A Moment of Quiet

I sigh and let myself relax into the warm sand beneath me. Just a few feet beyond my bare toes is the foaming edge of the ocean, its voice constant and soothing in my ears. Gulls are crying high in the air, circling above the water and bustling about along the cliffs to my right.

The sun is so warm, soaking into my skin and oozing deep down into my core. The water had been cold but refreshing, sliding over me like velvet and silk; the gentle waves cradling me with cool caresses. Tiny fish swarming around me, their bodies glinting silver and gold in the sunlight.

Here is where I am at home. Amongst the foam of the sea and the salt in the air, water is like an old friend taking my hand and leading me to a peace I can find nowhere else.

I am alone here on this little secluded beach, but I do not mind. Soon I will be joined by friends of many types. Their faces all alight with happiness and love. Until then I will continue to enjoy my moment of quiet, just listening to the water and remembering how I am loved by many.

Written from a prompt that asked: If you could write any dream and give it to someone, what would it be and who would you give it to?

This one I would give to my best friend who loves to swim.

Thoughts? Opinions?