Lunar Academy

~ Episode Twenty ~

~ Scene One ~

Liz: (After teaching her classes the very next day, she enters her dorm room, takes off her shoes and tosses them aside. She then proceeds to slip the straps of her backpack off her shoulders and toss it aside. She approaches the bed and lays down flat on her back. With a sigh, she raises her arms into the air and then she folds them over onto her face. Her head pounds and she closes her eyes. She begins to cry, trembling. Her stomach growls.) Jeez, shut up. I'm not hungry. (She had stared quite a lot at both girls' empty seats. She misses them that much. She drifts off into a fitful sleep.)

Liz: (Time turns itself backwards. She notices an object vastly approach the neat row of classroom windows. She gasps and her eyes widen.) GET DOWN NOW!

King Krutz: (He comes crashing into the classroom windows, landing flat onto his feet, scattering shards of sharp glass everywhere.)

Liz: (She grabs a butterfly spring switchblade, hides it behind her back and comes around her desk, glaring at him.) What do you want? You already murdered my parents. Are you here to start more trouble?

King Krutz: (He grins evilly.) You think you can defeat me with that little toy?

Liz: Try me. (Even though she speaks confidently, she finds herself to be trembling.)

King Krutz: (He stands in the middle of a classroom of terrified children and a terrified teacher. He roughly grabs a child and holds his razor sharp fingernails up to her neck. He speaks in an evil tone of voice.) I'll gladly kill this little girl.

Liz: (She looks deep into the little girl's wide, tear filled eyes.) Stop it!

King Krutz: (He laughs evilly.) What happens if I don't? What are you going to do about it?

Liz: (She glares at him.) That's it! I've had it with you! (She charges at him, wielding her blade.)

King Krutz: (He slices straight through the little girl's neck and tosses her aside. He then focuses his attention at Liz.)

Liz: Haaaaa! (She aims her weapon and takes a few stabs at him.)

King Krutz: (He stabs at her with his fingernails, digging deep into her side.)

Liz: (The knife falls from her hands and lands on the floor with a clatter. Blood begins to soak her shirt.)

King Krutz: (He pulls his fingernails out of her, causing even more blood to soak her shirt.) Heh. You actually thought you could take me?

Liz: (She falls to the floor, blood pooling out all around her. Her vision blurs with tears and she feels all of her strength pouring out of her as she shakily, weakly reaches out and pleads with him. Pease, no, I'm begging you!

King Krutz: (Right before her very own eyes, he takes his very sharp fingernails and stabs each and every single one of her precious students in the neck.)

Liz: (She stares in horror, tears rolling along her cheeks, as the little boys and little girls all cease living.) No! Please, stop it! (Time moves back to the present and she gasps as her eyes bolt wide open. She screams and tears roll along her cheeks. She breathes heavily and pain surges through her chest.)

Elderly Woman: (The voice and words of one elderly woman flashed inside her head. The elderly woman glares and points a finger at her.) You murdered my grandson!

Mother: (A mother to one of her students appears in her head.) You're nothing but a murderer! How could you murder my baby?! She was so sweet!

Liz: (She is on her knees, crying and covering her ears, her eyes squeezed shut.) I'm sorry. Please, I beg your forgiveness.

Van: (He comes charging into the bedroom upon hearing her very loud, blood curdling screams.) Liz?!

Liz: (She sits up and hugs her knees to her chest and buries her face in her lap.) It's all my fault. I let them die. I was just so helpless.

Van: (He approaches the bed and sits down beside her.) What's wrong? Did you have a bad dream.

Liz: (She lifts her face up to look at him.) Oh, Van! (She clings to him and buries her face in his chest, sobbing.)

Van: (He soothingly rubs her back.) Hey, you're safe.

Liz: It was more than just a bad dream, Van, it really happened!

Van: What did?

Liz: I watched my dear, young pupils die all over again! (She shudders, remembering it all.)

