I sighed another day in Tiecao empire. Names Sheriff Mian sheriff of Cao-Mianbao. The village is plagued with bandits and the undead. Finally the prefect gave me the orders to attack the undead. However the village warrants were only farmers. The scout reported ten jiang-shi and one necromancer.

I loaded my crossbow and steadied my aim. Bullseye I sent one jiang-shi back to the underworld. "Charge" I shouted we all charged in. Two villagers took down another monster. The necromancer tried to rally his undead warriors. It was a fierce fight dozens were wounded and a couple dead. Finally the dead were put back to rest. As I drove my bolt through the necromancers eye.

We carried the wounded and dead. Still morale was high next are the bandits. The prefect thanked me though he would take all the credit. I returned to my office. Drinking my bitter wine. No rest as a merchant open my office doors. He complained about bandits robbing the merchants. Divine Emperor Za-ka-li save me this villages gone to hell. If it's not bandits it's pirates. If it's not them it's the undead. Just another day for us sheriffs of the Tiecao Empire.