A/N: Sometimes I want to write huge novel length dramas and comedies, where the smut is teased and built up slowly.

Other times I want to write plotless, semi-kinky gay porn with no purpose. So welcome to this one-shot. This story is nothing but graphic, explicit sex between two males.

If you hate self-absorbed, manipulative, douchebags – you'll hate Collin. (Yes, same Collin from Power Trip.)

And don't. Get. Attached... (I got attached...)

It happens on a desperate night, at a desperate hour, in a desperately empty college dorm.

My school-board-assigned roommate ignites all of my desires by entering the cramped space we share in a scantily-clad, gay nightmare of an outfit.

Picture it; tight cut-off jean shorts, rainbow suspenders racing up a bare chest (openly displaying nipple and navel piercings) – stomach tight, slim, smooth, and tan. Topping it all off, he's wearing a stuffed unicorn hat and knee high rainbow socks.

Backstory? Levi and I aren't close. In terms of living arrangements, we have a solid agreement of not disturbing the other as much as possible. Up to a week ago, he'd been staying with a boyfriend ninety percent of the time anyway. Ours is a politely distant relationship, in the way that I do not know any of his friends, hobbies or interests and I've only seen him fully dressed.

We also couldn't be further apart on the spectrum of gay. You could say I'm on the closeted end with a handful of times I experimented. Levi is on the openly flamboyant end with five different dildos in his drawer (I snooped, kill me). He oozes gay with every step he takes.

The differences go on and on. He's on an art scholarship, I'm on a sports scholarship. He's skinny, I've got muscle. He's brunette, I'm blonde…

"Sorry Collin," he announces at the way I'm openly eye-raping him. "Costume party... this was all I had to work with."

It doesn't bother me. Not at all. It is sparking a very intense passion I haven't felt in a long time.

"Ended at 10 o'clock?" I manage as nonchalantly as possible. "Kinda' lame party."

He laughs and takes off his unicorn hat, revealing a mess of bedhead brown hair that is thick and crazy at the moment. Running a hand through it in an attempt to get it under control, he takes a seat on the bed across from mine and crosses his legs.

"Was it ever... but I managed to avoid ex-boyfriend drama!"

"Hurrah," I say lazily, looking back down at my phone.

"What are you still doing here? It's a Friday night..."

Levi is right that I should be out partying, socializing, or hooking up. But I guess that's what makes it such a desperate situation. I flash him the screen of my phone and the Tinder profile I am currently perusing.

"Trying to get lucky. Not a lot happening tonight, unfortunately."

"Ugh. I know what you mean. I need to get laid so bad!" Yeah. As indicated by your outfit... "I don't have time for cock-blocking bastard ex's who can't make up their fucking minds. Like... will you or won't you!?" he screeches to no-one. Then he takes a deep breath and digs out his own phone from impossibly tight pockets. "And Grindr is just a fucking shit show," Levi continues in a rant. "Mostly all bottoms... and if you find a top they're kinky daddies that want to make me a slave boy or something... not my thing."

"Sounds rough," I agree – playing dumb (it's one of my talents). I'm not even looking over at him anymore, just furiously swiping right and putting aside all usual standards for the time being.

"Pssh! You don't even know the half of it," he groans, ending our brief conversation there.

Honestly it's the most we've talked since we moved into this place.

I risk another peek at him to find he's now distracted on his phone. I'm free to drink in the lines of his body and consider them seriously.

Mmhmm, Levi's looking like a pig on a platter.

Just my type.

Just the kind of shrewd, shamelessly cock-crazy kind of guy I want to fuck. Have I been blind? Why didn't I notice it before?

Here's the breakdown. I like virgin girls; soft, scared, breathless and sensitive. Girls that have never taken any cock besides mine, and have no way to forget me even if they tried. But I've been finding out that those girls are few and far between here in college. I certainly don't enjoy sloppy wet pussy queefing with every thrust. Or those fake, high-pitched porno moans that actually get on my nerves.

So then... guys.

I get a little mean with their unbreakable bodies. But it takes a certain kind of dude – also few and far between.

Levi's doing it for me. Plus, he's slender? Good-looking? Not annoying? Check, check, check.

My dick tingles to life because I realize he's exactly what I'm looking for. He wants something quick and casual, just like me… so with nothing to lose, I go for it.

"Hey Levi," I begin, sitting up slightly and holding off on further Tinder-swiping. Nearly colourless, pale blue eyes meet mine for what seems like the first time. I've never really looked at him twice before now…


I keep silent but stand up and cross the small amount of floor to his bed; Levi's eyebrows bend at an angle that suggest I better start talking.

"I have an idea." Then, with more force than I intend due to the pent-up nature of my situation, I shove Levi's bare shoulder so he slams back onto his mattress. I don't give him a chance to react. As soon as he opens his pretty mouth, I'm crawling on top of him, making my offer. "Let's fuck."

I've stunned him.

