Imagine the most obnoxious person you know.

Then get 'em drunk.

That's what I'm dealing with right now; a sloppy, drunk boyfriend whose level of "I don't give a shit" is going to get us kicked out of the club. All because some chick hit on me.

"Bitch, you wouldn't know what to do with his dick if he slapped you in your fucking ugly face with it! Which he would, by the way!"

It doesn't help that Levi can't hold his liquor at all—he's small, and his tolerance hasn't been honed by years of high school parties like mine has.

But I've learned that when your boyfriend wants to go dancing and he won't take no for an answer, then you don't have a lot of choice in the matter. Besides, I'm not so worried about Levi making an ass out of himself – I'm worried that someone I know is watching me drag him off to a corner of the floor after he tried to grind up on me.

Yup, I'm still closeted – all things considered. I've met a few of Levi's friends, but… my team has no idea I'm ploughing ass every night, and that's the way I like it.

The jock world is just too different.

It's full of juiced up guys who have a skewed sense of masculinity—they'd rather act out in fearful aggression than, heaven forbid, let a gay guy be. And I've got a lot riding on my success with the team; like an entire college scholarship and the fact that we're kicking ass this season.

Levi understands this to some degree.

Or, I thought he did, until he's drunk-crying in my arms, wailing about how I won't dance with him. His tears trigger a wonderful new feeling I don't think I've had before; like intense validation at being needed and loved so much this boy can't help but cry.

Which is why I don't have the heart to remind him we're in a room full of crowded people, and he can't be making a scene like this. I just keep my arm around his back as he lets it out—scanning the room for anyone who notices.

"Collin—why—w-won't you—dance—with me!"

"I told you," I repeat, though I'm lying through my teeth, "I'm not a good dancer."

His fist curls into my shirt and he glares up at me with wet eyes that reflect the flashing lights in the place. "Liar," he accuses—because he's seen my victory dances—but he sniffs and manages to keep himself from further hysterics. Swaying on the spot a little, he holds on to me that much tighter. "I—know you like—to dance you just—you just…" his knees almost give out but I grab him by the elbow and keep him steady, leaning him against the wall for extra support, "—don't—want to dance with—with me, you ass!"

"Levi. You can barely stand up, let alone dance," I say, hoping that speaks for itself and I'm let off the hook easy. "Let's just go back to the room, okay?"

He quietly purses his lips and shoots me a scathing glare that I probably deserve.

"C'mon—we'll do the horizontal dance all night long—" I'm hit in the chest with a little fist and then I sigh. "I'm kidding. Alright? It's not a big deal. We should really go home."

There is a good deal of stubborn silence before he speaks, and even then it's hard to hear him over the loud, thumping bass line.

"You liked—that girl…"

"I didn't," I insist—though again, that new feeling shoots up and hits me in the head. He loves me so much, he's jealous. Jealous! I take it too far and duck down to kiss him right under the ear. "Trust me. She wouldn't have put out."


I try not to look so entertained, but it's hard wiping the grin off my face when I've had a few drinks as well. "I'm kidding—!" I stress for a second time because he's unusually sensitive with a bit of liquor in him. "Of course I'm kidding Levi. You know you're the only one I like—the only one I love. You're the only one for me and all that shit."

His lips twitch with the effort it takes to hide his smile, but I'm getting through his inebriation.

"Then why won't you—dance with me?" he mutters.

I grab his hand in one of mine, and use the other to rest on his hip. I give him one twirl and then I release him, but Levi's still not happy—if anything, he's dizzier.

"You know why, Levi. It's nothing against you. I don't know who's here… who's not… we came because you wanted to dance—"

"—WITH MY BOYFRIEND!" he shouts. "We never—ever get to do anything together! It's—all we ever do is—fuck in the room and—and—"

The face Levi makes is one that finally clues me in; I'm hurting him. I didn't want to, I didn't mean to, and drunk or not, it doesn't matter. All his little tantrum is doing is fuelling this deep love inside me—this stupid love that makes me feel good, but also makes it impossible to care for anything but the person in front of me.

My scholarship is the only thing I worked hard for in my life. It's the only thing I focused on. It was supposed to be my saving grace to my shitty life and before Levi, nothing would have come in the way of that.

