End of the Battle

"I give up." Is it not enough that I have begged and pleaded? Is it not enough that I shouted for you to stop? Were my words not sufficient to hold you back? You were never supposed to know, you were never supposed to see, but now you will. I fought like a cornered and injured animal, but still you pushed. Never did you speak. Never was there a word that passed between us that came from your lips. But the silence was so thick, it hung heavy in the air and made it feel as though I could not breathe. Actions can speak louder than words they say, but there are times when silence speaks even louder. So now I sit here before you and collapse beneath the encroaching silence. I had never intended to share anything with anyone, never intended to allow my burdens to crash upon another's shore, but you have convinced me without a word. I am slow to begin, but it will soon change. The words will come faster, they will come easier. My fight has finally ended with only three words. "I give up."

Written because I was listening to the song 'I Give Up' by Elijah Bossenbroek and I couldn't figure out why a song with such a name sounded as happy as it does, so I came up with this story.

Also written for a prompt where the story begins and ends with the same line.

Thoughts? Opinions?