Those eyes go wide and up close I notice long lashes – a flawless complexion – soft looking lips with a cupid's bow…

"You're… you're joking…" he finally replies, but he doesn't look very sure of this. Those eyes are flicking back and forth – searching mine for any trace of malicious intent.

"I'm not," I intone gravely. "You heard of fuck buddies?" Levi's eyes remain helplessly lost but he nods slowly in a kind of stunned fixation.

"Fuck buddies…" he repeats.

"Yeah. Casual sex between friends."

"You?" he asks. "A-and me?" Then he gives a doubtful laugh and his tone turns sharp. "Hell no."

"Why not?" I challenge.

"Well for one, you're straight—"

"—I'm bi," I correct, but Levi doesn't even falter.

"—and two, at least consider our size difference before you slam me down and ask me something like that!"

It's true that I'm a foot taller than him, and the physical demands of soccer over the years have gifted me with some nice muscle tone. But –

"It's not like I have a monster cock or anything," I clarify. "You'll be fine."

His eyes narrow and he twists under me, trying to escape. "You're not funny, Collin," he seethes. "Get off."

Poor Levi. He really has no clue. He doesn't know that fighting just makes me crazier. I relish in challenges like this, and I know exactly what to do. An expert level actor by now, I give Levi a pout and stand up off him. "Well, it's a shame – I thought you were as cock-hungry as you look."

Levi stands as I gesture his outfit – his nose almost hitting my chest as he attempts to – intimidate me?

"They warned me you were an asshole," he bites – so fucking cute with a really red face. I grin despite myself and immediately wipe it away when I remember I have to play this just the right way.

"Hey, I told you I'm not joking," I say, but he just turns on his heel and makes his way to the door.

"Yeah right."

It's not hard to stop him. I shove Levi against the door he was prepared to walk out of without any thought to do so, and lean an inch away from him. His bare stomach is basically pressed against the solid wood – both of my arms are on either side of him, preventing escape.

Rejection does crazy things to me; makes me work ten times harder to get what I want and I always do. But I can't scare him.

"Just think about it," I insist, speaking in low tones against the shell of his ear. "We both want to get laid. Perfect time for no-strings attached sex, don't you think?"

If my long lost Brecken taught me anything, it's how to read people. By being silent, Levi's telling me he's more upset about the way I'm asking, not necessarily what I'm asking about.

"What do you say, Levi?"

He twists his head away so I can't see any of his face – and can no longer speak against sensitive skin – but he's stays silent and it gets me throbbing.

A rush of blood goes straight to my cock and somehow I end up putting my hands all over Levi.

They settle on his hips at first and I pull that perky, barely covered ass against my tented dick. The contact provides a little bit of relief to this aching madness but then he starts trying to pull away. I have to use one hand to grip tight and keep him still and trail the other up along a smooth stomach. His hand finds mine and uselessly tries to pull it off… but he's not saying anything. I keep running up along his body until I brush the pads of my fingers over his permanently hard nipples; trailing along the metal bar pierced right through them.

"Never knew you had these," I say. "It's hot as fuck."

I run my nose along his neck and try not to let my cock take over as Levi's back dips. Whether he knows it or not, his body is stirring with stimulation and this slight adjustment gives me full access to rub, tease and toy with these pink buds.

He shakes and shivers; goosebumps explode all over his body proving he has some hair after all even though it's blonde, thin and barely noticeable.

But he doesn't say anything.

His mouth is glued shut and I don't want to think about Gavin right now but damn I'd give anything to see teeth ripping into a bottom lip.

I'm captivated by Levi's thin body - shining with sweat and slightly pink. Every inch is hot to the touch. Yup. I wanna fuck him alright, and I prove it by grinding up against his round ass. It's angled so willingly; the curve of his spine is mesmerizing. But the contact? My blue balls are squeezing happily now as I rock hips and slide my length against him.

I cross a line when I pull Levi back from the door and toss him onto his bed. I'm not really thinking, but this snaps him out of his stupor and he puts up some more fight as I follow him to the mattress.

"Hey... what are you doing? I said... no fuck buddies..."

That's sounding pretty weak.

"Oh yeah?" I say, trying not to bite him as I kiss and tongue his twisting neck, pressing him into the mattress. "Coming in here, looking like this...? Never did that before, Levi. Kind'a feels like you want something from me..."

Levi's enjoying it. Doesn't take a genius to tell by the way he stops struggling against me. But he tries to convince himself otherwise as I run hands along his stomach, up his side... back to those hard buds…

"Ugh. Collin – I said no!"

"Oh," I feign surprise and stop all movements. "My bad then. I thought it was a sexy invitation."

Then I remove my hands and sit back with a stupidly hard cock.

Levi huffs.

He struggles to hold onto his sassy little attitude.

"This isn't a porno," he seethes – but his eyes aren't as cold as they could be. They give him away completely. "Not everything is an invitation. You need help."

I debate pushing Levi back under me and going to fucking town. But I gotta live with this guy for a while yet. Besides. I have a thing or two up my sleeve, and playing disinterested goes a long way.