~ Scene Two ~

Levee: (He just recently transferred to Lunar Academy. He is currently out of his dorm room visiting with Emma. He is sitting down on Emma's bed with a book in front of his face. He smiles as he puts the book aside and stares down at her.) I've been thinking a lot lately and I think I have a better idea than trying to get our memories back.

Emma: (She is laying down on the bed beside him, flat on her back, holding a manga in her hands. She puts the manga down onto her stomach, places her hands over it, intertwining her fingers, and she looks up at him with raised eyebrows.) Oh, yeah? What's that?

Levee: (He blinks and shrugs.) Well, why don't we decide to be who we are this very moment?

Emma: (She thinks for a moment.) That sounds like much less of a headache than actually trying to find out our memories. (Her expression turns dark and she sits up.) It's because of me, isn't it?

Levee: (His eyes widen with shock.) What are you talking about?

Emma: (Tears gather in her eyes.) I did something bad. I can just feel it.

Levee: (He shakes his head.) You did what you had to in order to survive. (He mumbles to himself.) Well, I did try to warn you.

Emma: Hm?

Levee: (He tenses.) N-Nothing!

Emma: (She sighs sadly.) Why can't I just die?

Levee: (His expression turns very serious.) Because I will never let you do that to yourself.

Emma: (She grins.) Really now?

Levee: (He reaches out and places one firm hand on each shoulder, squeezing them.) Emma, please, don't test me or fate. It's not a very nice thing to do.

Emma: (She laughs.) What if I really don't care?

Levee: (He pulls her close to him and hugs her tightly.) Hey, this isn't you at all.

Emma: I'm sorry if I'm not being myself.

Levee: How come you always have to apologize and shoulder all of the burden?

Emma: (She shoves him away and glares at him. She clenches her fists and breathes heavily.) Ha! I'm alone, Levee! Don't you get it?!

Levee: (He tackles her onto the bed. He pries open her clenched fists, places his hands up against hers and intertwines his fingers with hers. He stares deep into her sad eyes.) That's where you're wrong. (He brings himself closer and his lips meet hers.)

Emma: (She lays there under him, eyes widening, tears rolling along her cheeks.)

Levee: (He breaks the kiss in order to lie down right there beside her. He scoots himself closer and he nuzzles her hair and the side of her face.) Oh no, you're never alone.

Emma: I'm sorry, but you're my servant. We hold a contract.

Levee: Well then, we can always just shatter the contract.

Emma: No! I don't know what will happen to you!

Levee: (He laughs loudly.) That's true. We could always do a little research on it.

Emma: (She blushes.) Hey! No making fun of me!

Levee: (He pokes at her cheek.) Haha, you're so cute!

Emma: (She jerks away.) Stop it you jerk!

Levee: You make me so happy.

Emma: Oh, just shut up!

Levee: No really. I'm a full on human.

Emma: It's really hard to keep that one in mind.

Levee: I was only in that other world as a result of the coma.

Emma: (She is still not so sure.) Right. Uh-huh.

~ Scene Three ~

Landon: (He is sitting down in his office, reading over some financial papers. He sniffles and sneezes.)

Dina: (She looks away from her own paperwork and gives him a worried expression.) You look miserable.

Landon: (He groans and lays his head down on the desk. He closes his eyes.) Just give me a moment, Dina.

Dina: (She walks over to him with a smug look. She places a hand upon his forehead.) You idiot. You've got a fever.

Landon: (He swats her hand away.) Don't touch me!

Dina: (She sighs and rolls her eyes.) Have it your way. (She quickly exits the office and rushes to see if Miri is in her room.)

Landon: I think I'm too afraid to even ask what that woman is up to.

Dina: (She enters Miri's dorm room, which was wide open, and gives Miri an annoyed look.) Come here, Miri. I need your help with a big baby. (She sighs and slouches forward.) My gosh, he is just so…

Miri: (She puts the book she was reading down onto the bed beside her. She stands up and makes her way towards the door.) Ah, I see. Trouble with Landon?

Dina: (She straightens herself and nods.) Yes.

