Lunar Academy

This takes place in the far off future so we don't have an exact United States of America or an exact England, etc.

~ Episode One ~

(When you see this, it is describing what the character is feeling, the character's actions, etc. This is to help people mentally picture the situation and this better places the person in the character's shoes.)

~ Scene One ~

Description of the scene: It was in the middle of the day and the sweltering summer heat of Vankria, a small town right near the equator, on planet Earth, and a young boy sat on the roof of the house where he lived with his father and older sister. He and his older sister's mother, their father's wife, had passed away a few years back in a car accident.

Mark: (He is seething because he doesn't agree on moving all the way to a tiny island known as Savar, where the newly renovated school is located.) Why on earth do we have to move?! Everyone I know is here! My entire life is here!

Charity: (She had gone looking for her younger brother because she really needed to speak to him about their great big move. When she opens the door that leads from the small office and onto the balcony and she sees her younger brother sitting there on the roof, she sighs and steps out.) So this is where you've been hiding. (She notices that her younger brother is highly upset and she sighs once more as she sits down on the roof beside him.) Okay, look, I know you're not happy with the arrangements that have been made for this upcoming fall.

Mark: (He feels hurt and frustrated because it feels to him as if his older sister was always taking their father's side and he was the odd man out.) Why do you always have to take HIS side, sis?! What about me?!

Charity: (She mentally comes to acceptance of how her younger brother feels and her heart reaches out to him.) I understand that you feel totally out of sorts, but, please, don't make this any harder than it has to be.

Mark: (He is getting angrier because he feels as if his older sister had just belittled his emotions. He is extremely frustrated with trying to express his emotions.) Out of sorts?! Is that what you call it?! (He then thinks about the awful weather that goes on where the school is located and he sounds pouty as he lowers his voice.) Besides, I have done some research and it turns out that the summers are very short and the winters are not only very long, but also very harsh.

Charity: (She struggles not to laugh at her younger brother's last comment.) Oh, so you're all pouty over that? (Seeing her chance, she begins to tease him.) Is that all, my baby brother?

Mark: (He blushes in embarrassment as he tries to hush his older sister.) Shut up before someone hears you!

Charity: (She continues to tease her younger brother and it is very clear that she is enjoying it all the way.) Oh, really now? (She stands up, turns around and takes a deep breath as she's about to shout at the tops of her lungs.)

Mark: (He quickly stands up, reaches out towards her and covers her mouth with his hands.) Don't you dare!

Charity: (She fights his hands that are over her lips and manages to free herself.) MARK HAS A CRUSH ON MIKA!

Mika: (She just so happens to have been right there and she yelps and hides in the nearest bush, totally embarrassed.)

Charity: (She knows exactly where Mika is hiding and she calls out to her teasingly.) Hey, Mika! I know you're hiding in the nearest bush! Come on out! (She can't help but to laugh.)

Mark: (He pretends to be angry with his older sister as he lunges for her.) You're so dead! (He tackles Charity and starts tickling her.)

Charity: (She wiggles around and laughs loudly.) Okay, okay, I give! Stop it before you make me pee myself!

Mark: (He sees the chance to fully humiliate his older sister. He flashes a smug smile and plays like he is seriously considering it.) Oh, that WOULD be embarrassing now, wouldn't it?

Charity: (For a moment, she is panic stricken and she gasps, her eyes widening as she shoves her younger brother off of her. She stands up, dusting herself off.) I swear, why you're into that vile kind of thing is beyond me!

Mika: (Meanwhile, she had been on her way up to the roof. She appears in the doorway and stares at Mark curiously.) Into what?

Mark: (He stands and gives his older sister a look that tells her that she will pay very dearly if she even so much as uttered another syllable. He changes his tone and expression to one of kidding around as he speaks to Mika.) Oh, nothing, Mika, Charity is just being her usual hyper, silly self. (He approaches Mika.)

Charity: (As she watches her younger brother approach Mika, she decides to become very sarcastic.) Uh-huh. I see. So, you're not going to tell her?

Mark: (He spins around and glares at his older sister.) Do you really want to die?!