"Yeah. What was I thinking...?" I sigh and lift up, heading back to my bed and the forgotten phone strewn across it. I belly-flop, crashing onto the mattress with a hard thud, and begin swiping left and right accordingly – very obviously checking Tinder.

In the corner of my eye, I notice Levi is still in the exact same position I left him. I barely control a million urges to get a good eyeful of the indecision he's experiencing. The only thing I can do is let a lust-filled imagination carry me away…

"You're serious?" he asks finally, in an extremely cautious tone. When I finally glance back at him, he's stiff – still guarded and wary of me. I don't really blame him either.

I sit up and lean forwards a bit but make no attempt to cross the room again. "Completely."

"No drama?"

This gets me moving. I slide into the spot next to him like it's the most natural thing in the world.

"None," I promise, and then I continue at his doubtful look. "Do you think I really need it getting around that I'm banging you?"

He bristles and tries to deliver a hard punch to my arm. "What's that supposed to mean? You should be happy to even be anywhere near me!"

I let him hit me for a bit longer before taking his wrist easily and holding it still. "You wanna do this or what?" I ask finally. "I want to fuck; you want to fuck. Fuck buddies. That's it. That's all."

I know he's mulling it over. Levi's not exactly expressionless like a certain someone from my past. And I think I prefer it. After all, ninety percent of the things I say are for a reaction. A challenge is nice every once in a while but these are desperate times…

Levi's affronted that I'm asking something so obviously logical and casual. His brows pinch and he throws me a narrowed, withering glare that only tempts me even more.

"You're really bi?" he continues, avoiding the subject at hand.

I shrug. All in all, my sexuality is more complicated than I'd like it to be.

"I let some guy suck me off in high school. And c'mon. I've done lots of anal. It's the same, girl or guy."

"Except a little difference called the prostate, you moron!" Levi bites.

"Prostate?" I know what he's talking about, but this sets him off – and angry Levi is a very cute Levi.

"Ugh! I hate jocks like you!" he groans. "You brutally shove it in... all the way to the fucking hilt! I have to work tomorrow. I have friends to see. I don't want to be crippled and bed-bound because you couldn't be bothered to go slow and—"

"I'll go slow," I agree. "Fast. Whatever way you want it." Then, because I am dying and can't spare any more time, I push his back to the mattress and climb over him again. My hips start spinning on their own and I begin grinding against Levi within seconds. It makes me leak; sticky beads of precum start pulsing out of me. It's hard to think about anything except that I'll be fucking this bitch soon enough.

When there's friction between our crotches, Levi makes an appreciative noise, but I'm not sure if that's because he likes a little bit of force, or because my hands are back to being all over him. I run them up and down his frame, scraping nails along soft flesh – I want his body to explode with sensitivity until he's a drooling, incoherent mess on my dick.

I'm overwhelmed with a million thoughts – a million ways to fuck Levi senseless – and I start by lifting my hips enough to work his shorts off.

Then, when Levi lifts off the mattress and rubs a fucking hard cock against my hand, I enjoy this small victory. I have no choice but to cup, grip, and tease him through denim rewardingly.

Lips part… breathy sighs escape him…

He's hot for me.

Blood pounds in my ears. It's a rush of life in my veins. My heart is just hammering with sparked excitement, and I don't really know the last time I felt like this. Or if I've ever felt like this…

Levi's being really good. He's definitely cooperating now; he knows a good deal when he feels it. I stroke and trace this obscene outline in my hand as he squirms and rocks – shooting soft blue eyes up at me.

I know what they're asking. So I answer as I work the denim off of his body.

"I'm serious," I say again, though if I were him I wouldn't believe it for a second either. "I'll fuck you however you want… but you gotta do it how I want, too."

He's really in no position to argue, which is exactly the way I want it. And holy fuck he's suddenly on board as he smirks and humps up into my hand.

"And how do you want it?"

"A bit of cock worship – heavy on the dirty talk – some fantasy play," I list immediately.

"Fuck you. I'm not into that stuff…"

"You don't have to do it right away," I bargain. "Tonight's like a test night. When you end up wanting more, I'm ready to compromise."

"You're pretty full of yourself," Levi observes crisply, but he doesn't fight the way I'm pulling down his shorts like he's agreed.

"Lube?" I ask.

His skinny arm reaches into the bedside table and he pulls out a large bottle and a box of condoms. By now I've peeled the sticky underwear off Levi's thighs, down his legs, and I've already whipped them to the floor.

"Turn over."

"This is crazy..." he breathes, but he rolls onto his stomach anyway. "You're... you're really going to do this?"

He seems to think this is the most absurd thing in the world. Sweet Jesus it's nice. I really enjoy convincing my prey… it's button after button with this kid…

I answer Levi by spreading his plump cheeks apart and revealing an altogether pink, pretty hole I want to slick up immediately. The perfect round globes of his ass are taut and toned in a way I've only seen in athletes; I consider he must run or dance. My teeth tingle… there are raw urges to bite into this soft, unmarked skin. There's an animalistic need to spread hands – cup and grope, pull and tease – all to test the feeling and springiness…

"Are you just going to do that all day?" Levi snaps. "Hurry up!"