But one look into blue eyes? I figure they're worth any sacrifice.

"I'm sorry, Levi," I give in, wrapping arms around him and squeezing harder than I have ever done in public. "I don't want to treat you like that… like some secret. If you're seriously upset, we'll dance, okay?"

He squeaks out a high-pitched, 'okay.'

"We'll go out more, too." This gets him nodding agreeably and returning my hug as strongly as he possibly can. "But you're paying," I add.

Levi laughs, because even though his mind is spinning, he knows how poor I am. "I will!" he agrees. "I'll be your—sugar daddy…"

"Wow… and all I need to do is dance with you, huh? You're pretty cheap…"

Then, without any more need to convince myself not to, I pull Levi's lips to mine and kiss him where he stands—on tiptoes.

Levi tastes like the vodka crans he's been drinking, and the sweet, tarty flavour fills my mouth when I force my tongue against his. He stumbles back a step as I press him against the wall once more—still barely able to stand—and sure enough once I have my leg between his he's moving his hips in time to the beat of the music, letting me take care of his body weight.

He mutters my name against my lips as I pull off him.

It's such a nice sound that I go in a second time to really violate any rules I had against public displays of affection. Let's not get into all the insane things love does to me.

Levi's panting for air and rubbing his hard as hell cock against my leg like we're in our room and he's about to get some. It sparks all kinds of wild impulses to keep going—get him cumming in his underwear from a little grinding…

Not only that, but I'm hard too. There's something thrilling about making out with my boyfriend in public; a kind of taboo that's getting me as hot as some of the games we play. I lose control of any restraint, lift him up by the ass so I don't have to bend my neck, and slam him back against the wall.

Levi doesn't let me go at him very long.

He breaks apart and pushes against my chest in a way that suggests he's had enough but—

"Collin—let's—let's go back already…"

He can't be serious.

"You're saying this after you wanted to dance with me so bad you cried?"

He struggles against me until I'm forced to drop him back to his feet. "I wanted you—to want—to dance with me…"

What a handful.

But I've proven I'll do just about anything he wants.

My punishment for fucking Levi so hard he lost his mind has arrived in the form of an Amazon Prime box – and I'm instantly concerned about the look on Levi's face at the sight of it.

Blue eyes are lit up—his soft, heart-shaped face glowing an excitable shade of pink as he cradles the package in his arms like a protective mother and closes the door of the room behind us.

"Let me see it," I demand, reaching for the box. I'd been expecting it ever since he told me he'd put in an order for his revenge play. I don't even bother to hide how unimpressed I am about the whole thing but just as I'm about to grab it, Levi twists his contortionist-like body out of the way and grins.

"Just wait, Collin. You might want to sit down for this."

"Levi," I warn, sitting down on the edge of my bed anyway.

"Oooh! Good boy, Collin! I think you'll be a natural at this!" Levi opens the box – at least, attempts to – and as he fumbles with the tape I take my chance to steal it, feeling an unfamiliar apprehension in my gut.

I know whatever in this box is going to humiliate me and here's a big surprise: I don't like to be humiliated.

When I pull out a set of dog ears, cloth paws, and a belt-like tail, my worst fears are confirmed.

"Hell no," I refuse, shoving everything out of my lap and onto the floor.

"Collin!" He picks up the items anyway and I groan, battling nerves I haven't felt before... feeling a warmth in my cheeks… on my neck... irritation curling my fists...

"Not happening, Levi."

"You're no fun... come on!" he whines, attempting to slide the headband on my head. "It won't be that bad."

"No," I insist through a clenched jaw. I pull the ears out of his hand and wave them around to get the message across clearly. "Unicorn, unicorn, fucking unicorn all over this garbage." I chuck it with all my strength and it goes flying to Levi's bed.

"Ugh! Sto—op! I spent money on this, Collin!" Levi rescues the ears and narrows his eyes at me. "What's your fucking problem? You told me anything I wanted! So I spent forty bucks on this and now you're chickening out!?"

The fuck he just say?

"I'm not chickening out." The permanent look of disbelief on Levi's face says everything. "I'm not!"

"Then what—is—it?" he demands, crossing his arms.