Charity: (She starts to laugh really loud and really hard.) My gosh, y-you…you're…you're so…

Mark: (He turns back around and takes Mika's hand in his.) Come on, let's leave this psycho behind.

~ Scene Two ~

Mark: (He looks around and notices the people just simply passing on by and the smell of the pizza parlor. He notices the large pepperoni pizza on the table between him and Mika. He notices Mika's nervous expression and speaks to her in a concerned tone of voice.) Hey, are you all right?

Mika: (Mika considers for a moment how to respond. She takes a deep breath.) Why don't you get a summer job?

Mark: (He flat out turns down the recommendation.) I don't want to.

Mika: (She nervously gulps.) Well, maybe it will keep your mind off things.

Mark: (His voice is serious and somewhat sad in tone.) You will come visit me, right?

Mika: (She sighs sadly and tears come to her eyes.) Oh, Mark. I'm so sorry, but I think this is the end of our relationship.

Mark: (He stares at her like he can't believe he had just heard what he had just heard.) We can do long distance.

Mika: (She shakes her head.) No. Actually, you may not hear from or see me ever again.

Mark: (He is shocked by what she tells him.) What? Why?

Mika: (She clears her throat nervously.) I'm sick, Mark, that's why.

Mark: (He is confused.) Then why aren't you in the hospital or at home?

Mika: (She starts to cry.) I'm scared, but I really don't want you to suffer in the end.

Mark: (He starts to cry.) Why didn't you tell me?! (He felt so hurt that she had kept a terminal illness as a secret from him.)

Mika: (She looks deeply into herself in an attempt to try and figure out why it had never even so much as entered her mind to tell him.) I have been sick for a really long time. I have never told you. I don't know why, to be honest. (She stands up.) I have to go. This is goodbye.

Mark: (He sobs as she walks away. He feels his heart shattering into a myriad amount of pieces.) Why?! WHY?! (He doesn't notice that people are staring at him with wide eyes.)

Woman One: (A nearby woman whispers to one of her friends surrounding her.) Say, isn't that Mark?

Woman Two: (The friend whispers back to her friend in response.) Yeah, but…who's that girl he's with?

Woman Three: (She whispers to her friends.) Um…I think that's Mika.

Woman One: (She gasps and her eyes start to twinkle.) Oh, my gosh! You mean THAT Mika?!

Woman Three: Shh! Pipe down or someone will hear you.

Woman Two: (She carelessly shrugs and speaks without an ounce of care in the world.) So, what's the deal? I mean, she basically just dumped the guy, right?

Waitress: (A nearby waitress gives the women a stern look. There is a strict edge to her voice as she speaks.) Excuse me, but I would appreciate it if you respect the other customers and not gossip about such personal matters.

Waiter: (A nearby waiter noticed what had just taken place between his co-worker and some of their customers. He finds himself to admire such a noble action.) Sir, your bill.

Mark: (He answers as if he had just been crying.) Right. (He starts to dig around inside of his pant pocket for his wallet.)

Waiter: (He stops him.) That's okay. It's on me today. I see that you've been having a difficult time. Go home, give yourself a good cry and then rest.

~ Scene Three ~

Mark: (Tears continue to roll along his cheeks and drip from the sides of his chin as he makes the walk home. It feels so lonely and it seems to take forever.) Why does this hurt so much? (He doesn't realize it when he almost passes up the place where he lives.)

Charity: (She notices her younger brother's state and gasps, eyes widening as she rushes towards him.) Hey! Mark, what happened?

Mark: (He doesn't say a word as he hugs his older sister tightly and sobs.)

Charity: (She comfortingly rubs his back and whispers the warmth of affection to him.) It's all going to be okay, bro.

Mark: (Sniffles.) Mika and I are no longer together and even worse is that I may never hear from or see her ever again.

Charity: (She secretly knew all along that Mika was ill, but she had sworn to Mika that the secret was safe with her.) Mark, I have to tell you something.

Mark: (He is confused by his older sister's sudden change in tone of voice.) What is it, sis?

Charity: (She speaks to her younger brother in a calm, cold, chilling, monotonous tone of voice.) I knew all along that she was ill.