I love the change in tone. It ignites a full body reaction in me. Damn straight Levi wants it bad, just like I thought.

"Can't I appreciate this flawless body a little?" I ask, and then Levi certainly shuts up quick after that.

Snuggling his face into the sheets, he lifts to his knees and shakes his ass, tempting me to give him the best fuck of his life. I put on the condom first, because I know it's more difficult with wet fingers, and once it's rolled on I open the bottle of lube.

"I can do it," Levi mumbles, reaching back and spreading his hole. He waits for me to dribble some of the lubricant on his fingers but I'm lost at the sight in front of me. His ring has certainly been put to use but it's so pink – pretty – soft and inviting… "Collin?"

I grab him by the wrist and toss his hand away, giving the bottle a squeeze and pouring the cold contents between two of my fingers, lined up and ready.

"You – you don't have to do it!" he squeaks – squirming again for some reason. I have to set down the bottle and use my free hand to keep his hip still, trying not to drip too much at the sight.

I love tremors of uncertainty.

"This is half the fun," I insist, and then I press one of my slippery fingers inside him, making him melt.

The tension I feel in his body with my hip holding hand disappears completely as I work the first digit inside him almost too easily. Levi's been around the block, so to speak, and normally I'm not really into that, but I find – strangely – I don't have any complaints. Nope, no complaints at all – especially when Levi starts showing me a desperate side of himself. His eager little ass backs up, sucking my finger in all on its own, and I can't deny the way my cock tingles in response. I'm a simple guy like that.

But I'll need more to make this fuck really good.

Levi's been used enough that even the second finger goes in pretty smoothly. His lips part and his hips lift. The bitch is totally spread open at my mercy and I can't help but abuse this power I've been given; my fingers hook and rub against the mass of sensitive nerves deep inside him.

"Hey – I think I found that thing you were talking about earlier…"

He screams and shakes immediately – it's such a nice reaction my balls start aching.

"The – what's-it-called…"

Even though Levi is trying to squirm off my fingers, I use an iron grip to pull him back – adding a third just to get this show started soon.

Though, Levi can't seem to handle it.

"St-stooooop!" he squeals. "T—too much! Collin!"

I know I'm finger banging him too hard; focusing too much on the most sensitive part of his body. But there's a dark part of me that wants to see how much pleasure he can endure, so I keep at it – pressing on the walls of his dark hole and loosening him up in a semi-violent way.

"Nnn—n-ooo! St—"

"Oh yeah," I say casually, ripping out my fingers just when I'm sure Levi's close to cumming. His ass is left slightly gaping and twitching like mad – I get a good eyeful at the way his cock is already dripping onto the mattress. "We need a safe word."

"A – a safe word?" Levi repeats, semi-breathless. He's confused… a bit delirious… unsureabout why I stopped.


"Look… I'm – I don't want rough sex…" Levi begins.

"It's not going to be rough. I'm not going to hurt you," I promise. Looking around, my eyes land on Levi's abandoned stuffed unicorn hat. The thing is obnoxious, but striking, and it works. I decide the word right then and there. "I just want to get a little mean. All for fun, okay? If you need me to stop for real, just say unicorn."

"Unicorn!?" he screeches, finally able to reach some higher decibels now. "That's – stupid! Why unicorn!? Just stop when I say!"

"It's too late," I say mock-tragically, bopping him on the head. "It's ingrained in your subconscious. Gonna come to mind whether you want it to or not. Besides, I like the "no's" and "stop's" so… unicorn."

"Wh-what are you… planning to do…?"

He's scared. I can see it in those pale blue eyes. It's just the slightest hint of uncertainty sparking behind them that turns me on big time.

"Re-laaaax. I just want to do a bit of name-calling – really light, meaningless stuff. Play along. You're pretty sensitive and I think you'll enjoy it," I gesture to his lewd body still spread open and on the brink of orgasm. Though, miraculously, Levi manages to keep his doubtful look in place. "Trust; the safe word is to make sure you're safe. If I wanted to hurt you, I wouldn't make us have one."

"I—I don't how to play along…"

"Talk back. I like it."

So many exciting thrills race through me as I watch my words take effect. They spill from my lips and pour over Levi's naked back – making him dip and drop low into submission.

"There you go," I encourage, inwardly exploding with all kinds of gratification no one else would really understand. "You look ready to take dick now, don't you?" He's in the perfect position – he's perfectly prepared – his fucking perfect body is all mine for the moment. "Quit acting like you've never been fucked before, slut."

"—Never by a flaccid dick," he counters in a mutter.

I lube up quick because Levi is doing crazy things to me talking back so quick.

"This look flaccid to you?" Holding my cock in one hand, I use the other to yank him by the hair and force him to take in the sight.

"No—ow! Stop—!"

"Huh? What do you think, Levi?"

"Collin! Let – go–!"

I'm excited because… it's about fucking time a bottom screamed my name. There'll be no more pretending I'm someone else; Levi's going to know it's me.