There isn't a lie I can think of that Levi couldn't see through, so I really don't have a choice...

"I hate being teased," I mutter, keeping defenses up and letting my fist grip the side of the mattress. "Bullied… made fun of…" If anything, my words are serious enough for Levi to drop his demanding tone.

"Who said anything about bullying?" he asks, turning soft and moving into the spot beside me. He starts rubbing my shoulder in that sweet way I love so much; Levi often pampers me with a massage after practices. Magically, my concerns fade with every circle he spins along tense muscle.

One thing it doesn't do, is make it any less of a struggle to explain.

"I just... it's not a good feeling… it doesn't turn me on. I hate it." It brings up memories of my first five years of elementary – of so-called smelly Collin.

"Don't you trust me?" he asks evenly. "Of course we can stop if you want to, but I won't be making fun of you—Collin… not even a little." It's hard not to trust these words. Normally I'd still be hesitating but, Levi gives me a hard, reassuring smooch on the cheek. "I want to play with a little doggy! Spoil him... pet him…"

His hand massages its way down my body and to my crotch. It dances across my thigh before committing to full-on palming and groping…

Now I'm hard.

Distracted, I fall for his trap too easily. Levi pulls me in by the nape of my neck and – with his free hand – puts the headband back on top of my head as if everything is settled.

I'm not happy about it, but… fair's fair; there's not much choice but to follow through on my promise, right? That's what good boyfriends do… isn't it?

"Good doggy," he praises in a soft whisper after I make no further attempts to remove it.

"Fuck… just for the record, this is not cool," I maintain as he passes me the cloth mitts to put on.

Levi simply ignores me as he adjusts the hip-belt; its tail swings back and forth ominously as he goes to dress me with it. Then suddenly he gasps – and for a second I think there's something seriously wrong.

"What is it?"

"There's no collar!"

My stomach sinks. Every part of my body wants to resist the situation; a fight or flight mode is triggered within me at the idea of a collar and I eyeball the door to my left seriously. In fact, I have to use an incredible amount of control not to rip the itchy mitts off my fingers, turn the handle, and leave.

This internal crisis is unbeknownst to Levi, who digs around in a drawer before finally producing a rainbow belt I've never seen him wear. Even as he adjusts it as small as it can go, it's still way too big for my neck when he places it over my head.

"Cheer up," he says, happier than ever as he adjusts the head band once more so it's sitting exactly how he wants it. Then, taking a step back, he clasps his hands together and admires me. "Aww—you're just so cute!"

One comparatively dainty hand reaches out to pet me, and I don't think twice to bite it.

I pull his wrist with my teeth, apply a bit of pressure, and he whips it out of my mouth – gasping, and giving me a scandalized look of betrayal.


I don't feel that bad about it, either. I didn't break skin…

"There are rules to follow, okay? Like, first? You have to be a good dog! You have to do what I say like a real dog would listen to its master!" Levi yanks on the collar a little too forcefully for my liking and points to the floor. "Second, dogs aren't allowed on the furniture." He adopts a really strict tone that is the result of his acting. "And bad doggies who bite will get punished… so—be—good."

Pulling my lips under my teeth, I try to control the urge to challenge Levi on his threat. A part of me is remarkably confident there's not a thing Levi can do to punish me – but a deep sense of unease at the unusual glint in his eye is making me question whether or not something else is up his sleeve…

"This is so fucking stupid," I groan, getting on all fours despite the strong instinct to keep my pride.

"Oh yeah? Well maybe now you know how I feel every time you force me into a skirt…"

He's got me there, but I know that despite what he says, Levi cums by the bucket load every single time we play. His body is so alarmingly sensitive that sometimes all I need to do is hiss dirty and cruel things at him and he'll start dripping.

I'm about to state these facts when Levi gives the collar another yank. "Uh uhn! Doggies don't talk either. You can bark and whine but if you talk? You'll be in trouble… okie?" He ends his last word in a sickeningly sweet baby voice I'm sure he's going to be using against me all night.

Despite that I know this is all just a game—that it's not real—it's still not stopping my body from burning up. I'm hot around the neck, and not in the good way; just mentally recoilingat the embarrassing reality that I'm dressed up like a mutt for his entertainment…

Like a proud mom, Levi admires me from above—probably super fucking wet about the fact that he can finally look down on me.

