Beach line resort was the finest hotel in California located in Huntington beach. This is where all the rich city slickers stay. It is best known for its privacy, good employees and most of all its peacefulness. Well one day this all changed when a unexpected visitor showed up.

"Are you sure we're at the right place Rick?" Newly pro Rodeo cowboy Dave Phillips asked as he eyed the very expensive hotel. It looked like it was made completely of glass. It was shiny and it hurt to look at. At least in Dave's humble opinion.

"This is where the sponsors got us. Why?"

"This wasn't what I was expectin." He said as he got out of his heelers truck. He dropped his suitcase suddenly and turned around to face his partner. "Wait we don't have to pay for this do we?"

"Your such a farm boy." Rick his heeler said with a chuckle. "The rodeo pays for it."

Dave gave a sigh of relief and picked up his suitcase. The two walked into the the hotel and waited at the front desk for an employee. A young girl came out, probably in her late teens early twenties. She had long, shiny brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Form growing up in the tougher parts of town Dave could size a person up in a matter of seconds . She flashed them a smile and started typing on her computer.

"Names please?"

"I'm Rick Mathews and this is my partner Dave Phillips, we're here for the Rustlers rodeo."

"So how long have you two been in the rodeo business?" She asked as she pecked away at the keyboard.

"I'm been here forever but Dave here is a young gun."

"A what?"

"A young gun is a eighteen to nineteen pro."

"Ah yes here you are, room 203, second floor."

"Thank you miss." Rick said as he grabbed the room key and went with Dave to their room.

Their room was a large suite with two beds and a small kitchenette. There was a forty inch tv and a small bar.

"So how are you liking it?" Rick asked after they unpacked.

"I feel so out of place here. This is where all the rich city folks stay. I'm not rich nor am I a city folk. How much you want to bet that there's no meat on their menus?"

"Well we'll only be here for a while. There's no need to get riled up."

"I'm going to take a look around." Dave said as he stood up and made to leave. He grabbed his White, felt, Stetson hat and put on his black leather vest. He went outside and walked down the hallway. His square toed boots sounded loudly as he walked. He walked down the stairs (he preferred stairs than elevators) and walked through the lobby. There was a small porch that he walked on. He leaned on the glass railing that looked out onto the ocean and sighed.

"Dear God. Thank you for gettin me this far. I couldn't do this without Your help. I ask that You give me courage tomorrow when I go up in front of that crowd. Cause if I'm goin to be honest I'm scared. I ask this all in Your Name, Amen."

He stood up and walked off. His blue eyes fixed ahead. His jaw set in a firm line, he would win tonight. He went into the Lobby and made his way to the radio. He started changing stations and eventually came upon the one he was looking for. Brad Paisley started singing in the background. He sat down and propped his feet up on a table and tipped his hat over his eyes. Eventually more intense music came on and Dave smiled. They just got to a solo when a front desk clerk walked up.

"Anything I can help you with ma'am?"

"I don't want to sound rude but many of the guests prefer a more classical genre of music."

"Well I don't want to seem rude but they can just go jump off a cliff for all I care. This is true music."

"We are trying to run a business here. With listening to that it'll drive customers away." She said as she flipped off the radio.

"Well than they can plug their ears." Dave said while he turned the radio back on.

"Well you can go back to your truck, close the door, and listen to your "true music" without bothering anyone." As she turned off the radio.

"Well miss whatever your name is I'm a guest so I should get to listen to my kind of music."

"First my name is Rachel, second don't make me call security."

"Go ahead and try. I'm the best fighter south of the Mason Dixon."

"I don't care if your the king of England."

"I believe it's the king of Siam."

"There is no king of Siam."

"That's the point of the statement."

"I don't CARE!"

"Be careful not to disturb the guests miss." Dave said with a smirk as he turned the radio on.

"If I want to disturb the guests I can, You on the other hand can not!"

"Oh well have fun." Dave said as he walked away.

Rachel walked back to the front desk and gave a loud humph. She felt like she was forgetting something but couldn't figure out what.

In team roping the header ropes the head of the calf and the heeler ropes the feet.

I know Texans do not spell the words without G (or as far as I can tell) and other stuff but that's how they talk so to get the correct Texas accent I'm looking for I will spell it that way. I also know that Texans are not stupid, nor do they act like Dave, but he is slightly based on what I myself do and so not know.

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