"I'm not in love again" she said,
Sad smiles in her bed.
Crease away the sheets this time,
I guess I'll play Maria.

You'd never stay six to midnight,
But turn left at the porch-light.
Ours were pretty pantomimes,
Little Cinderella

It must have been the shadows,
I'm sorry I told you that white lie.
I should be sorry I told you that white lie.

Don't look back this time, last chance,
You loved to watch her dance.
I'd wait for you, wait for you,
Though you would never come.

Taste past summers when you're here,
Slow photos worn with tears,
Still intact, there are so few
I never knew that some—

Things don't mend like bird's bones,
I should be sorry I told you that white lie,
I should be sorry, should be, I...

Wear madmen's colors of red and silver,
Maybe one day you'll mistake me for her,
Believe that black sails are worth it,
If you could just forget—
Once, only once, that she loved you first.
Oh, this is where worse comes to worst...

She hadn't been in love again,
Yet her road has one more bend,
And you're not in it, no,
You're not in it,
But I'm in yours (should be's never enough)