"You really are sooo cute right now," he coos. "Maybe I should take a picture…" I refuse with a growl and Levi hops on the spot. "Sooo cute, Collin! Who's a good boy? Who is he?"

My flat look doesn't deter him from crouching low and using both hands to furiously scruff up my hair. He scratches his nails along the scalp behind the headband and rubs his nose back and forth against mine. "Such a good boy, aren't you? I love you…" He plants a hard kiss to my forehead. "Mmhmm! I love you sooo much!"

I'm just starting to think maybe Levi's game won't be that bad when he stands up suddenly like he's just remembered something important.

"Food!" he announces. "I forgot all about it! I'll run out and grab something." After slipping a thin wallet into the back of his jeans, he points down at me. "Stay."

I want to say something.

I want to ask Levi where he's going, what he's picking up, what he means by 'stay' – and pretty much just enjoy the right to speak freely.

But I can't.

And I'm sure as hell not going to bark.

I stare at his retreating back as he exits the room and wonder if he is seriously going to leave, or if he's just playing for effect and will re-enter again soon. He could be more than ten minutes if he's heading to the cafeteria; and longer than that if he's heading out for Chimmies.

A deafening silence takes over the room as I debate ripping the costume off of while Levi's gone. Though, it's not going to give me back my dignity and all I can do is battle occasional flare-ups of nerves.

I don't know what's coming next.

I don't know how long the game's going to go on.

I don't even fucking know if this whole thing ends with sex – or if Levi's just fine dressing me up and smothering me with kisses.

He hasn't told me a god damn thing which is unfair; I always give him a rundown…

But I don't brood too long. Levi returns only a few minutes later with a package of beef jerky he's already ripping into. I'm still sitting right where he left me, and his blue eyes reveal he's shocked about it.

"Yes—Collin—good doggy!" he sings, presenting me with a small piece of jerky like it's a treat. He presses it to my lips a little forcefully because I make no attempt to open my mouth. It's utterly humiliating—despite what Levi's promised. My cheeks feel like they're on fire. "Come on, take the treat," he encourages in a sing-song voice, successfully pushing the thing into my mouth enough that I end up actually wanting to eat the salty, cured beef.

As I chew, he pats my hair, drapes arms around my neck, and squeezes tight – and all this sweet affection makes my shoulders relax a bit. His soft touches feel good… soothing… and I consider that maybe being so stubborn isn't worth it.

Due to his strong embrace, Levi's neck is close to my mouth and I only have to turn my head the slightest bit for my lips to brush against his smooth skin.

"Dogs don't kiss," he reminds quietly, tilting his head a little so he exposes even more neck.

A bolt of fire-hot desire courses through me.

The heat stirs just below my stomach, melting the butterflies that were there previously.

I start licking like a mad man.

My tongue scrapes his neck in long, firm strokes; swallowing back the pleasant taste of clean skin, I become more frenzied – more hopeful – that this degradation might be worth it…!

Until Levi's breathy sighs turn into soft laughs and he starts wiggling away.

"Ahh—ah-ha... Coll—in…" I try to place a paw on his lower back and take him into my lap but he pushes it down and starts pulling off. There's no thought to forcefully keep him close; I simply lean forward to continue—almost pinning him to the floor in my need to do so. My tongue flicks under his ear and I'm just starting to use teeth when he pushes me back by the shoulders. "Haa—haha—s-stop! I-it – tickles!"

That sounded really cute.

I don't care if it's Levi's game and he's technically in charge. I'm hard—again—and want to get to the good part, so I crawl forward and use a paw to hold Levi still.

"No—" he groans, using all of his strength, and both legs, to force me off. "Bad doggy!"


Talk about a boner killer.

I fucking feel my cock deflate at the punishing tone, and Levi takes his chance to escape. He stands up and places his hands on his hips—totally looking like an owner whose dog just ripped everything in sight to shreds.

"Bad," he repeats. Then he grabs hold of my collar, jerks it forward, and pulls me to a corner of the room on all fours. "Lay down," he commands, pointing to the floor.

I don't move a muscle.

