Our banner along with SensitiveNobodies soared above Tearsenwerk (Tear-Sen-Werk) Village. Along with dolls and clowns marching over their own dead bodies. Rumor had it SensitiveNobody would bring her own vanguard. I sent a messenger to her capital village. Screamerwych (Scream-Er-Wych) that we would give her second village back after this conflict. Though it came at a cost.

Dozens were dead and many were wounded. However luck was in our favor even more. We saw a few ships with a green fish on their sails. Our forces cheered Chief Grumalock (Gr-Uma-Lock) had answered the call. Hundreds of warriors exited the boats. Even better Theold sent many tribesmen warriors from Theelder village and heavy infantry from the capital Theold Village. It was official the P.G.K alliance was on our side in this war. Archers were still picking off bands that tried to retake the village.

Our scouts returned with the location of a clown camp. With the fresh reinforcements. We marched. The daughters of Irongrass would fight shoulder to shoulder with the P.G.K alliance. By the way my names Shadow Leaf the Florist. I've been named grand marshal in this campaign. Yes I'm just a gifted mage who sells flowers. I studied all kinds of magic and strategies.

We all marched towards the camp seven hundred and four strong. Malice Leaf rangers trekked ahead. My cloned sisters the Rage Leaves marched in heavy armor and wielding steel swords and large metal shields. While my own kind marched with staves, wands, and spellbooks. Our allies from the alliance many carried only a spear. Or axe with a small wooden buckler. The more veteran wore heavy armor and carried throwing axes, shields, and battle axes. Finally we arrived at the clown camp.

"Shield wall" I shouted. A Malice Leaf blew her horn. All of our forces locked our shields and my kind cast spells. Our forces marched deeper into the clown vanguard. The clowns tried hacking and bashing our wall. Still we weren't giving an inch. Some of our men were hit they were pushed back to safety. The clowns morale shattered they fled. Rangers and skirmishers gave chase.

Myself and the leaders from the other forces ordered them back. We looted the camp many of the unarmored troops took better equipment. We called it the battle of Butthurdt (Butt-Hur-Dt) Camp. The clowns lost dozens while we lost on six and ten wounded. I was given praise and even my sisters complimented me. Not bad for a florist many said. I can't get arrogant this is only the start to retake SensitiveNobodies land from the clowns and dolls.

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