Taro heard that writing about your life and the things you carry with you can help you let go of them and feel better, so he decided to give it a try. Just in case, the names of people and places have been changed to protect the privacy of anything described throughout the story. This story is being written under Taro instead of Revu because… well… it will probably contain a few scenes too intense and NSFW for poor Revu.

Just a warning, this story may not have a happy ending. As Taro's Aunt Letty used to tell him, "Life sucks, then you die."

Life of Taro - Part 1

"This is a dream right?" The first memory Taro has was looking at himself in the mirror. He couldn't have been more than a year or two old, and though lots of people told Taro it's impossible to remember anything that far back Taro always swore he could remember thinking those exact thoughts.

Taro waved his hand in front of the mirror and watched both the back of his real hand and the front of his mirrored hand intently. For some reason that he couldn't understand, nothing around him felt real. It was like he'd already lived some completely different life and looking at himself looking like this just felt wrong. How things should have felt, how real life should have been though escaped him.

Taro doesn't remember much other than that from that time. What he does know is that his mother always loved him. She never put him down whenever she was around, and she would sing softly while cradling him to keep him calm despite how crazy life could be. She would go on later to tell Taro that he was never a fussy baby, that he was a good boy, but Taro never quite believed he was as good as his mother said he was.

The next thing Taro remembers is being woken up in the middle of the night. The sound of coughing that wouldn't stop woke Taro up but he didn't know what to do. The bedroom door opened and Taro's mom rushed in and sat on the bed next to Taro's, "Sit up Ky baby. Breathe through the inhaler, that's it." Ky was Taro's big brother, he was always coughing and waking everyone up at night.

During the day when Taro's mom had to work she would leave Taro and Ky with her mother who lived in a huge old house with Taro's Aunt Letty and cousin Tommy. Because Taro's grandmother didn't speak much English, Ky always called her "Nana". One day Taro was in a high chair in the kitchen with his mom and grandmother while his mom was getting ready to leave. "Okay mom, ya me voy." which basically translated to, "I'm leaving now."

Taro got a distraught look on his face as his mom walked by him and he said, "Adonde?" (Spanish for "Where?") Both ladies stopped and stared at him before breaking out in cheers that Taro had said his first word. Taro's mom was so ecstatic that she picked up the phone and immediately called Taro's dad.

"Jonny, honey, guess what! Taro just said his first word!"

"That's great hun, what was it?"

"Adonde!" The line went silent.

After a moment, the masculine voice on the other end said, "I don't think that counts…"

Of course Taro doesn't remember this happening, but it's a story he's been told often enough that he can visualize it pretty clear by now.

Living in the middle of two cultures had its challenges for Taro. His mother used to say, "Sweetie, you're a child of the world."

Taro's father, being a practical military man, would typically follow that up with, "Learn proper English if you want to make it anywhere in this world."