by C. M. Lacey

Chapter 34.

"It's a bit tight on the chest." Victoria gasped.

Natalie had just finished zipping Victoria into her Sailor Pluto costume. The thing fit her like a glove. Her perfect curves only amplified the outfit. If it was tight on her chest, Natalie couldn't see it. The dress fit her snuggly but wasn't making her pop out.

"You look amazing, Vi." Natalie complimented her, handing over the long dark green wing.

Victoria already had her hair pinned up, ready for it. She had braided her hair into pigtails before hand, swirled and tucked them around her head. Then, after placing a hair cap on, she was free to wear the wig with nothing showing. The quality of the wigs were amazing. Robyn found high-end cosplay hair that both looked almost natural and was easy to fashion as the character they intended on being. After a few minutes, Victoria was a green-haired goddess.

"Need help getting zipped in?" Victoria asked, as she placed on her gloves.

"Yeah." Natalie turned her back to Victoria and reached for her own outfit.

She had been in underwear this whole time, helping Victoria first since Victoria was going to return the favor by fashioning Natalie's hair. After getting into her own snug outfit, then two of them posed in front of Victoria's full length mirror, assessing themselves. Pleased with the outcome, they then went to the bathroom to finish up make-up and Natalie's look.

Inside, Rebecca was already near the mirror doing her own make-up. She had the Sailor Mercury costume on also, along with the blue wig, and Natalie thought she looked so cute. The door to 315 was open, and inside, she could see Heather pulling on the long Sailor Saturn boots. Her naturally pale skin looked perfect for the character she was portraying.

"I can't believe I'm doing this." Rebecca complained, as she finished up with putting blue lensed contacts in her eyes. "I spent way too much money for something I'll never wear again."

"Oh hush." Natalie smirked. "You look hot, so stop freaking out."

At some point during the Hair process, Robyn had let herself in and came into the bathroom to watch the show. Because of her completion, Robyn had gotten a darker brown wig than Sailor Jupiter's usual color, but the result was that she looked more natural. She leaned against the door jam looking at the three, with a smile on her face. Natalie knew that cosplay was a passion of hers, and seeing her friends all entering into her domain was something she appreciated.

"Kay, finished." Victoria announced. "Aren't you just adorable."

"Thanks Vi."

The five of them did last looks, then went downstairs where they met Carissa in the lobby. She was dressed as Chibi Moon, holding a big Luna Ball, as a prop. (Both Victoria and Heather had their respective staffs as props as well) With all of them together, they set out to Jones Hall. The sight of them did turn heads, but then again, there were a number of costume wearing students wandering around, which the group found themselves looking at. Still, Natalie felt they all looked amazing in this Sailor Moon theme.

"Hey!" Hannah called excitedly once they had arrived at the entrance of Jones Hall. As promised she was in her Sailor Venus outfit. Despite herself, Natalie thought the girl was a knockout. "Everyone else is inside. Come on, I'll introduce you to your team mates."

Laughing along with her, they followed her in. She caught Rebecca staring at Hannah's legs as they walked, and it was all Natalie could do not to tease her about it. She took them to the common area which was used as the main hub for the party, even though the journey through the building was crawling with students. Music was playing loudly and people were all around hanging out, dancing, eating snacks, and just having normal party fun.

Pushing pass a number of people, they arrived to were Hannah's friends were. Sailor Moon, Sailor Uranus, and Sailor Neptune all were present and gave a happy wave at seen the others. They all took a moment to flatter and admire each others outfits, then they hit the dance floor. Before they could separate in groups, Natalie pushed Rebecca into Hannah's dance path so they'd be forced to jam together, while Natalie took Robyn's hand so they'd have some time. So far so good.

"I swear, if I died right now, I'd be happy." Robyn smirked. "I always wanted to pair up with some cosplayers at a con and be in a Sailor Senshi team."

"Yeah, it's fun. Hannah is a really cool girl."

"You just want her to hook up with Rebecca."

"I don't know about that. I just want Rebecca to figure out one way or another what she feels. It's getting annoying seeing her freak out whenever I mention Hannah."

It seemed that this party worked as it was supposed to in Robyn's area. They both finally dropped their awkward behaviors and just had a good time. Robyn finally was able to touch Natalie again, as when a slow song happened, she pulled her in close, hugging her waist. There was no moment where they felt strange for doing so. It just was a natural move.

"How do you think Rebecca is doing?" Robyn looked over the heads of those around her to gage the situation. "They're still dancing together…"

"After this, should we join them?"


Once the song changed again, they noticed that Hannah and Rebecca went over to the snacks. Following them, Natalie and Robin joined them. It seemed that Rebecca had loosened up and was now laughing at something Hannah had said. Natalie wasn't sure if this was the start of something, or just them getting along, but at least it wasn't a disaster.