When I line up to his wet, rubbed down hole, he inhales a sharp breath and holds it like it's the last proper one he'll take. Levi quietly vibrates until I breach him – and then we both lose our heads a bit.

Maybe I'm used to it being unbearably tight. Virgins have a gut instinct to clamp down on any intrusion and basically cut my dick off in the process. But Levi's a pro – a champ; he knows exactly how to relax these muscles to accept half of my length almost immediately.

The heat is incredible. It spreads over me and gets my whole body warm with electric, stinging shocks. For a moment I'm so amazed that I am left speechless – motionless…

And I learn Levi is impatient – as – fuck.

He wants it now and he proves it by dipping his hips all by himself and backing up on my cock, just like my fingers earlier. He rocks his body in such a way – at such an angle – that I'm literally not even moving and somehow sliding in and out of him.

Yeah – Levi fucks himself like I'm just a glorified dildo, and the noises that escape him are raw… honest… muffled… so different and new that I'm left stunned – over-stimulated –

Then he brings me back to my senses.

"Either fuck me like you mean it, or take your wishy washy jock dick out of—AAAHH!"

I grind in hard against that weak spot of Levi's and cut him off into a scream. Yes, yes, yes. I love a mouth. Levi is catching on dangerously quick – and I reward him by fucking the voice right out of him.

"Like this, then? This how you – like it – Levi?"

"Ahhh – hh –! Col-linnn – stop! I'm gonna cummm – I'm –"

"Do it, bitch. How's my flaccid dick feeling now? Pretty good, right?"

It must be something out of a porno. As I fuck hard and fast there a fluttering sensation – like the walls of his Levi's are contracting only for the purpose of trying to suck my cock in deeper. He grips me every time I pull out; tempting me… encouraging me... somehow all while begging me to stop. Levi screams the command over and over, almost frantically, because I can feel he's a couple slams away from squirting all over the place.

But there's no 'unicorn' in there. And I'm far from the point of stopping.

I slide in, careful to nudge at his g-spot with the tip of my cock – sinking in deeper than ever and watching in dumbfounded fascination as an orgasm rocks his sweet body from head to toe.

"Hhaaa! I'm—mmm—cum—eee!" Levi's tight voice cuts off into a squeak as I power-fuck into him. His body easily adjusts to take the fierce pounding; ass lifting whether he knows it or not.

"Damn… Levi… you really know how to take cock…"


"Used-up cunt starts cumming as soon as I put it in…"


With a gasp, Levi rides the remaining waves of his climax and I ease up on the pace to give him time to come down from his high. And – maybe – because I'm also close. Which is ridiculous because I'm not a one-minute man who can barely last.

When I pull out, Levi slumps into his sheets and his limbs continue to jerk with lingering pleasure. He's basically a limp, lifeless body as I turn him over onto his back with his face up to the ceiling. It's flushed, and those blue eyes are unfocused and watery…

I'm not even sure if he can handle another round, but it's feeling so incredibly good and I've been trying my hardest to last. So he's going to have to scream 'unicorn' or deal. With a strong grip, I grab hold of Levi's legs and they go flying over his head. It's not an exaggeration; I can literally press his ankles to the mattress either side of his face.

"Flexible—nice—dancer or something?"

He shakes his head. "Not—any-more..."

Crazy hot.

I don't give him a minute to rest. Re-entering, I watch his lips fly apart and form an 'O' that he quickly tries hiding with a biting comment.

"Hurry up—and finish..."

I remove my hold of his ankles and clasp fingers around Levi's frail wrists, pinning them over his head. Deliberately slowing, I lean forward to start scraping my tongue all over him. His legs fall weakly to the side - spread completely open as he's forced to adjust to an almost non-existent rhythm.

"Nnn-o," he mutters. "Faster... hurry—up—!"

It takes a lot to hold back and fuck slow... but I manage it by grinding my hips in small circles, licking and tonguing along his jaw. I swirl the wet muscle to his ear and watch him start writhing and breathing deep. Those bony wrists struggle in my hold and I try to keep it together just a bit longer...

I focus on finding all of Levi's spots – and there are quite a few. He helps my search by twisting his neck to and fro under the path of my tongue, really whining when I suck marks under his ear...

"P-please—I'm gonna cum... Collin..."

I debate that he's lying but the way he's back to fucking himself on my dick in that lewd, flexible way of his tells me it's probably the truth.

"Again?" I ask, mock surprised and harsh as I lift off him and start deep-fucking. "You're one twisted slut aren't you?"

"F-fuck you..."

"That's pretty," I purr, giving Levi a level smirk. "Keep it up." But he forces his lips into a tight line and throws me his best attempt at a glare. "Remember that cock worship? You can start aaany time now..."

He refuses, despite losing his head as I fuck him at an angle that's a combination of pile-driver and missionary. I have him totally locked in place and there's a hotter than expected surge of power that is the first indication I'm close.

"Start talking."