"Lay down!" he repeats again, this time a lot more powerfully. He tugs on the collar until my chin finally rests against the carpet.

It's uncomfortable—the position is almost painful. Not everyone is as flexible as Levi and he doesn't consider this at all. I'm forced to stay in a low bend; knees tucked under my chest… physically hurting from embarrassment…

"Stay," he enforces.

For how long?

A deep, disturbing feeling of absolute loathing rises up from inside me once again; I haven't felt so helpless in years. I usually go to great lengths to avoid feeling like this, and it's seriously getting to me. The safe word is literally on the tip of my tongue when Levi sits on the edge of his bed and opens up a textbook—pretending like he's going to study.

Ignoring me.

It just steels my resolve. I can't let him win this. I can't let him get in my head. I shake it back and forth as a voice inside me screams instructions on how to make it out alive. It tells me to calm down, focus, and play the fucking part until he's bored. Then, it'll be my turn again—back to normal—and you bet I'll get sweet, sweet revenge. I'll fuck him until he's blue in the face…

"Collin!" Levi calls.

My eyes lift to his and he beams down at me from the bed.

"It's okay – you can come here now!" He puts down his book and slaps his upper thighs like he's actually beckoning a dog over.

I sit up tentatively, and slowly shuffle on all fours over to him.

"I'm sorry—I didn't mean to get so mad. You just weren't listening…"

As soon as I reach him, he starts petting through my hair—scratching under my chin—and nuzzling close once more.

"You just kept licking…"

My back straightens with sudden interest.

I know that voice. It's a voice that has attempted to seduce me once or twice… I give Levi a look that asks just where he's going with this but then he leans back on his elbows and spreads his legs wide in front of me.

"If you like licking me so much…"

At his obvious hint, I can't help breaking the rules. "Levi," I warn.

"Ah-ah-ah! No talking remember? I trained my doggy better than this… you don't want to get punished again, do you?" I keep silent. "Do you?" he repeats, voice turning strict again.

"Woof," I answer, shaking my head.


Yeah—okay—I've never gone down on Levi. But I haven't on any guy, and I'm not about to. I give his crotch a dirty look and pointedly turn away—hoping that's enough to show I'm not interested.

Unfortunately, he doesn't care.

Levi pulls on the collar unexpectedly, tipping me off-balance, and my face lands against the denim covering his already-hard cock.

Once again, I debate saying unicorn.

But I'm distantly aware if I do, I'd never hear the end of it.

My use of the safe word would be brought up for weeks… months… and I sure as hell won't be playing with a decently cooperative boyfriend again anytime soon. God—but the whole game is awful enough, I'm tempted to use it anyway.

As I work through this mental hurdle, Levi's hips lift slightly. He slowly grinds a prominent bulge against my chin as I think through something I wasn't prepared for. His small fingers work open a silver button, and then he makes sure I get a good eyeful of the way he unzips the fly.

"I think you're going to like this treat—" his voice wavers slightly, and then it turns husky. "You're going to get it all slippery with your spit. Use your tongue and make me aaaall wet."

The fuck…?

How is he saying all of this right now? Usually it's me forcing words out of his stubbornly clenched teeth; but now he's sending shivers down my back. His game is sick, and it makes no sense—because real dogs don't suck their master's cock—yet despite the numerous plot holes, a dick is in front of my face faster than I expected.

It's a good thing Levi's is small and smooth—otherwise I'm sure I'd be barfing. And it's not like I've never touched it, or it's my first time seeing it. Blowjobs are just something else altogether.

Willingly sucking cock…? I'd be taking a huge leap forward on that gay spectrum we talked about, and I know I'm not ready for that.

My hesitation speaks volumes to Levi who thumbs my ear and scratches gently. "Just lick. You don't have to suck it…"

Shit—it's much better knowing that but why? Logically there's not a lot of difference...


Wasn't it just the other day I was thinking…

"C'mon—just try—"

I'd do pretty much anything he wanted?


His tiny dick is so close to my face I can smell it—and it's not a dirty, sweaty, post soccer-game kind of smell either; it's just the unmistakeable smell of precum. Levi's leaking out of his slit like a bitch even though I've barely breathed on him.