Mark: (He tenses and pulls away from his older sister, giving her a hurt look.) Why didn't you tell me?

Charity: (She shakes her head.) I couldn't. I swore to Mika that I wouldn't ever tell you. (She changes her tone of voice again.) I really don't think she wanted to hurt you. In fact, I think she was just simply trying to protect you from the gravity of the situation.

Mark: (He slowly nods. He is caught up in a world that feels as if time has slowed down. His surroundings take a huge turn for the worse as his senses go all out of whack and everything goes black.)

Charity: (She catches her younger brother as he comes tumbling down towards the earth.) Mark! (She feels panic build up deep inside of her and she turns her head towards the house. She calls out for her dad.) Daddy, daddy, help!

Landon: (He comes rushing out upon hearing his daughter's frantic cries for help. He notices that his son has collapsed and rushes up to his two children.) What happened?! (He helps his daughter carry his son into the house.)

Charity: (She helps her father lay her younger brother flat on his back on the couch in the living room.) I don't know. He just…collapsed!

Landon: (He is totally confused and he doesn't know what to do.) Um…well…heh…what do we do now?

Charity: (She wants to laugh so loud and so hard, but she knows better than to do so at such a time.) You're asking ME that?

Landon: (He shrugs and stares at his son in confusion and looks at his daughter in hopes for an answer.) Uh, well, yeah, I guess.

Charity: (She smiles at her father, kindness reflecting in her eyes.) Don't worry, daddy. It's okay.

~ Scene Four ~

Mark: (He wakes up with a groan.) Ow, my aching head. (He tries to get up, but everything spins out of control and he falls over.)

Charity: (She catches her younger brother before he could hit the floor. She speaks to him in a soft, gentle whisper.) Hey, take it easy there, bro.

Mark: (His head feels as if there is a jackhammer going on inside of it. He groans again.) What happened? Why does my head hurt to badly?

Charity: (She gently pushes her younger brother back down onto the couch.) Stay put. (She stands and turns her back to her younger brother.)

Mark: (He reaches out and grabs his older sister's hand.) Please, don't leave me.

Charity: (She turns towards him with a warm smile and gently removes her hand from his.) I'll be right back.

Mark: (He starts to cry and he frantically grabs a hold of her hands. He pleads his case to her and he pulls her down onto the couch, close to him.) Just, please, stay with me!

Charity: (She blushes at the closeness of her and her younger sibling. Her heart pounds and all sorts of thoughts entered her mind. It was even worse when she felt something on her rear end. She knew exactly what it was and she knew that it wasn't her that he was thinking of. At least she really hoped not.) Mark, snap out of it, will you?! If daddy comes in here, who knows what he'll think!

Mark: (He apparently doesn't realize exactly what he's doing as he buries his face in his older sister's hair, smelling the coconut shampoo she uses.) You smell so nice.

Charity: (She's about had it with the current situation and frustration builds up deep inside of her.) Mark, I swear, you're really asking for it!

Mark: (He smiles and his eyes are glazed over with tears and lifelessness as he feels something big and soft underneath his hands.) Mika, I didn't know you had breast implants. (He realizes that it was his older sister and not Mika and he releases a startled yelp.)

Charity: (Her blood boils as she gets up off the couch and she glares death at her younger brother. Her voice is menacing.) THAT'S ENOUGH, YOU HOPELESS, LOVESTRUCK, HEARTBROKEN FOOL!

Mark: (He can't quite believe that he had just groped his older sister.) Huh? What on earth just happened?

Charity: (She is furious and she struggles not to beat up her younger brother.) Really now?! Jeez, you're so pathetic!

Landon: (He hears the commotion and appears in the doorway.) What's going on?

Charity: (Blushes deep red.) Nothing is going on, daddy! I just need to speak to my idiot brother in private.

Landon: Okay. (He darts off.)

Charity: (She sighs and face palms herself.) Oh, Mark, Mika is just a girl.

Mark: (He gets mad.) Shut up! She was the love of my life, Charity!

Charity: (She gives him a squinted, side look.) Well, whatever! Just stop projecting your issues onto me! (She rises and stomps off.)