"Ahh – your cock is—"

He's cut off by a hard slam and I tighten my grip on his wrists in an effort to keep myself under control. I squeeze them so hard a small, 'ow' escapes him.


"Nnngh! Is—ugly!"

I bite him so hard for that, he screams.

My dick is amazing. I get to see it every damn day. It's pretty glorious if I do say so myself; perfect girth - perfect shape - perfectly cut tip...

"You're lucky to get a dick like mine," I remind Levi, pulling my mouth off and fucking him with powerful, long thrusts that make him incoherent with pleasure. His eyes roll, so I press my forehead to his and force eye contact. Shit, though – he's feeling so good. Levi tightens up and arches his back to rub those pierced nipples against me… shuddering.

I find myself following an urge to suck them and bend to take one into my mouth.

"Ah–I'll cum—Collin…"

How desperate and pitiful. I'm crazy for loving it so damn much. My own name? From hot-for-me lips? I flick at the swollen bud violently – then massage and roll it between teeth; swallowing a beautiful taste as he cries with release.

Tortured with pleasure.

His hands fight to break free so he can jerk his twitching member properly – but I deny him all right to his own body, restricting him.


It's not so much cum as it is a string of clear, pre-cum like fluid flowing from his tip again.

Alright – now's the time.

These mental restraints snap and I go to town on Levi, forcing his climax into multiple spikes. He chokes on air as his small ass takes this fast-fuck – and it's a million little things that set me off at once. I don't think my balls have ever squeezed this painfully in my life. Levi makes me cum so hard that it hurts.

But holy fucking hell it's also intense. I'm spilling before I know it. My mind is blank with white hot pleasure as I fuck Levi senseless.

He cries with each press against his prostrate that forces sticky fluid to continue dripping. Levi's whole body jerks and spasms as I take him like an animal and barely keep it under control.

The high of my orgasm reaches outer-limits. I feel like I'm melting – sinking my cock in with thoughts of wanting to keep it there forever. I'm sensitive and spent but still twitching when Levi clamps down in irregular, jerky movements… totally gone.

Totally sent to subspace on a one-way ticket.

A quiet week passes before we have sex again.

Saturday night – two AM, actually – Levi stumbles into the room with a loud bang. He collapses to his bed with a loud sigh and then I hear some rummaging; the scraping of his bedside drawer…

It's not hard to immediately jump to the conclusion that he's masturbating since I've seen what's in that drawer. For some reason, it's a hot thought – and it catches my attention. My ears perk to the bed beside me to listen for any wet noises, or any of Levi's soft moans like the ones he gave me before…

But blanket rustling seems to be the only noise and after several minutes of it, I finally snap at him to be quiet already.

"Collin…" he mutters. "Collin… are you awake?"

He shuffles his way over then crawls under my covers—rubbing his half-naked body against mine—sliding on top of me…

To be honest, I'm down.

More than down.

I've been waiting for Levi to try and start something with me again, even though that's not usually how the game works.

And here he is. But then something catches my attention in the dark and I sit up to turn on the light.

Levi's drunk.

He's a mess, actually. His hair is dishevelled and he's got a bleeding lip.

"What happened?" I ask, before immediately guessing. "Your ex?"

"He's not – giving up," Levi complains in a groan. "Make me forget—please fuck buddy…"

I allow it at once and strip off his shirt – tossing it to the floor and gluing my mouth to his body. I've become crazy for the taste of Levi; his metallic, puffy nipples – always at attention and over-sensitive…

My cock strains against tight briefs as I stop just short of taking one into my mouth.

"Suck them…" bitch-in-heat Levi begs, lewdly and unabashedly twisting his nipple against my lips.

"Only if you're doing something for me," I bargain easily. It's a dog eat dog world, after all.

"O-okay," he gives, making my heart hammer excitedly.

"You're going to worship me this time?"

"Yeah!" Levi agrees animatedly. He rises to life and settles his ass in my lap, working it against me eagerly. "Yeah just—tell me what to say…"

I frown, because that's not really how it's supposed to work but I bend forward so I can start tonguing his buds for real. Between long licks that get him shaking, I murmur examples. "Tell me how addicted to my cock you are – you're a jock-hungry slut that needs a real dick. Because you know it's nice, Levi –" A free hand trails to his ass so I can force a bit more friction with our sloppy grinding. "It's a really nice, thick cock – isn't it?"

It's not exactly fair that I bite a ring around the area of his nipple but it gets Levi agreeing pretty quickly.

"Mmhmm – it is. Your cock is – so nice…"

Lame, lame, lame.

But I take what I'm given and reward him by swirling and sucking like a mad man.

"Hhaa—yes! Hh – feels good, Col-li-nnn! I'm ready – ahh – fuck me… now…"


This word pierces through the air and forces my hand under his boxers so I can slide a finger along his crack. Sure enough it's wet and stretched… soft… warm…

An incredible heat sweeps my body – all of it coming from my cock that's turned on and seeking to fuck into this hole I'm currently fingering. I can barely keep up with the way Levi's body moulds against mine expertly – so flexible and hot as hell.