And honestly, it's hard not to be turned on by it.

Any other day and I'd be lubing up my digits to finger-fuck and jerk him to release… but I'm a dog.

Besides, Levi makes it clear he's after one thing tonight; taking a hold of my headband, he pulls on it slowly, giving me a level look—one that says to start licking or a pivotal, relationship-changing discussion is imminent.

So—in slow motion—my lips make contact. And then I'm slipping my tongue between them.

"Eee—yes! Yes—Collin good boy!"


But pretty hot when Levi pulls his jeans straight to his ankles, opens his slutty legs as wide as they can go, and angles his body off the bed—giving me an up-close I never asked for. My tongue is barely grazing his length, but in this position he can move his hips freely—disappointingly in command.

He might be getting off on the murderous look I'm shooting him. I don't often see him this excited just starting foreplay. Our eyes connect briefly before his lips rub together pornographically and he starts letting out audacious mmm's.


One pull on my headband and I'm forced to bury my nose against his cock. With the shock, my mind blanks. I freeze on my knees in front of my boyfriend—head slammed against his wet, dripping dick.

I lose the fight.

It fades faster than I ever expected it to.

Before I know exactly what I'm doing, my tongue has flattened along the base of Levi's dick and is sliding up and down in long, firm strokes.

Saliva starts pooling between my cheeks at this salty—somehow sweet—taste. I push it all out of my mouth to coat Levi's cock and he shudders, whining deliriously. "Nnn—like that…! Keep—keep goiiiing…"

I don't really get it—my half-hearted tame licking wouldn't be anywhere close enough to start getting me off. I need lips vacuum-sealed around my dick, working me so hard I'm hitting the back of a throat.

But Levi's acting like he's in heaven.

It gets my cock standing.

Heat, desire, and a 'too-late-now' attitude ultimately come together as my downfall. I kiss the stiff vein beating madly—watch his cock jump up appreciatively; loving that tight grip he has on my hair. That's never happened before.

The contact effect of his pleasure is so real my dick is hurting. When Levi squeaks out my name and desperately ruts up against my tongue, I think 'what—abitch.' The thought intensifies a fresh wave of that aching pleasure; I ride it as it rolls down my body and squeezes my cock hard enough to force a groan out of me.

Breathing deeply, Levi's beautifully decorated stomach goes concave before he traps my face between his legs.

"I'm gonna cum—!" he pants, thigh muscles tensing either side of my neck. His eager, sticky cock slides against my lips… fucking my face…

Incredibly, I'm hit with another round of contact pleasure… dick throbbing to my heavy heartbeat—taking away all hesitation I felt earlier. Thoughts start stirring dangerously, completely clouding with sudden – violent – needs to use his game against him.

I didn't know it could feel so good to hold this boy under my tongue and get him trembling all over. Suddenly, I want to bring Levi to the brink of release, then run my fucking teeth all over his messy cock and see if he'll still squirt all over himself.

He's close; shaking head to toe. Cock pulsing under the force of the wet muscle sliding along it.

I lick him base to tip, flicking my tongue all over his head, and a long, tortured cry escapes Levi. His fingers grip the roots of my hair as his thighs come up and weakly lock over my temples. The smooth skin clamps over my ears so I can barely hear anything but the echoing of his moans as he bucks up against my mouth.

Give him more.

My heart leaps at the cruel thought because holy shit—I want to see just how bad he'd break if I did!

And that's how half his cock ends up in my mouth.

I don't suck him between my lips… I just massage my tongue under his cock and—

"Coll—iiin!" he cries.

God damn that's a sweet sound.

I push him up against my cheek, curling and twisting my tongue—drooling a mix of spit and precum. It escapes out the side of my lips and runs down my chin but I don't care. I'm a dog.

Meanwhile Levi battles with the need to watch me eat him and to just stretch out his entire body, letting an orgasm wreck it. The result is a hot mix of tight-throated yes's, oh God's – and a permanent habit of lifting his head to stare down at the way he is stuffing my mouth.


It's hot. I'll give him that.

But I'm not here to spit or swallow.

