you surprised?" Santos asked. "About all this?"

"I'm happy," she laughed, kissing him back.

"You are pure perfect beauty," he told her. "I always felt that way about you whenever I looked at you or thought about you."

Emilia blushed as she looked at him with wonderment. She wrapped her arms around him and they hugged as they stood naked, the sun lighting them through the cabin window.

"You really feel that way?"

"I just never told you till now," he said. "You're the perfect girl for me. I love you."

"I love you too, Santos."

He held her as tight as he could for as long as he could but time couldn't stop forever. They finally got dressed, changed the bed, cleaned up, packed up and left the cabin to head home to Hillsboro after a wonderfully wild weekend in the woods. They didn't talk much during the ride - they didn't have to. Emilia rested her hand on his thigh for most of the ride and they exchanged knowing looks and gushy grins and it really was like they were teenagers again.

There were many dates in the weeks that followed – dinner, the movies, taking in games at Beano Field. Emilia visited Santos at his apartment and they continued to brainstorm ideas about remodeling the cabin, even going so far as to ask Santos' mom if she would be willing to let them clean the place out and move Grandpa's belongings into storage. To their surprise, she gave her okay.

The family was also happy to see Santos and Emilia spending so much time together and the general consensus was that the five year age difference no longer mattered. Even Beth sent her blessings from North Dakota.

Emilia spent the night at Santos apartment many times although they both agreed that it wasn't the same as the cabin which is why they returned to the woods when they could, under the pretense of cleaning out Grandpa's stuff but also in hopes of experiencing the magic again even as the summer began to wane. They showered outside together, skinny dipped in the water pool, and made love in the dark still quietness of the nighttime cabin.

"Every weekend should be spent in the woods," Emilia said happily as she cuddled against Santos late one night in the stillness of the cabin.