I love that he's on top… but there are urges to take him down to the mattress and start fucking him sideways I can't possibly fight. So when he's in position and I'm lining up without lube or a condom, it's the worst kind of reality check.

But my fingers aren't lying… Levi's under-the-covers mystery is solved – he's prepped and proving he wants it now.

I want it now.

"Collin – Collin just do it…"

One of his legs hooks around mine to bring me forwards and I gulp hard as saliva fills my mouth. All of the blood in my body is rushing painfully to my cock as I try to get a hold of myself.

"Hang on – we need… lube…"

"It's inside me already!" he insists. "Hurry up and—fuck me—!" The demand is nothing but a turn on. "You're supposed to do it when—whenever I want!"

Levi's bossy lips are all I can focus on.

I know kissing complicates things. I know I shouldn't…

But there's really not a lot I can do about the way I take them roughly to shut him up, and with my tongue in the back of his throat, Levi sure quiets quickly. I try to understand just what the hell's the matter with me getting carried away so easily but it's too late. Levi is returning the forceful tonguing in that wonderfully eager way of his and the absence of rejection makes my head spin.

I enter him slowly – and it might just be because there's not a lot of lube – but as a result it feels almost… sensual. Levi tries to swallow my tongue back as I fill him with a few inches and God-forbid I think, 'it's okay.'

It's okay to reward him a little bit.

Feeling sorry for others isn't exactly in my nature – because I'm the one who's been through hell and back in a world where I'm constantly abandoned and forgotten by those I let get close. But… Levi getting undeservedly roughed up by his ex? That's making me feel bad – and sort of good in the way that at least I'm sure he's not thinking about somebody else.

So I fuck him bareback all night, and that's not an exaggeration.

Levi achieves multiple orgasms – some dry, some very wet – and he makes a total mess of me and my bed. I lick every inch of chest, taking my sweet time to bring him to the height of pleasure over and over until his body gives on him.

There's no dirty talk. No fantasy play. No worship what-so-ever. Those things are long forgotten and Levi is barely sensible anyway. For some strange reason… the usual kinks aren't even needed. I find myself more entertained just teasing and toying with the boy rather than obsessing over some fucked up forms of validation.

By the time I finally cum, I've lost my wits completely.

I've never had anything remotely steady in my life. But a month later, Levi is starting to feel less of a fuck buddy, and more like – someone important – someone I can't really say 'no' to. Yes, Levi has very well turned in to someone I fuck every other day without getting tired of it; someone I enjoy spending time with whether he's going down on me or not.

Although it's mostly physical… maybe it's becoming just the least bit special.

So today, when Levi enters our room with a black eye, I find myself fed—up.

"Where is he?" I ask, referring to his ex-boyfriend and who I presume, is the person who did it. Levi's not exactly mine – but it's just nice to take care of your things every once in a while.

"Pfft – Collin relax. No drama, remember?" he forces out a laugh but he's seriously got another thing coming if he thinks I can't see past a fake smile or two. I pull him out of the way of the door and exit into the hallway beyond. "Wait!"

Levi scurries after me, forcing himself in the way of my path. His nervous look implies that he's taking it seriously, at the very least. I stop just short of bumping into him, though his nose slides against my shirt to look up at me.

"Just... just slow down. It's not a big deal. I mouthed him off so—"

"So—?" I snap, gesturing his face. "You mouth me off, but I don't do this to you. Wake up, Levi. He's not getting over you any time soon. And it's not a joke so stop laughing about it."

He's stunned frozen for a split second as I make my way around him, and then he chases to catch up to me.

"But – seriously. I don't need – he's – he's not worth it Collin – come on stop."

It's not hard to keep walking but deep down I know it's useless. In fact, the rage is setting in at the total realization I have no idea where to even begin. I don't have a name… a face…

"Collin stop—just—slow down! Stop… for one second… unicorn!"

Even during the most intense sex we've had, Levi hasn't used the word a day in his life. Which is why it's pretty effective now. I stop despite every muscle in my body screaming for me to just keep walking.

Then, as a final blow, I'm blasted with Levi's genuine smile – one I can't look at too long or my stomach starts to squeeze in an uncomfortable, unfamiliar kind of way. I find myself focusing on a spot above his head.

"Unicorn, unicorn, unicorn," he repeats happily, circling my arm and dragging me back in the direction of the room. "Don't hurt him, Collin. It'll only get worse. I just want to forget about him, okay? Please?" I avoid the full effect of piercing baby blue eyes – but just barely.

By the time we're back in the room, my breathing is back to normal and the itching – crazy – desire to bash someone's face in is gone.

Levi doesn't waste a single second dropping to his knees and working at the flap of my jeans. He's become frighteningly good at playing along now – and shrewdly knows exactly what to say to get me harder than hell in under a minute.

"Your cock is so hot – it makes me forget all about that guy, Collin."

Here we go.

"Much bigger… and better… mmm. Why would I even care about… about my ex, huh?"

