Later that night, Cordelia and Walter are looking up at the clear starry sky and admiring the full moon along with its bright white radiance. They hold hands in a romantic manner while nudging closer as glowing pink hearts fly from their heads.

The Lady of the Lake closes her eyes and moans happily due to being in the arms of her true love – when suddenly she feels a strange sensation in her fishtail, as if it's just split in two. She quickly looks over and – sure enough, it has. Her legs have just returned with a sparkle of neon green sparkles flying away in the gentle breeze.

Walter looks over and smiles happily since his true love is finally free to leave. "Well, it was fun, wasn't it? Being a mermaid and all," he asks Cordelia, who simply nods in a bittersweet manner. "At least these are memories we'll treasure with the rest, right?"

"True, true," the former Lady of the Lake replies before looking over at her boyfriend with a smile. "I do feel a bit homesick, though."

"Well, let's get going now, shall we?" Walter suggests as he helps Cordelia up, who stumbles a bit upon on her feet. "Not used to having legs again, are you?"

"Sorta, yeah. Carry me, please," the red-haired lady asks her true love in a sweet tone with puppy-dog eyes.

The future king laughs amusedly and then carries the former Lady of the Lake into his arms. "Thanks," Cordelia says cheerfully before giving her boyfriend a quick smooch.

Just then, Merlin shows up from out of the blue and sits down on Walter's shoulder. "Well, I guess this is farewell, is it not?" he asks with a bittersweet smile. "I enjoy your company, lovebirds – well, lovefish, in this case."

"Good one, Merly," Cordelia chuckles amusedly. "I enjoyed yours too. I'll miss ya, no doubt."

"Same here, Merlin. Thank you for looking after Cordelia for the past week," Walter adds in as he gives the wise owl a soft, grateful nuzzle.

"Thank YOU TWO for saving Camelot's future. Please look out for each other and make sure to avoid making the same mistakes as your processors," Merlin points out as he gives the aquatic heroes a hug.

"We will, you can bet on that," Cordelia assures with a thumbs-up. "Will you ever see you again?"

"Hmm . . . you might never know," the wise owl smiles while shrugging his wings. "But I know that you will do well in your new rule of Camelot. Good luck, lovefish, and farewell."

With that, Merlin flies off from the scene and into the night sky just before disappearing in a bright white light. Cordelia and Walter wave good-bye to the wise owl and then softly embrace each other.

"Well, since I'll be carrying you all the way back to Camelot, the least you can to make the trip tolerable is to play your flute," the future king smiles amusedly to his future queen.

"It's a deal," Cordelia smiles just before whipping out her flute and then starts playing a happy, triumphant tune on it as Walter walks off from the lake for the long way home – to his and his true love's new kingdom and rule.