Zapp! You had to change the spelling to truly get recognized, of course, but Zapp barely qualified. Xap would have been the way to go. When the College of Heroes assigned me the name Zapp at registration this morning, I demanded to speak with the Vice Chancellor. Vice Chancellor Salvoh insisted the name had merit.

"Upon my word, Zapp will serve you well as a name. Timeless. Simple. Respectable."

Quite the opposite, I thought to myself, brooding as I made my way towards the food court for a snack. Plain. Ordinary. Nondescript.

Maybe I could appeal it. Layzur was a better name, for crying out loud, and that said something! Keeping the name Zapp, and enduring what would likely be the daily ridicule of my fellow Heroes, was not an option!

Just as I was passing the College's best Mexican eatery, the Tasty Taco, the ground underneath it erupted violently. I was thrown sideways into a blue recycle bin, knocking it over but managing not to fall myself. Half of its contents spilled out to clink, clang, roll and bounce their way across the linoleum floor.

"Go forth! Find the Vice Chancellor! End him!" shouted a sinister figure hovering in the air above a smoldering hole in the floor where the Tasty Taco had been. Dark, shadowy hounds began emerging from the hole like ants from a disturbed anthill.

"Come for the food, stay for the fun," I muttered under my breath while arcs of electricity began dancing along my knuckles. Beside me, my fellow Heroes were arriving to join in the battle: Bashtion, Murkury, Avalantch, Emburr and others with great Hero names.

And I; I had to defend the greatest threat ever to the College of Heroes as Zapp!

Reverse Alphabet Challenge: Write a story in which every sentence begins with the next letter of the alphabet in reverse order - so starting with Z and ending with A.