A/N: I think I will make this into a fic, once I have the time. I've got a very very busy vacation, most of the time I'll be in the school. I'm not planning on posting a edited version. I already have too much for my taste. If I ever finish with those, then maybe I will.

Poem: Of Screaming Moms and Cleaning Rooms

Genre: Humour

Idea obtained: When my mom and dad kept screaming at me to study, which is a thing I hate to do.

So I got to study,

Which I hate to do,

' Cause it's so boring,

And there's nothing to do.

Mommy's screaming upstairs

-" Study will you?"

But don't you know mommy?

It's such an unpleasant thing to do.

Exams on Friday,

I know, I know,

Please stop saying Friday?

I don't wanna lose my love!

" Clean your room!"

Daddy shouts.

'scoff'Not like I care,

For his screams?

They never give me the scare!

I remember a day,

" Do your homework!"

My teacher scolds.

Do I look like the type?

I have clothes to fold!

I still got exams,

Which I absolutely detest,

My work doubles,

And it's a pest!

My dog runs,

Leaving his gifts foe me,

Oh, and they aren't pleasant I tell you,

Lend me a hand will you?

And that's how my day was,

So annoying,

Screaming moms and cleaning rooms,

And chasing my dog,

Who just...loves leaving his gifts...everywhere.

- Crimson While Stealing

Written: 7/07/16


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A/N: This does show disrespect, but for one I was annoyed at just hearing the word ' study' and I love my teacher. She's the best! And the H/W incident never even happened...yet. Can this be considered a poem?