One spring day, a young man is walking through an open meadow while surveying his current surroundings. He has brown hair in bangs and sapphire blue eyes, and is wearing a Camelot knight uniform - with the gold cross emblem on the chest area, a silver hood with shoulder guards, a blue and white shirt with silver wristguards, light blue pants, and black boots with silver shinguards. He has a sword strapped to his back as he continues his trek with a concerned look on his face.

"CORDELIA! CORDELIA, WHERE ARE YOU?!" the knight calls out in concern. No answer out here, obviously.

The knight brings his head down in sadness but brings it back with a stern look of determination as he walks further into the meadow.

A half-hour later, the knight has come across a giant lake that stretches out into the horizon. He smiles sadly while staring out into the sparkling radiance of the crystal clear water within this sight. "This is the presumed home of the legendary Lady of the Lake . . . the spirit who protects the mighty blade Excalibur for the wizard Merlin for over fifty years now . . . This is also the lake where Cordelia and I like to hang out at often. I hope she's all right . . ." he whispers sadly as he calms down before the beautiful lake and its soothing, almost therapeutic effect on his emotional well-being.

Just then, a splash of water flies onto the grieving knight without warning, who yelps in surprise. He looks over to his left and gasps in surprise at the sight before him – a beautiful woman in his age range swinging her golden red hair in the air to dry it off. Its strands glitter like gold upon contact with the rays of the warm sun shining down from the sky. When she's done with her hair-drying, the mysterious lady of the lake sits down on the ledge right next to the knight, totally unaware of his presence.

This lake lady also has shimmering emerald eyes and a peach complexion, and is wearing a golden crown with an emerald in the center, golden loop earrings with emeralds, a golden choker with emeralds and pearls dangling from chains, and a two-layered dress in golden yellow and white with silver ripple edges. She stretches her arms up and then cracks her knuckles before letting out a big breath of relief.

"Man, that was an intense fight – but it was good exercise," the lady of the lake says pleasantly.

The knight is still staring in awe with tears welling up in his eyes before finally embracing the lake lady on the spot. "CORDELIA!" he cries out elatedly.

"Whoa! Oh my gosh! Wh –" Cordelia herself exclaims in surprise from the sudden embrace before looking over to see the knight. "Oh, Walter! Fancy seeing you here!" she giggles before returning the hug. "What's the matter, love?"

"What's the matter?! You've been missing for a week and I've been searching for you since!" Walter exclaims while wiping the tears out of his eyes.

"It's been a week already. Dang, I've been so busy here that time sure flies. Sorry, Walt," Cordelia replies sympathetically as she gives her boyfriend a big, soothing kiss to calm him down. "I really am."

"I forgive you, Cory. I'm just glad you're all right . . . but why were you in the water just now? And what do you mean you've been . . ." Walter asks in confusion.

"You heard about the Lady of the Lake, right? Well, meet her successor," Cordelia chuckles nervously with accompanying sweatdrop.

"I thought she was a spirit . . ." the knight asks, even more confused until he realizes something. "Uh . . . where are your legs?"

"I . . . don't have any anymore. But I do have this . . ." the new Lady of the Lake asks nervously as she brings her legs out of the water.

. . . Or so we thought, as it turns out Cordelia is a mermaid. Her legs have been replaced with a dark green tail with shiny black fins. Walter gasps in surprise just before taking a hold of one of her girlfriend's fins and pinches it just to see if it's real.

"OUCH! It's real, Walty! Would I ever lie to you?" the mermaid shrieks in pain. "So you can see? I can't leave the lake until King Arthur's descendant shows up and I give him Excalibur – if I know who he is, that is."

"How did you end up like this? And what happened to the original Lady of the Lake?" Walter asks, insisting for more answers since this is freaking him out.

Cordelia moves closer to her boyfriend's side and hugs him gently to calm him down. "Ssh, it'll be all right, hon. Please calm down. I'll explain everything now, all right?" she insists assuredly.

Walter takes a deep breath to calm down and then returns the embrace to show his love. "Of course, my love. Please explain away," he says while smiling.

The new Lady of the Lake smiles and then gives her knightly boyfriend a soft, passionate kiss to add in the therapeutic relief. She then clears her throat and starts with "Well, it started last week, when I 'disappeared'. My parents wouldn't let me join in the next generation of the Knights of the Round Table just because of my gender . . ."

"Oh, yeah. I rightly remembered that you were PEEVED up to eleven. Despite the impressive progress of being Sir Lohengrin's apprentice, you were always unappreciated . . ." Walter replies sympathetically.

"I know, I know. Now then, last week . . ." the rebellious mermaid insists as a flashback is about to begin.