"Hey Mars, you owe me a dance." Hannah pointed at her.

"Oh!" Natalie blinked, shooting a quick look at Rebecca.

"Don't keep the girl waiting!" She said.

Rebecca grabbed her hand and dragged her over to Hannah. She had a playful tone in her voice, but Natalie was unsure if it was genuine or not. Regardless Natalie didn't have a choice in the matter as Hannah was already pulling her out into the dance floor. She had a drink in her hand, sipped it, then placed it on a table nearby before she grabbed Natalie's arms and bounced around to the upbeat song.

"Your friends are awesome!" Hannah called out from the noise. "I can't believe you got them all to dress up for you!"

"I had to make a deal with the devil." Natalie joked.

Hannah laughed. "Sailor Pluto is so hot, and Rebecca is pretty funny."

Good, they were getting along.

"I wonder what you and Rebecca were talking about?" Natalie pried nosily.

"I wonder what you and Sailor Jupiter were talking about?" Hannah jokingly spoke in the same exact tone Natalie had.

"We were mostly spying on you two." Natalie admitted. "Plus, Robyn is a cosplayer, so she was having fun being in a group like this."

"Oh cool. What other costumes has she done?"

Natalie told her about the costumes she had seen from pictures, explaining that Robyn was a really good seamstress. She also went into detail about how Robyn knew about the places they got their costumes and wigs from because of her cosplay background. Hannah listened to everything, seeming interested in the each topic coming out of Natalie's mouth. Why was she connecting so easily with this girl?

It wasn't until Robyn returned when Natalie was forced to pull away. They went to get a drink, but Robyn was eying Natalie funnily. Tilting her head, she asked what was wrong.

"You don't like her, do you?"

"Of course I do. She's really nice."

"No, not like that."

"Huh? Oh!" Natalie finally got what Robyn was asking. "Jealous?"

"It's not that, it's that I'm more worried about Rebecca. You and Hannah are hitting it off a bit too well."

Natalie didn't realize. She didn't think either of them were flirting, it just seemed like they connected. Still, Rebecca was back by Hannah's side, dancing with her and Sailor Moon in a threesome. Natalie couldn't tell, but it looked as if she was trying extra hard to be charming to make up for lost time.

"I wasn't hitting on her-" Natalie quickly defended herself when she realized the whole situation.

"I know… but it did look like you were enjoying yourself."

The truth of the matter was that she was indeed enjoying herself. She liked Hannah. She wished that she and Rebecca would hit it off so she had and excuse to hang out with her more. After the party, it might be difficult to arrange, especially since she had to stay loyal to Rebecca. If Robyn was right, she couldn't give the impression she was trying to steal Hannah away from her.

"Hey you two." Victoria joined them. "There's a couple having sex in that room over there. I mean completely naked out in the open."

"Whoa." Robyn looked in the direction Victoria was pointing. "This early?"

"The punch is spiked, naturally, but there is an area were there's a keg." Victoria reported. "Booze, sexy outfits, horny college kids… it was bound to happen eventually."

"You're just sad Megan isn't here and drunk off her ass." Natalie joked.

"Yeah right." Victoria rolled her eyes. "Yesterday she said my ass looked good in the jeans I was wearing. She actually said that in front of everyone."

"Well… not to sound like I'm hitting on you, but those jeans do look nice on you." Robyn told her.

"Thanks Robyn." Victoria smiled. "But that's not the point. Megan's not even hiding it anymore. She even dyed her hair back to her natural color!"

Natalie and Robyn laughed hard at that. Victoria didn't think it was funny in the least. She just rolled her eyes at them, and flicked them off. They laughed at her all the more. It really was her own fault for being in this situation. She shouldn't have lied to her friends the first week of school. Now she was stuck with her lesbian gimmick, whether she wanted it or not.

Rebecca returned and without saying anything, pulled the three of them back on the dance floor. The Sailor Senshi formed a circle and danced together. Natalie took off her heels and placed it in he circle to save her feet a bit. Apparently Hannah's friend dressed as Sailor Neptune thought that was cute. For a time, they separated into groups again, this time Natalie was with Neptune and Uranus.

The party went on like this until Natalie had grown tired, excused herself, and decided to take a break. She went out to the entrance of Jones Hall, and sat on a bench outside, just getting away from the noise and body heat. The October air was chilly, but after the night she had, she welcomed it. To her surprise, minutes later Sailor Venus took the seat next to her.

"Whew. I don't think I've danced so much in my life."

Natalie smiled at her, but wondered what happened with Rebecca. "Having fun?"

"Yeah. I think the punch made me a bit tipsy though." Hannah remarked. "And I'm pretty sure Rebecca is hitting on me and Kristina."