Just as his balls start pulling, I expose my teeth and scrape them gently over his rapidly pulsing cock. I deny him the heat of my mouth—the unimaginable pleasure of cumming against a hot tongue. Not just because I'm a selfish, vengeful person, either. Levi's got another climax in him that will more than make up for this teasing.

He squeaks out a terrible noise of longing as warm cum lands all over himself; his eyes wide, wet, and pained at my betrayal.

I don't feel too sorry for him with the way jizz is still flying.

Levi acts like he's run a marathon—his legs occasionally jerk with prickling effects of a torturous orgasm, and his belly piercing glints rapidly with his breathing. As satisfying as it is to stare down and watch him recover, I take this opportunity to rip him off the mattress and throw him to the floor.

Gently—I swear. I know how to toss my boyfriend around safely, thank you very much.

His knees hit the ground first but he can't even put weight on his shaky elbows to crawl away. I reach backwards – groping blindly for lube that I eventually grasp despite the useless paws I'm burdened with. Then I messily squirt it everywhere; back, crack… some of it's running down his legs…

"C-Collin—wait—" He says it like he wants me to reconsider, even though he's dipping his back like a needy slut. "Collin…!"


"No—stop—stop playing!"

There's a safe word for that.

So I take it as full permission to pin his shoulder to the carpet and lift his ass up. Sure enough, all I get are little whimpers and sniffs as I rub an excruciatingly stiff cock up against his wet hole. I poke and prod, using mitted thumbs to spread his crack apart and see if he can even take me.

Levi's puffy ring stretches wide—winking excitedly as I pour a bunch more lube inside him. When I'm sure he's good, I throw the bottle over my shoulder and out of my sight. My master's hand flies up uselessly, trying to stop my fingers from grabbing him under hips and lifting his small round cheeks right up under my cock.

"L-listen to—me—! Stop…"

But the second I enter him, Levi forgets his fake fight. With just one thrust, he gives away how much he loves my thick cock; pushing back against me—desperate for the rhythm of sex… desperate to swallow me whole.

"Ngh nnn—C-C-ollin…"

It's so hot how his small back bends underneath me; I admire it all from above as I fuck fast—hard—and deep enough that I get him sliding to the hilt. Levi's weak neck can no longer keep his head up, and his cheek presses flat against the floor… probably getting a bit of rug-burn on it with the way he's forced to take these rough thrusts.

I bend forward and press my stomach against his spine—unable to resist the twisted urge to bite him just above his shoulder blade.


I'm a really bad dog.

Despite the fact this his eyes are glazing over, Levi finds a soft voice to try to reign me in.

"Collin—" he sighs into the carpet. "Not s-so deep—"

Saying it just makes me pound cock that much further into his ass and hold it there. His scream is choked, but loud, and he should know to be a little quieter—but fuck, I don't help things. I pull out just to slam back in as deep as I can get, getting Levi clenching on my cock in vice-like, wild spasms.

"Hhyyaaaa—wait—wait I'm gonna cumm-mgh!"

Yeah, he's close. I can tell just by the way he's gripping my length—he's focused on that sensitive spot inside him, writhing and trying to get me grinding against it.

I ease up, fucking in shallow, teasing movements—pulling my cock out until the ring of his ass flutters near the tip, then plunging back in to get him moaning.

Levi loooves my cock.

He can't resist stirring his hips—mirroring all of my movements. Another hot cry sounds as if it's still not enough and he wants more. I figure Levi wants to be fucked hard when his hot ass sucks me in despite whining about it being too deep earlier. So I pick up enough speed that the small body underneath my fingers vibrates with every slam.

"Yes!" he shouts, breaking with the new pace. "L-love it – Collin!"

He sobs when I take my cock out just to prove to him he's no longer in control. Plus, I don't get a lot of worship these days and I want him to beg some more.

"Ghh—p-please—I'm close!"

Not enough.

"Collin—your cock… pleeeease—!

His anguished cries fill my loving heart with a familiar darkness. There's nothing like having the boy you love lose his head for the dick sliding along his crack. I grind it against him so hard the slit of my tip opens and a sticky clear fluid pours out, audibly mixing with the lube I dumped all over him earlier.

Tremors and shocks shoot along my shaft as I decide, we're going to cum together.

