I remember the day I found out same-sex marriage was a sin the eyes of the Christian religion (at least in my Christian religion it depends on the denomination). Looking back at it now I'm surprised no one had ever told me til then. I was 16 and I went home and cried, I practically bawled and I never cry. I don't really know why I cried, but at the time I didn't really like God heaps and I saw this as another injustice he had put on the world. It didn't make sense to me; it was like God hated us, he was forcing his wrath on the world that had no option to tick the good box. Now, I do think that crying was a bit of an overstatement, it wasn't something which was going to affect me personally but I hated God for it.

Change is odd. It's odd when it's happening and you don't realise it's happening until it's over. At some point I begun to change and now if someone asked me if I agreed with same-sex marriage I would say no. That's not the right answer these days anymore. You're allowed to say anything as long as it's not politically incorrect, discriminatory, or suggesting hate for no socially acceptable reason.

The reason for why I don't agree with same-sex marriage is very simple for me. I have something which I choose to believe in which has told me to not agree with it. It's like how a parent tells you to not murder anyone, or cheat or lie and because you respect them you listen, you understand there's a reason for it and you don't do it. When you're young you don't always understand why your parents are telling you not to do something but you still trust them.

I know these days people are probably looking for a better reason, they want to know why it's disagreeable, but I know that I don't have a good enough answer to that. Any answer I could give would be founded in the Bible and for someone who doesn't believe in the truth of the Bible then it's like making someone believe you have three fingers without seeing your hand.

My reason is personal; it's my moral, it's my faith, it's my life. It's not because I think it's harmful, or disgusting, or damaging to society. Several years ago I never would've thought I'd be sitting here writing about how I don't agree with same-sex marriage and I don't think people can change their mind like that without a good reason or someone giving them a good reason. My reason is good enough for me, I know it's not necessarily good enough for others but it's what I believe and at the end of the day you need to stick with who you trust. I trust God, and that's that.