Holding on to the base of my cock he makes a wild – explicit – show of twisting his talented tongue all over me. It's a rare treat when Levi's down for exaggerated worship-play so I count my blessings.

By now, I know just how much he can handle, which isn't a lot. He's absurdly sensitive all over and I've got a suspicion it's to do with those nipples but hey – it's not a bad thing. It just means that when I pull his hair a little, the effect is ten times better than with anyone else.

One blue eye closes in a wince as I yank him by the roots and force his mouth over my tip. He starts slurping and tonguing way too good with unbreakable eye contact and I feel my member twitching already.

"He has one more chance to keep his hands off," I begin, sliding between those perfectly wet, smooth lips. "Then I'm kicking his ass."

And so, two days later, I find myself face-to-face with a scene that—had I not grown so fond of Levi—wouldn't really bother me so much.

But it certainly does now as I walk through campus and spot Levi's bed-head brown hair a mile away; along with the black hair way too close to it. Right out in the open, for everyone to see, buddy is getting handsy and pushy with someone who's choked on my dick too many times to count.

A rush of adrenaline surges through my body. Before I know it, I'm marching directly towards them.

Levi spots me first.

His blue eyes widen over the shoulder of his ex-boyfriend as I approach, and I try not to get too turned on by the look. Priorities.

Then, with a hard clap to fuck-for-brains' shoulder, I'm pulling the guy along in a tight grip as if we're the best of pals, just walking side-by-side like we always do.


Levi starts, but I simply talk over him.

"Hey there man, how's it going?" I ask the stranger in a twistedly cheerful voice; I've used it before to stun and confuse my victim. There's no doubt it works because this asshole is obviously a complete moron, too. His wide eyes aren't necessarily fearful. They're just confused as I lead us in the direction of the washroom.

Once in, all fake pretenses drop. It only takes one strong push of the shoulder for this bitch to drop to the ground.

"W–what the—fuck!"

I deliver a swift kick to his back, and he shrieks, forcing Levi's tone into a panicked, desperate one.


He tries to get between us and normally I let Levi get away with murder but – not today. I grab his arm, toss him to the side, and his thin frame goes flying. My foot lands another few good blows to the dude before Levi's back and really trying to interrupt this.

"Calm down – just stop!"

But I'm just starting, and Levi becomes a fly on the wall in my narrowed tunnel-vision. I grab the guy from the floor and force him to his feet. Taking a good look, I come to find that he's not a threat at all.

He's average.

Average fucking boring face, with an average build, and probably an average, five-inch dick.

Even that's stretching it. He's ugly.

"You're the guy that's bothering Levi?" I ask, ice-cold and bearing down on him. "You know how sad that is? Bro – he dumped you. He doesn't want to be around you. Are you some kind of psycho?"

"Stay – out of it…" he manages between clenched teeth. Then his eyes widen when he realizes his mistake and I throw my fist at his face.

"Collin!" Levi gasps.

Before the obsessive dick-face gets knocked out to the ground, I catch him – barely thinking about what I'm doing as I drag him into an open stall and force him to his knees.


Levi pulls desperately at my shirt as his ex boyfriend shouts in terror – toilet bowl coming up to meet his face. I submerge it in the filthy water with a laugh.

"Kind of juvenile huh?" I shout over the guy's gurgled screams bubbling in the bowl. "But I guess that makes us even. Eat—shitfucking—weirdo…"

Water splashes with each word then finally I bring him up for air.

"I-I-I'm going to the police!" he screams.

"What? Gonna tell them I gave you a swirly? Just how are you going to fucking prove it? Taking your toilet-face downtown and filing a report?" His silence says everything. "Or, the other option is to clean yourself up, put yourself back together, and thank Baby Jesus you didn't get worse."

After a small pause, he groans in pain and continues. "You don't – you don't know. I can't give up…"

"Dude, he doesn't like you," I state harshly and in such a way that it rings like a solid truth, echoing around the bathroom. "In fact… I think he probably hates you. And you don't think I know what it's like to want to fight for someone? But this is just pathetic. You don't obsess over them and hurt them. Have some fucking pride, man."

Levi sure isn't trying to stop me anymore. His hand is long forgotten on my back, mid-pull of my shirt.

When I stand up, his arms circle around my mid-section.

This feeling is too intense for me. My heart is two sizes too small and can only hold one emotion at a time, usually. Yet right now it's a hundred different things; I'm horny, elated, and crazy. Not to mention I feel powerful, and appreciated when Levi squeezes tight.

"Let's go," he mumbles against me.

The feeling I get as I hold Levi close and walk him out of the stall nearly crushes me with its burdensome weight.


"Back to the room…"


"And fuck."

"Whatever you want."

There's a silence and Levi stops just short of us exiting the washroom. Our eyes lock in a way that may be romantic; that kind of stuff is lost on me. All I know is that I like the way I can see myself reflected in brightly shining orbs.

Then Levi lifts onto his tip-toes, presses lips against my cheek, and lets out a laugh with a soft breath.

"Thanks, fuck buddy."

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