I shove my cock back in, zeroing in on the side of Levi's back that hasn't already started bruising. A clean, unmarked spot calls to me as I slam deep and feel my balls hitch. I bite him as hard as I'm allowed, and I swear the pain triggers Levi's second climax.

He doesn't have the voice to warn me he's shooting all over the carpet. He can only pant and moan like a shameless bitch as his tight little ass milks every drop out of me. Just the way I love it.

If I wasn't reduced to a dog I would be calling Levi names, but instead I muffle any sounds I would normally make by strongly clamping my jaw onto his back.

I even growl for effect as I cum so deep inside him he'll complain about it later.

As my pace slows, I'm still focused on Levi's g-spot. I hit it a few more times, making sure I've got every last drop inside him—and each loving thrust is returned with a noise of appreciation slipping through his pink lips.

It's incredible.

I stare down, thinking I can't possibly love him any more than I already do, but the endorphins flowing through me say otherwise.

My heart melts knowing there is no one else for me. No one else I want… no one else who can give me exactly what I need, but a thousand different ways.

When I remove my teeth and inspect the damage, I'm relived that I didn't break any skin. The blemishes are red and raw, but will fade fast and I'll make sure to enjoy them in the meantime.

And—as expected by now—as soon as I pull out, Levi collapses to the floor and I'm left in charge of taking care of him.

Despite shaky and sore knees, I manage to stand up and haul him to the bed with me, grabbing tissues along the way.

Recently, after-sex snuggling is better than I ever believed it could be; mainly because Levi is really hot. His sweaty pink face just exaggerates the colour of his large eyes—and I can see every light freckle hiding in the corner of his cheeks… every long brown eyelash…

He stares back—equally entranced—and kisses me occasionally, each one reassuring me I'm just as important to him.

"I love you," I murmur seriously, though I don't expect much of a response. Levi is dazed. His post-climax recovery time is considerably longer than mine. But today he mutters that he loves me too.

He does. He really does. He loves me bad enough to cry over me… to get jealous… to let me fuck him like crazy…

After ten minutes, he catches up to himself and lets out a small laugh.

"That was good…"

"It was."

"You might have to dress up again soon…"

He's right. I won't be seeing the end of this doggy Collin thing for a while—and I haven't quite worked out how I feel about that.

"It's my turn next..." I remind, hoping that it'll delay his next game.

"You had like, twenty turns before me!"

I don't even try to argue that just a week ago he was bitching about wanting to have normal sex more often. Then again… I've been more than fair tonight – so instead of bringing up his stupid complaint, I twist one of Levi's pierced nipples.

"Ahh! Collin—don't!"

He rubs the sensitive bud… but now that it's hard and swollen, it's caught my interest, and I continue to absently flick the rounded end of the metal bar back and forth. It's fun to get Levi twisting – and yeah, maybe I have some sadistic tendencies but I'd never in a million years hurt him...

"Doooon't! It hurts!"

... This doesn't count.

"Good," I say, bending down to finish off with a gentle kiss to the tender, sensitive area. "I love these… and I'm going to get revenge on them."

He laughs, pushing me off his chest and turning on his side so we're glued together once again. "Don't be mean..."

"I'll get really mean…" I threaten darkly. "Bite 'em, pull 'em… over and over…"

"I'll kick you."

I wrap my legs around his to show just how easily I can take care of that problem. "So you're saying I have to tie you up? Kinky."

Instead of one of his signature sassy quips, Levi ducks and buries his head into my neck. "I guess you'll have to," he agrees in a soft—hot—breath that gets my dick stirring to life again.

He can't be serious.

"If that's a joke, it's a bad one."

"You can tie me up," he allows, pulling away to look me in the eyes seriously. "For a price."

A world previously unknown to me flashes before my eyes. I'm not into bondage—or at least, in the traditional sense. I don't have the patience for tying full body knots, nor did the idea ever give me the tinglies. But hog-tying Levi's wrists to his ankles in some to-be-determined rape fantasy is blowing my mind.

I want it.

"What's the price?" I ask, pulling him on top to fuck him again.

Levi stares down at me; visibly weak but—as always—acting like he's in charge. "Become my full-time, cock sucking, bitch."

And fuck it—for Levi…? "Sign me up."

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