Trying not to laugh at that, Natalie feigned surprise. "Oh?"

"Don't give me that, you were trying to set us up, weren't you?" Hannah giggled.

"How'd you guess?" Natalie decided not to lie about it. Hannah seemed too smart to believe anything she'd come up with anyway.

"You forget, I know how you think." Hannah tapped the side of her blonde wig. "You're my doppelgänger, remember?"

"Right." Natalie smirked at being caught. "Well… what do you think of her?"

"To be honest, I'm flattered. She's really cute but… you know I'm straight, right?"

"See I was just trying to make my head-canon of Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus a couple." Natalie joked. "Why can't you just play along."

Laughing, Hannah shook her head. "Everyone knows that Sailor Mercury belongs with Sailor Moon. It's just a fact."

"Oh really?" Natalie asked coyly.

"Yeah. Look it up. There are millions of fan fiction devoted to that pairing." Hannah said. "In fact, it would be a shame if our Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury didn't hook up. We'd disappointed the whole internet."

Natalie caught the double meaning there. "You said Rebecca was hitting on your friend Kristina?"

"Kind of. It started off with me, but shifted towards Kristina when she started flirting. When I wasn't really playing along with Rebecca, she kinda shifted her full attention towards Kristina."

"Well then, we should combine our powers of love and justice to push those two in the right direction?"

"We must! The fate of he world depends on it!" Hannah giggled.

Natalie stood up, and Hannah followed her. With smiles on their faces, they practically pranced back inside. Then, working as a unit they cleverly pulled Rebecca and Kristina into pairing. Maybe they're connection wasn't what Natalie had planned out, but after sometime (and with punch loosening them up) the two were laughing and enjoying each other's company. Robyn just rolled her eyes on the two playing cupid, but she didn't stop them. Near the end of the night Rebecca herself realized what was going on, but by that point she didn't care. Kristina seemed more into her than Hannah was, and with that opportunity wrapped so nicely and given to her like a present, Rebecca took advantage of it.

When it got late, Natalie decided to leave. After saying her goodbyes to everyone, she start off alone. However, as she left Jones Hall, Robyn chased after her. She slowed down and allowed Robyn to catch up, then the two of them walked slowly towards Beam Hall. Natalie held her heels in her hands and smiled at the night sky.

"Tonight was fun, huh?" Natalie looked towards Robyn.

"Yeah, though I think you were having far too much fun playing match-maker."

"It was Hannah's idea." Natalie admitted.

"Well I saw Rebecca kissing Sailor Moon, so I'd say things are going smoothly. We'll see if anything sticks in the morning."

"I hope so." Natalie yawned, then stretched her arms.

Robyn watched her for a moment, then turned away. She had a small smile on her face, but wasn't saying anything. Curious, Natalie glanced at her with an inquisitive look. Catching this expression Robyn shook her head. However Natalie insisted that Robyn explain herself, so the metal-girl gave in.

"I just thought you looked cute, that's all."


"Hey, don't play dumb. You still check me out sometimes as well." Robyn pointed out.

Natalie smiled, not confirming it, but not denying it either.

"Sometimes I wish it ended differently with us, but I'm glad that tonight let us get back to where we were before."

Agreeing, Natalie nodded her head. "I was beginning to wonder if we'd every forgive each other."

"So you do forgive me?" Robyn asked, feeling the need for Natalie clarify.

"Yes." Natalie nodded. "I wish we had ended it better than how we did, but we needed to break up before I started to really fall for you."

Robyn absorbed that, then looked curious. "So what now? Is there anyone you like?"

"Hey, I just got out of a relationship. I'm not looking." Natalie said jokingly, then nudged Robyn in the arm. "You?"

"I saw this green haired girl with really big knockers-"

Natalie slapped Robyn on the arm and laughed. "Oh that's hilarious. You and Victoria."

"Admit it; tonight you're going to fantasize about it. I bet you're getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it."

"Oh yeah baby."

They laughed about that, then Robyn placed an arm around Natalie's shoulder and hugged her close. It felt nice. They walked together, thinking their own thoughts until they entered Beam Hall and stopped at the stairs. Letting her go, Robyn waved goodbye, and turned towards her own hallway, leaving Natalie to climb the stairs alone. Watching her a bit, Natalie looked away then went upstairs. On entering her room, she dropped her heels on the ground and went to her computer desk and sat down. She saw her reflection in the sleeping monitor of her laptop and was surprised to see a content smile on her face.

Resting her arms on the desk, she lowered her body and laid her head down, using her sleeping limbs as a pillow. Her eyes went heavy and she very slowly closed them. All her stress seemed to be gone. Within a few minutes she drifted off to sleep, finally feeling at peace. Everything would be alright after all.

The End.