"Are we there yet?" the boy said as he sat in the front seat of the car while leaning his head on the window.

"We're almost there Micah." His mom replied as she drove the black rover. She was driving the car with ease and calmness, but she couldn't help but be nervous because the fog was starting to thicken. She had decided to drive the car neither below nor over the speed limit.

She tighten the grip on the steering wheel when she realize that she was having a hard time seeing what was in front of the road. But she had to do this without any problem, for her children sake's she must.

Micah was starting to get annoyed when the song "uptown funk" by Bruno mars was playing in his earphones. He took out his phone and changed the song without any second thought. He had wondered how the song even got there in the first place. He chose "crossroads." A song by a band called 'death by April.' The song brought his cool back once again.

His eyes were feeling heavy but he had protested with the idea of sleeping. He glanced at the rear mirror and saw his Sister Tiffany sleeping on the back seat with ease. He looked at his mom and he saw that there was uncertainty on her face.

'The fog.' he thought. Maybe that is the thing that's agitating her. He leaned his head against the window as he saw the whole world moved in front of him. Behind the fog he could see the green trees sitting there and letting the wind play with them. They were like the motionless shadows of humans behind the scenery.

The rain had started to pour and Micah observed a droplet which had landed on the window. The droplet was slowing moving downwards because gravity wouldn't let go of something even as small as that. He watched it closely and thought what if the droplet had a soul. Then wouldn't it get tired of repeating the same thing over and over again. Coming down from the sky, but only to go up there again. Wouldn't that be tiring? He sighs because he thought that his life was no different.

"Were here guys!" His mother said a hint of tiredness and relieve in her voice.

Micah observes his new home standing there. The two storey house color was awful. He didn't like the brown color which stuck on the house. How ugly he thought and for sure his mother had thought the same. The porch could use some repairs he thought.

"oh, were here." Tiffany said as she got up and looked at their new house.

"hmmm, I hate the color of it." She said in annoyance. He and his mother had grin to themselves as they heard her said that. Families think alike after all.

Micah took out some umbrellas from the glove compartment and handed them to his mother and sister. He took off his seatbelt and opened the door. Instantly he felt cold. He never knew Massachusetts could get this cold. He unfolded his umbrella and opened it. He glanced at the house from under his hood and umbrella.

He looked at it for a long time. Time had always moved slowly for him. That was what was happening to him right now. All he could think of was did I deserve this.

His cheeks felt cold all of the sudden. Automatically his hand landed on his left cheeks.

'Tears!' he thought. Tears were continuously falling from his cheeks. He didn't even notice he was crying. How could he with so many thoughts going on his head how could he knew he was crying.

His right arm felt weak and he dropped his umbrella on the muddy ground by his feet's. He tightens his fist and tried to wipe his tears with the other.

But it was of no use. Crying in the rain, he thought he was pathetic.

The rain had drenched him in an instance.

Then a shadow came and blocked the rain from him. Tiffany held the umbrella with her left hand and hugged him with the other.

"let it out little bro." she said as tears were falling from her eyes too.

"crying doesn't mean your weak, it means your strong enough to show the world that you are capable of much more. And I know you are Micah, so let it all out." Tiffany was broken as she saw her brother in this state.

Their mother gazed at them from in front the door of their new house. "Micah I'll protect you always I promise. I won't leave you in the darkness again." She whispered to herself as cold tears were running down her face. "Even if you did get back to that darkness I'll be there with you." She looked up at her children and smiled.

"Thank you sis." Micah whispered to Tiffany.

"You know that I and mom won't ever leave you right?" Micah stared at his sister as she said that. All he could do was smile and nod.

"Hey guys the movers are here, help me carry the stuffs inside ok. And Tiff take that white box from the car and bring it here" Their mom shouted from the porch.

They nodded at their mom and Micah picked up his umbrella and watch as his sister went towards his mom and handed her the white package.

They look so much alike he thought. They both had that same shiny straight hair which ran down till their shoulders. And with their green eyes along with their hazel nut color eyes they could almost be sisters.

But Micah on the other hand didn't look like them at all. He had blonde hair with was long enough to cover his face. His blue eyes along with his boyish but a hint of girlish look, no, no. he had the resemblance of another person.

He tightens his fist and had the urge to scream out because he was in pain. But he decided not too.

He didn't want to worry his mom and sister anymore. For them he would do anything. If it wasn't because of them he wouldn't be there right now. So for them he decided to stay strong.

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