Miri: Well then, I guess I'll just have to do something about it. (She makes her way towards Landon's office.)

Dina: (She grins evilly, following behind her.) Yes, you do something about that stubborn child. (She stops at the door beside the office and opens it. She enters her room and shuts the door behind her, sighing.)

Miri: (She enters Landon's office.) Hi, Landon!

Landon: (He groans.) Go away.

Miri: (She walks up to him.) Aw, you don't look like you feel too good.

Landon: I'll just take some cold medicine and be on my way. No big deal.

Miri: (She stands behind him, wrapping her arms around him and placing her face close to his.) Aw, shall I use a suppository?

Landon: (He blushes and struggles to pull away from her.) HECK NO!

Miri: (She pokes his cheek.) Are you ready for a shot up the butt? (She runs her fingers along his back.) Because I can give you that. I'll be your doctor, baby.

Landon: (His blush deepens.) Please, just stop!

Miri: (She pulls the chair away from the desk and steps in front of him. She places a knee on the edge of the chair, her palms against the back of the chair, one on each side of Landon. She leans her face close to his.) Oh baby, I know what will cure you of your cold.

Landon: This is totally inappropriate!

Miri: (She grins.) How about I be a cold thief?

Landon: (Before he gets a chance to answer, his lips are touching hers.)

Miri: (She leans hard into him and their kiss deepens.)

Landon: (He wraps his arms around her and holds her tightly against him.)

Miri: (She gently pulls Landon up out of his chair.) Things are about to get steamy.

Landon: (He tackles her down onto the floor.) You're so beautiful when you're bursting at the seams with love.

Miri: (She is smiling and tears are gathering in her eyes and rolling along her cheeks.)

Landon: (His hands in hers, fingers intertwined, he kisses her hard.)

Miri: (The next day, she lies in bed and groans.) My head is killing me.

Landon: (He is as healthy as one can possibly be and he sitting on the bed beside her, grinning down at her.) Well, it was all your idea to steal away my cold in the first place.

Miri: Shut up.

Landon: (He laughs.)

~ Scene Four ~

Liz: (She and Lilac are at the gym when her left thigh muscle cramps and she collapses onto her floor, shaking.) Ow.

Lilac: (She examines the area in pain.) It looks to me like you've just pulled a muscle.

Liz: (She replies in sarcasm.) Gee, thanks, captain obvious! (She tries to sit up and pain shoots up her leg.) Owowowowow this hurts!

Lilac: (She smiles and laughs.) Jeez, you big baby!

Liz: (She pouts.) Hey! That's mean!

Van: (He enters the aerobic room, grinning and approaching Liz and Lilac.) Hello, you two.

Liz: (She blushes.) Um, hi.

Lilac: (She smacks her a good one.) I don't believe you!

Liz: (She glares at her.) Ow! That really hurt, you know!

Van: (He laughs.)

Liz: (She gapes at him.) It's not funny! (She points her right index finger at Lilac.) She actually caused me pain!

Lilac: Hey! Stop it! (She reaches over, grabs her by the hand and smothers her pointed right index finger.) You'll shoot someone. And besides all that, you're pointing your thumb right back at yourself.

Van: Um, she's right on that one.

Liz: (She throws her arms out in defeat.) Aw, come on! Just whose side are you on you traitor?! (She runs up to him and jumps onto his back, wrapping her arms around his neck and choking him ever so slightly.)

Van: (He struggles to remove her arms from around his neck.) Ow, that hurts!

Liz: (She squeezes harder.) Good then, I'm glad it does!

Van: Jeez, you're so violent!

Liz: (She challenges him.) Try and stop me.

Van: (He pulls off some crazy martial arts move where he throws her, but she ends up in his arms. He places her onto her feet and then he places one hand on each shoulder and walks her backwards into a mirror.)

Liz: (Her back is against the mirror.)

Van: (He holds her up against the mirror, leans close and places his lips upon hers.)

Lilac: (She cheers them on.) Woo hoo! You go!